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27th June 2017 (Tuesday) .... 09.00 Even if HMS Queen Elizabeth, was tied up to a mooring buoy at the Cockstail Rocks I don’t think I’d go down to take a photo; it’s that kind o’ day! We have rain, on an East wind, so really dreich. HMSQE sailed out of the Firth overnight, and is now doing ‘Sea trials’ off the mouth of the Firth, accompanied by HMS Sutherland; at this time she is off Dunbar. They should be visible when the weather improves.

I have 'nae plans' for today; none that involves going out in this weather anyway.   Jimmy did intend going to Leven for a haircut, but that might be ‘on hold’ until the sun breaks through. That might not be today by the look of the sky.

26th June 2017 (Monday).... 09.00 HMS Queen Elizabeth (the new Aircraft Carrier) is due to sail out of the Firth 

The overflow pipe that I walk
today. Low tide is at 11.00 which is when ‘she’ will ‘sail’ under the Forth Bridges. I’d go along to Pettycur get some pictures, But I’d rather get some pictures of ‘her’ passing Elie and Earlsferry. Must go ‘ slight flap on’.... got a flask to fill. It is a ‘nae bad’ morning but we could get some showers by the look of the sky.

13.40   According to the latest AIS info (a couple of minutes ago) HMS Queen Elizabeth is still in Rosyth Dockyard.... with tugs fore, aft, and along the port side. She is ‘doing’ 0.1 knots so they must be manoeuvring ‘her’ into position then out of the dock. When will ‘she’ pass Elie and Earlsferry? .... evening time by the look of things.
I’m going out for a walk, for some exercise;   so far I have been to Leven with Jimmy, who was running out of ready meals.

20.00    HMS Queen Elizabeth is now moored up on the west side of the ‘bridges’ waiting for the tide to go out: ‘she’ was manoeuvred out of the dock by tug boats at about 15.30. Unfortunately this means that I, most likely, won’t get photographs of HMS Queen Elizabeth passing our villages.... because it will either be dark, or, if she doesn’t reach us until 03.00, when it will HMS Queen Elizabeth on the AIS Webpage
be getting light again, the forecast is for it to be raining by then. Oh .... I’ll get up at 03.00 to see where ‘she ‘is on AIS (the marine traffic website) and, if it’s at all possible, and she just happens to moored in Elie Bay, I will have a go at getting some photos ... if the rain hasn’t reached us by then. I’m actually hoping that ‘she’ will want to hang around the Firth until the engines ‘warm up’.... the rain moves away.... and I get my photos! I’m a bundle o’ excitement tonight.

I went up to the Pony Field for a walk in the afternoon; but it was
Earlsferry from the Pony Field
dull and cool because the wind has veered round to the East, so I only lingered long enough to get a few photos, before heading for Ivy and ‘food’. The ‘Pony Field’ is a good vantage point to see HMS Queen Elizabeth .... all I need is for ‘her to make some kind of entrance onto the ‘stage’. You would think that ‘she’ ought to pay some kind of homage to the ‘Royal Burgh’ after all!

Photographs : Top – this is the overflow pipe that I walk along to get to the sandbanks (under water in this photo) at the far end, Middle – HMS Queen Elizabeth being manoeuvred in the Rosyth Dock this afternoon. (Photo of the AIS webpage); AIS is a very interesting website, and Bottom – the ‘Royal Burgh’ from the Pony Field.

25th June 2017 (Sunday) ... 10.00 We have another ‘bright and very breezy’ morning, with the chance of showers later.
Earlsferry from the harbour
I have been doing some gardening, and general tidying up around Ivy.
The ‘News’ is all about the Camden flats being evacuated.    It must have been horrible for the people to be woken up in the middle of the night and told that you had to pack a few things, and leave your home.    I can understand why the Council had to do it; as soon as the Fire Service declared the flats unsafe any insurance would most likely be nullified. It is a catastrophic state of affairs.

20.30  I was about to go down to the beach at 20.00, when a blustery shower came over so that was the end of that ‘plan’; it was the only shower we’ve had, on what has been a windy, mostly ‘bright and sunny’ day. I should get down to the beach later, because the shower has moved away and the sun is out again.

Stewart and Angus
This has been a productive kind of day for me, though not very ‘active’ in the way of exercise. Jimmy came along for a morning ‘fly cup’ at Ivy then we went down to the Sailing Club for a cuppa at ‘Lorraine’s Place’.... with Lorraine and Stewart. The harbour area was quiet, but it was windy and none too warm at that time. Steve came in which just as Jimmy and I were getting ready to leave; but we stopped for a wee while to find out what has been happening in ‘Steve’s World’. We found out that the former ‘Elie Fayre Day’ has been renamed ‘Elie on the Green’ and will ‘happen’ on the Toll Green (this explains the change of name)..... so not only has it been renamed it has been re-located. ‘The FayreThe Oak Garage
Day’ was always at the harbour. The ‘Toll Green’ is the ‘grassy bit’ with the main flag pole, in the middle of Elie.
When we did leave the harbour Jimmy and I went up to have a look at the 'Oak House'... 'Oak Garage'.

I fancied, and made, ‘macaroni cheese’ for dinner today, and made enough to freeze four individual portions. I’ve done ‘nae bad’ at producing ‘ready meals’ over the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow I must get ‘up and out’ early; the weather forecast for tomorrow is much the same as today, but the wind is going to go round to the East, by Tuesday. Not good.

Photographs : Top - Earlsferry, Middle Oh dear ... has Stewart fallen asleep at an important HT meeting? ottom – the ‘Oak Garage’.

24th June 2017 (Saturday) ... 08.30 It is ‘bright and very breezy’ this morning, with the chance of some, unwelcome, Earlsferry and I have washing out
blustery showers; ‘unwelcome’ because I have a washing on the line, and, it is ‘St Monans Sea Queen Day’, the oldest ‘Gala Day’, harking back to the early days of fishing, in the East Neuk.   There are shower clouds scampering over as I type; as long as they scamper over to the North Sea I'm happy.

10.00 Having been down to the beach I can now tell you that the wind is from the WNW, F5 -6, and not warm; also, the showers clouds are beginning to look serious.


20.00 We didn’t catch any showers locally, but they could be seen over towards Edinburgh; my washing is dry and ‘in’.

Kite boarder
Jimmy and I went along to St Monans to ‘Sea Queen Day’ but it was disappointing; bunting stretching from lamp post to lamp post, and some banners were the only visible signs down at the harbour. Apparently it was all ‘happening’ in the Town Hall. The last time we visited the Sea Queen there were stalls along the Shore Street, with live music and lots of people. Perhaps the weather forecast had put the organiser’s off stalls in the street etc; there were loads of people walking around, probably wondering where the action was. We didn’t go in to the Town Hall; there was nowhere to park.

Prior to  going along to St Monans we’d been sitting in the Sailing Club having a mug of tea and a biscuit; watching a bloke ‘kite boarding’ across the bay: he was good.... scudding over the wavesKite boarder at the end of Elie pier
towards the pier and turning away at the last moment; he was in complete control of the kite and board; very entertaining, and impressive. I met, and chatted, to a couple at the end of the pier who have built a house in the village; of course I gave them the ‘Ferry History Lesson’..... as usual. Since I ‘lost’ Maggie I talk far too much. Anyway they are a nice couple; I only hope I haven’t ‘put them off’ moving to the village!

