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20th October2017 (Friday) .... 09.00 Mmmmmm is overcast, as was forecast, and there’s a light