Jimmy was 'fed up' so came along in the afternoon. We reminisced about the Waid Academy... the old teachers that we remembered, and who had been teachers at the Waid when Jimmy was a pupil, and were still there when I was a pupil. Jimmy ‘left’ the Waid in 1940... I ‘left’ in 1953.
Photographs : Top – Hmmm... threatening sky over Earlsferry, Middle and Bottom – ‘Kite boarder’ enjoying himself in Elie Bay. He was very skilful, .... and entertaining!

23rd June 2017 (Friday) .... 08.30 We have ....“windy and grey, with the look of rain” weather; but that is forecast to The Cockstail rocks
clear, leaving us with a brighter afternoon followed by a lovely evening. Although breezy just now, it isn’t cold.... I fancy a wander along a breezy beach!

21.30 It was a ‘breezy beach’ this morning .... it still is, but I did have a good potter around the brocks, and out to the end of the ‘overflow pipe’ (the old sewage pipe). Light rain began to blow through in the wind so I called a halt to the fun and went home. The beach was busier than I expected it to be .... with visitors, because I didn’t meet anyone I knew.

I browsed the morning’s batch of photographs taken from the rocks etc, then had a cuppa; Jimmy’s timing was impeccable as ever.... arriving just as the kettle began to boil. We moaned about .... er .. discussed the ‘shortness of summer’, and the nights ‘drawing in’. We decided that we’d take precautionary measures, and look out our scarves etc. ready for any cold snap that comes our way.

Earlsferry beach from the overflow pipe
After an extended lunch .... I fell asleep in the Hutte; I then did a spot of weeding to salve my conscience. After aforementioned conscience was ‘salved’, which didn’t take long, I watched an adult thrush showing three young ones where to find snails in Ivy garden. The ‘teaching’ seems to be successful because the number of empty snail shells is rapidly increasing; now I know why. It’s not often three fledglings reach the size that these are; predation, by cats, being the main problem.

 In the afternoon I got everything ready to make ‘mince and tautties’; a big batch so that I’d make some ‘Cottage Pies’ for
Berwick Law
freezing. Jimmy arrived for an afternoon cuppa, the topic of discussion being the lovely weather that had arrived in the past hour or so: we decided that we didn’t need our scarves.... just yet. The ‘thrush family’ had reached the front garden by the time Jimmy was leaving.

The ‘mince and tautties’ is excellent; I used some of Michael’s secret ingredients, (secretly ‘hidden’ on the top shelf of a high cupboard), they make the M & T’s very flavoursome. Note to me; must remember to replace Michael’s secret ingredients! I made three ‘Cottage Pies’.

Photographs : Top – from the Cockstail rocks, Middle – the beach from the overflow pipe, and Bottom – Berwick Law... and North Berwick town.

22nd June 2017 (Thursday) .... 09.30 Hmmmmm .... we had a few rumbles of thunder, and a guid plowt o’ rain at 21.00 last night, so we have a nice, fresh, morning; there is a mix of clouds

Front garden
and ‘bloo’ bits so we should get some sunshine now and again. I’m feeling fresher than the weather this morning, after a good, long, and deep night’s sleep.... in fact I feel quite lively. That said... I haven’t been anywhere yet, though I have done the ‘ooverin’ and dustin’, .... oh...the kettle will have boiled. Must go ‘slight flap on’!

20.00  I’ve been over to visit John and Linda’s ‘Holiday Home’ at Shell Bay; Oh my word .... I didn’t realise they were so ‘roomy’. It is a beautiful holiday home in a beautiful location.... and I had a mug of Linda’s superior quality coffee; “Puku” had goodies! When I say I’ve been ‘over to visit’ John and Linda it looks like I made my own way over there; in fact John picked me up from ... and brought me back to.... Ivy. I now know why Fiona is so much ‘in love’ with her new, and similar, home at Pettycur!

Linda and John
Rather than bike, I decided to walk along to the ‘Drop in Cafe’.... the thinking being that I need to use my walking muscles as well as the biking ones. The ‘cafe’ was quiet today, but very enjoyable, with plenty chatter. Jimmy was along at the Windmill visiting Chris,... and ‘Mac’ was ‘missing’ .... presumably ‘on manoeuvres’. ‘Mac’ was at Thurso last week... he likes going places by train/bus.

As yet, I have ‘nae plan’ for tomorrow.... but I won’t be gardening as the ground will be too wet. The weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to what we had today .... cloudy with sunny spells, and the chance of the odd shower. I will probably have a walk up to Chapel Green in the morning, during which activity I will make a ‘plan’ South Street Elie
for the day. Jimmy did mention that he might have to go ‘shopping’ on Friday, so we’ll most likely end up in Leven.

Both of ‘us’, myself and “Puku” have had a ‘happy and enjoyable’ day; but my early morning yesterday has caught up with me again .... I am one tired ‘boy’ tonight.

Photographs : Top – Ivy front garden, Middle John and Linda in their Shell Bay ‘home’... and Bottom – part of South Street, Elie.

21st June 2017 (Wednesday – the Summer Solstice) .... 05.00 ... yes ... 05.00! Welllll.... I don’t know what ‘they’ Druids get excited aboot; sunrise, as witnessed (by me) on the beach this morning was not “iggzactly” spectacular: there was a cloudbank

Sunrise time over Elie
on the horizon! It would be different at Stonehenge which was built with this ‘Solstice sunrise’ in mind.... and they don’t seem to be plagued with low cloud’ However I did have the beach to myself from 04.00 through to 04.30 .... sunrise was at 04.23; and it was very peaceful. This is the first time that I have witnessed ‘Solstice sunrise time’ from ‘our’ beach. I have gone up to Chapel Green a few times, but have yet to get a ‘bonnie’ Solstice sunrise .... low banks of cloud being the usual problem. From today the days begin to get shorter and in ‘nae time it will be dark by 20.00. Orf to have breakfast, then I’ll get the bike out.... if it stays ‘fair’: rain has been mentioned in the weather forecast.

13.30 It has been overcast with on/off rain most of ‘the day’ so far, and, because of the weather, I decided to go to Sainsbury’s where I did a ‘shopping, and had a cuppa in the cafe. I was back in Ivy in time to watch the opening of the new Parliament. There is no denying it we do ‘Ceremony’ far better than any other country: even the ‘Crown’ travelled in its own ‘Roller’.

30 minutes after sunrise time
At this moment I’m feeling slightly tired....  I'll have ‘50’.

20.00    The local thrush (turdus philomelos) has found the Ivy garden snails: I know this because there are empty snail shells all over the slabs. Ivy garden must be the ‘Ship Inn’ of the thrush world! Maggie would be happy with this, even though the garden is wilder than she would perhaps like it to be. The thrush is doing ‘her’ bit towards tidying up Ivy garden.... though I don’t think the snails will see it that way.

I got the bike out in the middle of the afternoon, the intention being to bike through Elie Estate, but had only got as far as the harbour when a heavy shower came over.... so I went home. Jimmy wasElie
down at the harbour, and came along to Ivy for an afternoon cuppa.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to a cup of real coffee... and to seeing Linda and John again! The weather forecast for tomorrow is for it to be ‘cloudy with good spells of sunshine’. There has been thunder and lightning around the UK today; including at Beamish in the NE of England. I wonder .... is that where Myra and Jim are for a mid week break?

Photographs : Top – Summer Solstice sunrise time over Elie, Middle – 30 minutes after ‘sunrise time’, and Bottom – Elie this afternoon.

20th June 2017 (Tuesday) .... This morning I spent nearly an hour at Chapel Green watching the light changing the 

Kincraig cliffs this morning
‘look’ of the villages; I think this might be my new hobby! It is fascinating watching it happen....  it’s like a time lapse film; very relaxing.     I didn’t have a flask of coffee with me or I’d have been ‘sat sittin’ there longer.
We do have lovely morning here, albeit cooler, because the wind (light) is from the Northeast... and it’s cloudier.    My ‘plan’ is to do some weeding/pruning.... it’s a good day for working... not too hot!

13.15    Oh my word .... my delicate hands are ‘rough’, workaday looking, with all the weeding; also the ‘broon’ bucket is at its limit, and.... it doesn’t get emptied for another 10 days. Stress? .... it’s a good job I’ve found a ‘new’ hobby to help me unwind! Oh .... the St Monans
wind is more from the East now, and the air is noticeably cooler.... it’s only 15c in Ivy garden; that said, it is a bonnie day with some decent spells of sunshine.

20.00   Although cooler, it has been a lovely day, and I did a prodigious amount of weeding. I haven’t really done a ‘prodigious’ amount of weeding; I just wanted to use the word ‘prodigious’ .... that said, I did manage to get the ‘broon’ bucket up to the limit for weeds... leaving enough space for the next 10 days of kitchen waste.

Jimmy’s appointment at St Andrews was cancelled at, literally, thePittenweem
‘last minute’; the phone rang as he was going out to the car! Being as Jimmy was ‘fired up’ to go somewhere we went to St Monans harbour, Pittenweem harbour (where we had an ice cream cone), down to Anstruther harbour (but didn’t stop)... then along to Crail harbour... where we did stop.

It' s a bonnie evening ... with only the East wind is spoiling it.  The weather is forecast to be ‘wet’ at times tomorrow, so I’ll be doing ‘ousewifely things; unless I am overtaken by weakness. I’m actually contemplating dusting the bookshelves; this can turn into a lengthy mission .... I browse the occasional book.

Photographs : Top – Kincraig this morning, Middle – the top of Reekie’s (boat-builders) slipway, and Bottom – Mid Shore, Pittenweem, from the seat outside Nicholson’s ice cream shop.

19th June 2016 (Monday) .... 10.00 We have another ‘bright, sunny and warm’ morning, with just a smirr of wind so 

Elie from the end of the pier
loads of ‘reflection’ photos to be got; that was at 07.30. A breeze has got up in the last hour, so the ‘mirror look’ has gone. I’ve been out on the bike .... down to the harbour then to the ‘Paper Shop’. The harbour was busy; Stewart was down there, also a family out on a motor boat, towing a water skier.... a busy place: it’s the place to be at that time of morning. I’m going to work in the garden today... there’s much that needs doing there; and a ‘broon’ bucket to be filled!

Elie harbour
20.30   It has been another ‘hot’ day; the sky has clouded over in the past few hours, so it won’t be too hot overnight. I’ve been busy in the garden most of today; and the ‘broon’ bucket is three quarters full..... and, being as it was another good ‘drying day’ I washed the bathroom/kitchen and lobby floors. Of course I had to have I had a siesta during the hottest part of ‘the day’.... I used my ‘siesta’ time to watch the ‘News on the tele. Hmmmm that was not inspiring.... the ‘News’ from London is depressing today: a terrorist attack on a group of Muslim’s outside the Finsbury Mosque: I cannot understand the ‘hate’ that seems to be ‘all over’ the Planet. If only people would look around them and see all the beauty of Mother Earth all ‘her’ glorious ‘colours’, and ‘love’ what they see; including ‘loving’ the various skin colours of usEarly morning water skier
humans! Of course it isn’t as easy as that, there’s just too much ‘distrust’ around; but, with proper political leadership and example, things could slowly improve.

Tomorrow's weather is forecast to be considerably cooler than it has been for the past few days;   just when I was getting into my ‘summer’ routine. It is to be cloudier, but it should be dry. Wednesday is forecast to be ‘wet’.... with thunder being mentioned.

Jimmy has an appointment at St Andrews tomorrow afternoon; it’s my job to drive him up there in his car.    I’ll do some more gardening in the morning (there's plenty to do) .... assuming that it isn’t too cold!    The 'plan' is to get ‘up’ early and extend my bike run to include the estate tomorrow morning, as I seem to be getting over this cold/cough at long last.

Photographs : Top – Elie from the end of the pier, Middle – Elie harbour, and Bottom – early morning skier!

18th June 2017 (Sunday) .... 09.30 We have a perfect ‘drying day’, and I am in a ‘working mood’, so I have stripped the bed, right down to the ‘bones’; I’ve even washed that ‘thing’ thatThe Dunblane rose
goes round the sides ... the valance. Why am I doing all this? Apart from changing the bed as per normal, I am looking for the bedroom TV buttons! So far I haven’t found them; however, if necessary I’ll order a new set from Amazon. It’s not that I watch much ‘TV’ in bed, but I like watching railway DVD’s.... especially in the winter time. I may not have found the ‘button’s but have come across 73p, and a drawer full of curtains.

It’s a gorgeous morning, and it could be another ‘hot’ day, though not as warm as yesterday, when 26c was the highest temperature in Ivy garden.

10.20 .... it’s already 20c in the garden (shade temperature), and the bedroom ‘tally’ has gone up to £1.73 .... plus a pedometer, and two buttons; unfortunately not tele buttons. The pedometer needs a battery, but I use my phone as a as a tracker, so don’t need the pedometer.    It’s exciting stripping the bed to the bones! I can’t make the bed up until the valance is dry (I haven’t found a drawer full of valances). .... which won’t take long; yep it’s time for a cuppa... as it’s too late to go to the kirk.  To be honest I didn’t even Golden Wedding rose
realise it was Sunday until now!

20.30   Wellll .... this has been a braw day; both for weather (bright, sunny and hot) and for work done by ‘The Boy’. The bed, and the room has been well ‘spring cleaned’ in an effort to find the tele ‘buttons’ but they must be in a ‘secret place’.... Ivy is full of ‘secret places’: all I have to do is find the one with the ‘buttons’ in it! All the washings... I did three ... have dried. In fact I could have made the bed with the same bed linen that I took off.... it has been that good a drying day. Of course with me doing all this ‘work’ I haven’t been anywhere; but I have enjoyed myself. Oh .... it is officially ‘summer’ .... my downie has been changed to 9 tog; I’ll probably have to increase it to 14 on Thursday when we start the downhill slide towards autumn and winter!
Peony rose bud

The temperature reached 25c in Ivy garden this afternoon .... it was cooler in Ivy.   I’m not that keen on walking when it’s hot: it’s much cooler biking.    The weather forecast is for it to begin to turn cooler from tomorrow; and, with it being the summer Solstice on Wednesday morning, maybe the cool spell is the start of Autumn!

Photographs : Top – ‘Dunblane’ rose, Middle – Golden Wedding rose, and bottom Peony rose bud ... with ant!

17th June 2017 (Saturday) ..... 09.00 It’s one of those ‘get up and go’ mornings; and I’m feeling very frisky after a really

Ann with Cousin Davids family
good night’s sleep. I haven’t been anywhere yet but I will have a quick walk down to the beach before I go along to the Episcopal Kirk Coffee Morning in the 'East Neuk Trinity' (new name for the EKC church)  Kirk Hall.

Oh dearie me.... it’s 24c in Ivy garden; this is ‘mauchless’ temperatures.   I was working in the garden but decided to have a siesta until the heat passes. Of course this is abnormal ‘Bonnie Scotland’ weather .... we’re more used to cold fronts and rain..... but, we’ll manage to cope I’m sure. In fact we could be doing with a few weeks of this; I know that I could adapt to a siesta life style nae bother; I have my sunhat!

21.00 It has been a gorgeous, ‘bright, sunny and hot’ day ... and I think it is to be ‘bright and sunny’ again tomorrow, but not as hot: both ‘the sunhat’, and sun cream, are back in use.

 John and Elma
First thing this morning Jimmy had to go along to Leven to get some clothes for Chris; we were in Leven before 09.00, and back at the East Neuk Trinity Kirk Hall, in time for the Coffee Morning. From the ‘CM’ we went down to the Sailing Club to watch the activities around the harbour.

When the sun was at its hottest in the afternoon, I went inside and decided to make a crumble with the rhubarb I bought at the Coffee Morning. First I downloaded a ‘crumble’ recipe, checked that I had all the ingredients, which I had, then got started. After I had mixed everything I began to think that there was an awfie lot o’ ‘stuff’ to go into the medium casserole dish .... big one it had to be; and it was level to the top. It was about this time in the proceedings that I decided to check the recipe again and found out it was for 12 servings. Anyhow I bunged the dish into the oven, and 45 minutes later brought it out, looking highly edible, .... and it is; it tastes
Busy Elie beach this lunchtime
delicious. I hope rhubarb crumble is suitable for freezing.

Todaywas HM The Queen’s ‘Official Birthday’ and the ‘Birthday Honours List’. Today’s list has two Elie and Earlsferry residents on it: Robert (“Bob”) Mitchell, Emeritus Curator at St Andrews Botanical Gardens, who got the MBE for services to Horticulture and Horticultural education; and Mrs Denise Burgin, Sessional Supervisor for Parentline Scotland who was awarded the BEM. Congratulations to both... and I know that the citation does not take into account all the ‘other stuff’ they do, both in the local Community, and further afield.

I don’t have anything  ‘planned’ for tomorrow; I still have this annoying cough, but the bouts of coughing are slowly becoming shorter. Last night I slept from 22.00 through to 05.30, and finally extricated myself from bed at 06.50. Another good night’s sleep and I should have recovered, from both the virus (or whatever it was) and the driving yesterday.

Photographs : Top – second cousins once removed, Middle – John and Elma, and Bottom – busy Elie beach.

16th June 2017 (Friday) .... 07.00 It’s a nice ‘bright and breezy’ morning mostly, though there are clouds scuttling overMyrebird Crathes
from the West; rain is not mentioned in the weather forecast.

I am slowly getting organised for the run up to Tarland, and Auntie Johan’s funeral: it will be a ‘long’ day, and a sad one, but not too strenuous. I’d best get a move on.... got to get myself into a suit.

21.30    Tarland kirk was nigh on ‘Full Up’ with Family and Friends celebrating “Auntie John’s Life”. The Service was done beautifully.... and “Auntie Johan’s” happy personality seemed to spread through the whole atmosphere of the Service: almost as if she was there making sure that we were ‘happy’.... what a wonderful end to a beautiful Life. The interment, in Aboyne Cemetery, was followed by a ‘fly cup’ at the ‘Lodge on the Loch’, and a grand chat with cousins, some of whom Janet and I haven’t seen for many years. On the way up to Tarland we stopped at “Peggy Scott’s restaurant” where we had a ‘full breakfast’. After we’d gone over the ‘Cairn o’ Mount’ we decided to go and have a look at “Myrebird”, ... where Janet was born. We couldn’t see
Janet and The boy with cousins
much of the house, because the trees that our ‘Dad’ planted 70 years ago are mature trees now! We took a few photos from the roadside then continued on our way, arriving at Tarland at 12.40. I have driven 212 miles today, and I actually enjoyed driving; the only mistake I made was at Fettercairn. On the way ‘up’ we left the A90 at the Edzell junction, and passed through Edzell village. Not so on the way ‘down’: I followed the Edzell sign at Fettercairn and that was all we saw ... the sign. It was like someone had rubbed Edzell orf the map.  We eventually reached the A90 five miles north of the Edzell junction! Dundee was fairly busy but I managed to negotiate my way to the ‘bridge’ without any hassle.... and arrived back at Ivy at 18.40.... having dropped Janet off at “No 59” 20Janet at the Cairn o Mount viewpoint
minutes earlier. It is a tired boy who will be crawling off to bed tonight.... and he’ll be having a sleep in tomorrow morning! In fact ‘sleeping in’ is the ‘plan’ for tomorrow morning!

Photographs : Top – Myrebird. Crathes... where Janet was born, Middle – Janet and ‘The Boy’ with cousins, and Bottom – Janet at the Cairn o’ Mount viewpoint.

15th June 2017 (Thursday) .... 08.30 It’s ‘bright and breezy’ just now, with light rain/showers forecast for later. I’m 

Part of The Terrace Elie
going to Leven to, hopefully, get my haircut; it depends on how busy the hairdresser is. It’s not vital that I have my haircut, but it could be doing with a ‘tidy up’ for Auntie Johan’s funeral tomorrow. I am now in ‘slight flap on’ mode.

20.30 Thursday is not the best day to go to the Hairdresser; they are busy with ladies getting their hair done for the weekend etc. However I was in Leven before 09.00, and managed to get ‘done’ before the busy time, although there was already one lady getting some kind of ‘treatment’ which involved stuff painted onto aluminium foil, then her hair was rolled into the aluminium: when it comes to hair, it is complicated being a ‘girl’.

Photographer on the beach
Instead of going to Stuart’s for a cuppa and a scone, (which is what I’d normally do) I caught a bus to Kirkcaldy; I wanted a new white shirt, and there’s nae place in Leven where you can buy that, now that Cumming’s is long ‘gone’, so I went to Mark’s and Spencer (Kirkcaldy) because I know that they always have a good choice of shirts..... and do a good Victoria Sponge cake.

We had the ‘drop in Cafe’ this afternoon .... which was not quiet in decibels, though it was a wee while before the hall filled up. Heavy clouds were beginning to build by ‘Cafe’ time, but I took a chance and biked along... not only that, I’d washed the ‘new shirt’ and hung it out; I did not want rain. Although we have had some heavy showers this afternoon/evening, I was back at Ivy before the first shower.... and the shirt was ready for ironing.

Apart from biking along to the ‘Cafe’... and a walk down to theAbandoned wind break due to heavy rain
beach this evening I have had a restful, if busy day. I’m organised for tomorrow; well as organised as I will ever be. I pick up Janet in Leven, about 09.00, and we’ll head North, stopping at “Peggy Scott’s” for a cuppa before going over the Cairn o’ Mount to Banchory and on to Tarland. The weather forecast is ‘nae bad’... cloudy but dry. I do not like driving in rain, nor ‘bright and sunny’.... so cloudy is perfect.

Photographs : Top – Part of ‘The Terrace’ Elie, Middle – Photographer on the beach, and Bottom – Taken from the lee side of a beach hut during a heavy shower.

14th June 2017 (Wednesday) .... 09.00 Once again the UK headline News’ is catastrophic: this time it’s a tower block in the Kensington area of London .... the ‘Grenfell Tower’ .... going

Elie Lighthouse
up in flames in the middle of the night . It is horrifying to watch the speed at which the flames spread, trapping people in the storeys above the source of the fire;    I’m ‘in shock’ just watching this on the ‘News’.... ..... I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like, to all the people of Kensington, and London .... to them this is not ‘another News story’, ‘they’ are the ‘News; my thoughts and prayers are with them.

I am absolutely shattered tonight; I went up to Elie twice on the bike, and that must have been too much too soon, while recuperating from ‘the bug’. It will be another early night for ‘The Boy’ tonight. Having said that; we’ve had a bonnie day, with no wind, so, with the sea being like a ‘mirrah’ loads of reflection photos. I went down to the harbour and wandered about on the rocks, so I think I have just overdone it today. Tomorrow is going to be a ‘lazy day’ weeding the garden. Ivy weeds are easy to pull... I leave them until they have grown tall, so that I don’t have go down
Elie from the harbour rocks
on my knees to pull them. I had a visit from two Bull Finches yesterday .... they were eating the flower heads off some kind of weed.    I think it was a weed.

Today's ‘Friendship Lunch’ was the last one before the ‘summer’ break; they start again in September. The ‘Drop in cafe’ breaks for the ‘summer’ at the end of this month: the way things are going I’ll have to make my own ‘Coffee Mornings’ in The Hutte. Except it will be tea.

Our “Auntie Johan”, died the other day; she is the last of our ‘Aunties and Uncles’ and was the wife of ‘Uncle Dod’ my Dad’s Earlsferry from Elie Harbour
brother. I remember Uncle Dod giving me a ‘bar’ on his bike (there was a cushion tied round the bar), all the way from Birse (Aboyne) to Tarland when I was ... well must have been about four years old.   Oh my word ... that was 75 years ago!    Everyone enjoyed visiting Auntie Johan (Uncle Dod died a number of years ago) because, not only was she cheery company, she was an excellent baker of ‘goodies’. Janet and I are going up to the funeral on Friday... assuming that I am feeling capable of driving that far by then: all the driving will be in ‘daylight’ at least.

Photographs : Top – Elie Lighthouse, Middle – Elie Bay from the harbour rocks, and Bottom – ‘The Royal Burgh’, and Williams-burgh, from Elie harbour.

13th June 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.30 My ‘plan’ is to walk out to West Bay,.... however the sky has ‘clouded over’ in the past 

Kincraig Cliffs Earlsferry
hour, and it looks like it could rain; this probably means that ‘evening time’ will be the best time of day for sunshine. I’ll do a bit of ‘ousework,..... by the time I’ve done that, I should know what’s happening with the weather.

18.30  I’ve had an active day.... and feel tired already. Jimmy phoned to say that New Zealand and Sweden were racing against other to see who would qualify to Challenge for the ‘America Cup’.... I was exhausted by the end of the race, which New Zealand won by a big margin. I have a vivid imagination.... and could picture Jimmy and me on one of those yachts.

First thing this morning, after the ‘ousework etc, I walked over the Golf Course to West Bay and ambled along the ‘Coastal Path’ to Chapel Green, where I stopped for a rest on The Boss’s Seat. I was able to tell ‘The Boss’; “yes I have done the ooverin’ and a wee bit dusting.... and I’m going to ‘do’ a baking in the afternoon”.

Macduffs cave
About ten minutes after I got back to Ivy, Jimmy turned up, smack on cue .... the kettle reached boiling point as he opened the front door. We had a cuppa then went along to Leven where Jimmy bought Geraniums for his front garden; I bought bread ... and another bottle of honey.

John Dye (Painter and Decorator) is working at “Rotomahana” (the house, “Rotomahana” is named after the Lake of that name 20 miles south of Rotorua in New Zealand. The lake formed, out of two smaller lakes, a few years after the ‘dormant’ volcano, Mount Tarawera erupted in 1886). Now where was I?.... oh aye .... John and I had a braw chat, mostly about painter things, but one of the ‘other’ subjects that John mentioned was that he, and his wife, had been on holiday in Alaska. They have been all over the planet and should write a book about their adventures around Mother Earth.

I baked some Melting Moments this afternoon .... “the Boys”, Jim
The Wester Voes with seals
and Jimmy come down on Tuesday evening to chat about, mostly things local, over a cup of my delightful tea! Everyone seems to have gone orf ‘coffee’: the last time we had decent coffee in Ivy was when Linda and John were here about three weeks ago. Linda made it.

It is forecast to be ‘cloudy and warm’, with the chance of an odd shower. I have ‘nae plans’ thought I may get the bike out if it is really warm.

Photographs : Top – Kincraig Cliffs Earlsferry, Middle – Macduffs cave, and, Bottom – the Wester Voes, Earlsferry: the seals were being very ‘vocal’ this morning.


12th June 2017 (Monday) .... 08.30 We have a ‘bright and breezy’ start to Monday .... the wind, from the West, is forecast
Earlsferry this morning
to become even friskier by lunch time .... with the threat of some showers later; a bonnie morning. I will ‘do’ the Chapel Green walk after I have my cuppa: the ‘Chapel Green’ walk is the walk we used when walking our dogs Shep, Morag, and Bonnie, so it is the ‘natural’ walk for me of a morning.... and a nice distance. I need to go to Sainsbury’s sometime today; I’ll see if Jimmy wants to go... we could have a cuppa in the Cafe.

21.30 Although breezy, we have had a bonnie day, with plenty of sunny spells, and no showers... at least I can’t remember rain.... today i.e. In Bonnie Scotland we get our share of rain; in fact it (water) could become one of our main exports when the South runs out... which they will do when they build all those houses that they want to build down there!

Sea Tangle road Earlsferry
Jimmy and I did go to Sainsbury’s, Leven, where I bought ‘flaky’ pastry; I wanted to make a pie out of the remains of the beef casserole that I made yesterday. The aforementioned pie has been ‘made’ and eaten; and it was very tasty. I should have bought mincemeat to make some mince pies, (as in Christmas – 195 days to go), because I have pastry needing to be made into flaky mince pies! Flaky mince pies .... Mmmmm.... “Puku” (bless his fatness skinniness) likes flaky mince pies!

Most of my afternoon was spent ‘sookin’ Kurol’s and watching the ‘News’. Unfortunately even Kurol’s wouldn’t cure the mess that we are in since the General Election. I almost feel sorry for Mrs May, who has been “hung on a shooglie peg” by her ‘Troops’. Not only is she on “a shooglie peg” but she has to make it look, and sound,
MS Rotterdam
like she’s ‘The Boss’ .... which she most certainly is not. That’s politics.

Monday is closing with a ‘romantic’ evening, albeit breezy, so I went for a walk up to the ‘Pony Field’ and across the golf course: then down to ‘Nana’s Seat’ on the bents, in front of St Margaret’s. From the quarry hill I’d noticed a cruise ship leaving the Firth and wanted to get a photo of ‘her’.... the “Rotterdam”.

Photographs : Top- taken from the Earlsferry ‘bents’, Middle – Kincraig, and Bottom – ms “Rotterdam”.

11th June 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.30 Hmmmm ....I feel ‘brighter’, but I’m not going to Church, because I have a horrid

Busy Elie beach
cough, and can’t risk having a ‘coughing spasm’ in the Kirk. At least the coughing is clearing my ‘airways’ so I do feel mair ‘positive’ this morning.    I’ll go for a walk in the fresh air; that said, the sky is heavily overcast and looks like it’s going to rain. It had better be a short walk.

12.30   There is much happening on the beach ; sand castles being built, kite flown, joggers, walkers, with and without dogs .... a busy and relaxing scene. I made my way along the edge of the tide, all the way along to School Wynd... then retraced my steps when a few spits and spots of rain fell.   It, the rain, never came to anything, and we have a ‘mostly bright and sunny’ day now, but there is a ‘showery’ look to the sky.

This time yesterday I had a headache with coughing, but my airways are clearing better today, and .... no headache: I’m hoping that I am finally getting rid of this virus.
19.00   This has been a restful day for me; though I did have a decent walk in the morning. We had some blustery showers in the afternoon, so I pottered around Ivy, watched the ‘News’ (mostly about the General Election), and had ‘50’. I must have been sound asleep because Jimmy phoned to tell me that he’d been along in the afternoon and rang the doorbell but I never heard it. He had spent most of his afternoon down at the Sailing Club, where he picked up loads of ‘exciting information’.... but has forgotten it. This is good ... and another advantage of growing old .... you can hear the same ‘news’ three times and it’s ‘new’ each time. I wonder ....when a goldfish is swimming round a bowl; does it think it’s crossing a
huge lake?

It looks like late evening time is going to be the best part of the day again; if so I’ll go for a walk. The ‘heavy showers’ are still rattling over, but we do get spells of blue sky in between: what I want is a long spell of blue sky.... like 6 weeks... long enough to be called “Summer”.

This 'Boy' having another early night tonight... and I’ll have a ‘Janice Toddie’ tonight: I forgot to have one last night. The book I’m reading is one of those ‘can’t put it down’ kind; which is why I forgot the toddie last night.

Photographs : all three taken on Elie beach this morning.

10th June 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.00 There’s a light rain, ...and much wetness this morning, not a bonnie start to 

The beach this morning
Saturday .... but, being positive, there isn’t any dust in the air. The rain should clear away by midday to leave us with showers.... and spells of sunshine. At least it’s sunny and warm in London ..... after the General Election calamity, Mrs May needs ‘bright, sunny and warm’.

22.30 The late afternoon and evening has once again been the best part of the day: the rain did move away after lunch, but the sun didn’t break through until about 15.00: I had a washing on the line the sun was very welcome.

22.30  I biked along to the ‘shops’, after the rain stopped, for a paper and some ‘tautties’.... I also bought Lemsip at the Chemist. I cannot shake off this ‘bug’ at all. One day I feel better the next I take a step backward: however the general trend is ‘slow improvement’.... but the cough is annoying. Tonight I’ll have a hot bath, and a ‘Janice Toddie’ before bedtime, . The ‘plan’ was to go to the Kirk tomorrow, it’s Communion at Kinneuchar, but that now
depends on how I feel. I’ll be glad to get rid of this ‘bug’.

The villages from Chapel Ness
With the evening being so bonnie I went for a walk along the beach and out to the 11th green then home via Sea Tangle road and the Ferry High street. I had to take it easy because my ‘tubes’ are stuffed, but I really enjoyed being out in, what was, warm evening sunshine. It really is a lovely evening. The villages are busy; I like to see folk enjoying themselves on ‘my’ beach! I met a lady walking her dog; and she was one happy, friendly dog, and liked having her lugs scratched ... even dogs enjoy the ‘Elie and Royal Burgh’ air! The lady was friendly too but I didn’t scratch her lugs!

I was disappointed to read, in the local Community Council minutes, that “a member of the public” (no name) had complained about the Saltire flag being flown. This is sad: we do live in Scotland and there is nothing wrong with flying the Scottish Flag;
Looking North from the 12 tee
indeed we should be proud to do so. When I’m down in England (Sussex) I see the cross of St George (the English flag) being flown all over the place, including cities. The Union Flag is the flag of the United Kingdom .... the individual countries of the United Kingdom, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their individual flags and are proud of them! I’ll be flying the Maori flag tomorrow!    If it isn't raining!

Photographs : Top – the beach this morning, Middle – the villages from Chapel Ness, and Bottom – looking North from the seat on the 12th tee.

9th June 2017 (Friday) .... Oh dear .... there’s a heap of greyness coming over from the West... I’d better get down to the 

Earlsferry from the Quarry
beach for a quick walk before it, the rain, arrives.
 Oh ... We had an exciting result in our General Election.... Theresa went for an election because she thought she’d have a landslide victory, and ends up with a hung Parliament,.... “Indyref2” has been ‘kicked into touch’ .... and Stephen Gethins kept the Fife North East seat by two votes .... the narrowest margin in the UK. I’m orf to the beach for a daunder before it starts to rain.

20.00 The weather has been a real mixture today; we’ve had spells of rain, spells of sunshine, and showers. The best part of ‘the day’ as far as the weather went was late afternoon evening time. I did go up to the ‘Pony Field’, and golf course, a couple of times, but, both times I had to hurry back to Ivy before rain came over. The ‘Pony Field’ is a good vantage point, from which you can the weather coming across the Lomond Hills etc.

From the Pony Field road
Unsurprisingly, today’s ‘News’ has been about the General Election, and the unexpected result. The bit that means that I’ll sleep well tonight is that “Indyref2” will have to be ‘moored up’.... and hopefully for a long time. I don’t know why the SNP don’t settle for what they are really good at.... “speaking up for Scotland”; let’s put the “Great” back into Great Britain, via a strong, really devolved Scotland in the United Kingdom. As for the Conservatives going into agreement with the DUP?.... I have a feeling that will come with a very heavy price tag. That’s the General Election sorted.... until the next one.

With the weather being dreich in the morning, Jimmy and I went to Sainsbury’s for a cuppa in the Cafe. Growing old(er) is actually quite an interesting experience: we sat in the Cafe watching customers of varied ages, and fitness, passing to and fro. SittingEarlsferry Links golf course from the Quarry
down we felt that we compared favourably with the fittest among them! When we stood up, and our own sair knees and hips etc cracked into action, we must have made a lot of folks feel good as they watched us scurry hirple towards the lift! Of course we couldn’t go to Leven without doing a wee ‘shopping’ .... both in Sainsbury’s and the ‘Cheap Shop’. I wonder how Brexit will affect the likes of Lidl and Aldi in the UK?

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not “iggzactly” inspiring;  cloudy early with wet bits, and ending with another bonnie evening.

Photographs : Top – early morning before the rain, Middle and Bottom – the afternoon, in between showers.

8th June 2017 (Thursday) .... The sky has clouded over in the last hour, with rain forecast by midday. I went out early; only

Elie harbour from the Cockstail
as far as the ‘Oak House’.... would you believe it? .... without a camera. Jimmy wanted me to measure how far it is from the North er South Lodge to the ‘Oak House’, a distance that he occasionally walks. It is , there and back, almost “iggzactly” one mile. I am now having a cuppa before I go down to the beach for a walk.... with a camera.    There is a cool, luckily light, North East wind .... it feels like there are only 199 days left until Christmas Day.

20.30 We have had a dreich day, since 10.15 this morning... the rain began when I was down on the beach .... and finally cleared away about an hour ago. Luckily we had the ‘Drop in Cafe’ to brighten up the afternoon. ‘The Boys’ had two pots of tea each; two teapots were necessary because the conversation covered a wide selection of subjects; subjects from “Robbie” being totally colour coordinated, through to the ‘curative’ effects of smoking
This morning
cannabis... and how a gentleman (from St Monans) eased the pain of piles ... er haemorrhoids, by sitting on a hot radiator. It’s an interesting place is the ‘Boy’s Table’ at the Drop in Cafe ... or any Coffee Morning.

On my way down to the beach I stopped to speak to the painters who are working in Ferry Wynd; I thought I heard ‘Scrawny Bag’.... and I had. She was at my feet; having followed me down from Ivy. I went back home and gave her some more food; I think the painters are also feeding her now.   The beach was busier than I expected it to be; mostly holiday makers. It is good that the villages are busier most of the year now. It used to be that they
evening time
were nigh on empty for nine months of the year.

The beach is fairly busy for this time of day, with folk, like me, out enjoying a bonnie evening, albeit cool. The wind has dropped, but is from the Northerly direct... that is forecast to change to westerly by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is going to be brighter... it won’t take much to be brighter than today right enough .... damp and grey first thing then showers after midday(ish).

Photographs : Top – Elie harbour from the Cockstail Rocks, Middle – this morning, and Bottom – evening time.

7th June 2016 (Wednesday) .... 09.30 Mmmmm .... I have a washing going through in anticipation of a decent ‘drying day’. It is certainly windy enough, and the rain of the last 36 hours has 

Elie High Street
moved away... but there are threatening clouds about,.... though rain is not forecast until tomorrow afternoon. I’ll daunder along for the papers, by the time I get back the washing will be ready to hang out.

20.00  I think I may have overdone it a bit today; I enjoyed being ‘on my bike’ again in the morning, and decided to have a walk round Gillingshill in the afternoon. Gillingshill, a Local Nature Reserve up at Arncroach, has walks of varying length and I did the ‘middle’ distance one... probably about a mile long. It’s a bonnie place, and was warm today, sheltered from the breeze. It does have some wee ‘hilly’ bits, and I think that was what tired me out. I’ll sleep well tonight. I’d taken the car up to Colinsburgh to get fuel, and went up to Gillingshill after that. It has been a bonnie day, though it was windy.... especially in the morning; when I think of it I had to bike home against the wind.... nae wonder I’m tired.

Gillingshill was very quiet this afternoon; I think I had the place to myself... apart from the wildlife i.e. I had an pleasant walk, though I should have left my jacket in the car; there was no cooling breeze along the ‘valley’ paths.

We have the General Election tomorrow and the weather forecast is of the is ‘not very exciting’ kind; windy from, the East, cloudy but dry at first, with rain, moving in about midday, and lasting through until evening time: we could have a bonnie sunset. Sunrise time tomorrow morning will most likely be depressing.... I’m already ‘fed up’ of ‘Brexit’, and that, we’re supposed to believe, is what this General Election is all about. I’m more worried about the
State Pension, and the NHS.

My ‘plan’ for tomorrow is to get ‘up and out’ early, assuming it isn’t too windy. I’ll bike round the Estate where I’ll be sheltered from the light , I hope, East wind.

Photographs :  Top – Elie High Street and shopping area, Middle and Bottom – Gillingshill Nature reserve path.

6th June 2017 (Tuesday) ....  73rd Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

It is windy (from the NNE) and wet, as was forecast; definitely notIvy rose
a morning for ‘This Boy’ having his haircut. It seems that the next 24 hours is for jumping in puddles and “Singing in the Rain”: the sun is forecast to not make a breakthrough, (the rain is to persevere), until tomorrow morning. At 10.00. I might wrap up and go for a quick mosey down to the beach, because the rain is not that heavy, and it didn’t feel cold when I was out at Ivy gate, contemplating things. I’ll have another cuppa!

22.30  Mmmmmm... this has been a bad bad hair day, with much dampness about: so much that I never even got down to the beach at all today! I did set out to go, but, by the time I got myself suitably wrapped up, it was bucketing again, and that’s how it’s been all day: rain, of different intensity, but always wet, all day! I decided to forget the beach and baked a double batch of scones instead,... that took me until lunch time. Jimmy arrived just as the first batch were ready so we had one each, spread with a scraping of butter (Anchor) and lashings of syrup .... of the “Out of the
another Ivy rose
strong came sweetness” fame. (Tate and Lyle). That ‘line’ comes from a story in the Bible .... Samson killed a lion with his bare hands, and, on passing its body later was surprised to find that bees had made a ‘nest’ inside the carcase. He ate the honey comb. Anyway that quote has been on syrup tins since 1885. One more thing; I think I know why my scones don’t ‘rise’ .... the dough isn’t firm enough and they spread out, rather than up. I’ll try heavy duty dough the next time.

I was writing a shopping list after lunch when Jimmy turned up; we
Peony Rose bud
decided to go to Sainsbury’s to have a cuppa and I’d do my shopping, using the list, plus adding to it as I browsed my way along the aisles. Not a good thing .... oh the list is good, browsing is not!

Jim and Jimmy came down for our weekly blether, .... I dished up the scones (with syrup) ... and some of the “Puku” fodder that I bought.

Tomorrow is going to be ‘summer’ for this week, after the sun breaks up what clouds remain after this spell of rain. I shall extract myself from my bed, get the bike out, and go up for the papers. Hmmmm ... that disnae read as it should;   I’ll put some claes ‘on’, before I go for the papers.

Photographs : all three taken in Ivy garden this afternoon.

5th June 2017 (Monday) .... 08.30 We have a very ‘dreich’ start to the morning; however the forecast is for the rain to

be replaced by ‘sunshine and showers’ around midday. This is a perfect morning for an Outreach meeting; and I am ready to ‘go’ but I have an annoying cough, that should settle after my 'tubes' clear.

18.30 The morning rain did move on, and was replaced by showers after lunch. Thunder showers later in the afternoon. The thunder passed to the West and North of us, but we caught the edge of the showers, and heard the rumbles.

 I should attend more Outreach Meetings, they are interesting: I don’t contribute very much but help where I can. It had stopped raining when the meeting ended, so I went home and picked up a camera, then down to the beach for a walk. I thought I’d have the beach to myself but no .... there were walkers with dogs, walkers without dogs ... and me. It is HM The Queen’s ‘official’ birthday
today, but I didn’t think it was a holiday. The Monarch has had an ‘official’ birthday since 1748 when it was started by George II because;   having been born in November he thought the November weather was not suitable for ‘Trooping the Colour’.  I don’t think this is why ‘my’ beach was busy today; I think there must be schools on holiday.

Jimmy and I were sitting in the Hutte when the thunder began to roll this afternoon, but the nearest ‘strike to the Royal Burgh was off Ruddon’s Point. We did get some spectacular cloud formations and I took a few photos, but haven’t yet looked at them. The thunder storms appear to be petering out, though the sky is still heavy looking to the West of us.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good.... rain, on and off,
Elie beach
for most of the day. I have no plans for tomorrow, but if I feel ‘fine’ I might go to Leven for a haircut, especially if it is raining.... it will pass the time, on what looks like being a ‘bad bad hair day’. Growing old is a challenge, even more so when you are on your own. I’m updating the Hutte in the early evening, before folks begin to ‘stream’ films etc; when that (streaming) starts the hub is forever switching off and on.

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry, Middle – Elie, and Bottom – Elie beach.

4th June 2017 (Sunday) ... 09.30 The ‘News’ of another terrorist attack, this time in London, has me in a state of ‘shock’; 

my thoughts and prayers, are with the families of those killed, injured, and affected by this atrocity. Innocent people, enjoying ‘time out’ in one of the World’s bonniest cities, suddenly find themselves in the middle of what must appear like a ‘war zone’... albeit for a short period of time, ..... but a lifetime for all those caught up in it. We live in sad, and sometimes downright evil, times.

Up here, in Elie and Earlsferry 450 miles away from London, we have a ‘bright and sunny’ morning, a bonnie morning in fact, .... a morning for getting out and doing something we enjoy. I am feeling a bit better, but have a bad cough so it’s another day of staying out of everyone’s way for me.

21.30  Our ‘bright and sunny’ morning became a nice, ‘bright and sunny’ day, and the villages have been busy with holiday makers enjoying it. After breakfast, and watching the horrific News from London, I went up to Chapel Green and pottered around on the Chapel Ness rocks ... then went home and had a cuppa in the Hutte. Most of the remainder of the morning was spent watching the News.

When Jimmy came along, in the afternoon, we went to Leven to get “Blob and Co” food. We decided that we’d go down to the Sailing Club (Elie) for a cuppa, and a blether... rather than go to Sainsbury’s cafe. The harbour area was busy with sightseers, but with the tide being out there wasn’t much happening on the water.

In the evening I went out for a run in the car, the intention being toEvening time
fill up with fuel at Colinsburgh, but I forgot to take money with me so that didn’t happen; I did enjoy the run up to Kinneuchar, where I discovered that I’d forgotten my wallet; so I went back to ‘Ivy’ via Balbuthie Loan.

The weather forecast for the next couple of days is not ‘bright and sunny’.... it’s windy and wet, especially on Tuesday. I’m hoping to be able to be fit enough to attend a meeting tomorrow morning; but won’t go if I’m coughing and spluttering.

Photographs : Top – the Cruise ship ‘Nautica’ going up the south side of the Firth to Leith Middle – the West end of The Ferry beach, and Bottom – evening time.

3rd June 2017 (Saturday) .... we have ‘bright sunny and warm’ this morning .... a lovely start to the weekend. I’ve been out

Elie this morning
on the bike; only as far as the ‘paper Shop’ and the harbour, but it was enjoyable .... and I was glad to get out for some exercise. It’s just so bonnie that a lassie was sitting on the sea wall having her breakfast, and enjoying the peace and quiet: I didn’t disturb her...nor take a photo with her in it: though it would have been a good one.

The cold (‘man’ variety) is beginning to slacken off but I have a cough, so I’ll stay ‘out of circulation’ for next few days; don’t want to spread this around. That said it must be doing the rounds of the village already ‘cos I managed to pick it up somewhere.

Elioe harbour mooring chain
Last night I watched the ‘Two Leaders’ on Question Time: The best bit as far as I was concerned was the lassie that asked the question immediately after the “press the nuclear button brigade had asked their questions”. Before she asked her question (I forget what it, her question, was) she said “I don’t understand why anybody would want kill millions of people!” That, to me, put the ‘press the button’ gas at a peep. The lassie obviously knew what ‘pressing the button’ would do. You only have to think of the Chernobyl disaster to know the damage that the fallout can do .... and that was an accident, not a nuclear bomb. I really don’t know why we need to have our own ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction anyway .... we’re in NATO... why not give them to NATO?   What did I think of the rest of Question Time? It was interesting but, didn’t set the heather on fire. I’m fed up of hearing about ‘Brexit’..... if the politicians had listened there would have been no need for a referendum ... and noThe Breakwater area of Elie

21.00 Jings the weather has been ‘mixed’ today. Around midday, a bank of fog came in, and the temperature dropped; the fog drifted in, and out, for a while, then drifted away, leaving us us sunshine and heavy showers! I ‘moored myself’ up in Ivy and caught up with ‘paper work’.... filing stuff, and filling the grey bucket.

I’m having another early night, and I won’t be going to the kirk to claim back ‘my gallery’ tomorrow; this means that I’ll miss the ‘picnic’ on the Toll Green at 11.45......but I do not want to spread this bug around.

Photographs : Top – “Wee Dram”, Middle – one on the heavy chains onto which the boat moorings are fixed, and Bottom – ‘The Breakwater’ area of Elie.

2nd June 2017 (Friday) .... 09.00 Mmmmm .... it’s overcast with a south-westerly breeze this morning; I know this

Wood Pigeon and Jackdaw
because I have been as far as the street. I’m still feeling ‘under the weather’, but not as bad as I was yesterday: I’ll stay within the confines of Ivy, and work on the computer .... might even do some ‘ousework. Off to make another cuppa.

20.00    Well I have had a restful day; a mix of watching the tele, working on the computer and sitting in the Hutte feeding, and taking photos of the birds. At one point I actually listened to the ‘Theresa May Protest’ song that’s heading for No1 in the charts; it’s not my kind of ‘stuff’, but it does show what some folk are thinking .... and, it could influence young voters.

The weather has been of the ‘bright and sunny’ kind, mostly, though there has been cloudy spells....but no rain. Of course with my being ‘under the weather’ I haven’t been ‘out and about’... in fact I don’t think I’ll be ‘out and about’ tomorrow either: unless I make a quick recovery overnight.

This evening's ‘plan' is to start watching the two Leaders on Question Time, but whether I watch the whole programme, remains to be seen: I’ll probably end up in bed with my book.

President Trump taking the USA out of the Paris Agreement on
Scrawny Bag
Climate Change is no surprise. This idiotic decision will affect his descendants as much as it will affect mine; but when you are selfish, it appears, that you don’t consider the future that you are foisting onto your grand children etc.... nor of the Planet.

Tomorrow's weather looks like being a mix of clouds and sunshine, with showers developing after midday. Depending on how I feel I may have an early morning walk down to the beach; the ‘main plan’ is to stay around Ivy until I throw this bug off; and the cough that is beginning to be bothersome.

Photographs : Top – Weed Pigeon and Jackdaw, Middle – “Blobette”, and Bottom – “Scrawny Bag” contemplating a ‘bath’.

1st June 2017 (Thursday) ..... 09.30 It is overcast mostly, as was forecast, but we do get spells of sunshine now and again ....

Motor boat Bonny passing The Beacon
and it’s warm. I’ve been clambering about on the rocks at Chapel Green; it’s a braw morning for ‘clambering’.... though my knees might not agree.

With this being a Drop in Cafe’ afternoon, my ‘plan’ for the morning is to do some work  .... I’ll transfer some weeds from Ivy garden into the ‘broon bucket’.

20.00  This has been a horrid day; I had to miss the ‘Drop in Cafe’. For the past couple of days I’ve had a ‘dry throat’, which I put down to the East wind; today by lunchtime I was coughing and spluttering with a full blown cold. Rather than spread this around, though I have no doubt it must already be in the villages, I decided to skip the ‘Cafe’. I don’t know where I ‘picked this up’ but it isn’t just the east wind; obviously I’ve walked into cloud of germs from someone sneezing. Anyway the ‘plan’ is to have a hot toddie and
Dog walkers on the Ferry beach
an early night in bed with my book; and I’ll lie low until this clears up.

I spent the afternoon in the Hutte, drinking cups o’ tea, and a Lemsip; doing Soduko’s and feeding ‘Blob’ and Co. ‘Blob’ and ‘Scrawny Bag’ don’t mess about, they come into the Hutte to let me know they are looking for food.

We have had a wet evening; the rain began at 16.30, and, though not heavy, it is drab and ‘dreich’. The rain should have moved on by morning time, though it will most likely be cloudy at first, with sunny spells by lunch time. Depending on how I feel (and how the weather is) I might go down to the beach in the morning.

This ‘lying low’ means that I have been looking at the News on the
Earlsferry from Chapel Ness
television ... mostly boring political News.... however one News story did annoy me, and that’s about people (touts) who applied for free tickets for the Manchester, ‘Old Trafford’ concert, intending to sell on at heavily inflated prices. I suppose it could be called ‘entrepreneurship’. We live in very sad times .... in more ways than one.

Photographs : Top – ‘Bonny’ passing the Beacon, Middle – dog walkers on the Ferry beach, and Bottom – Earlsferry, taken from Chapel Ness.


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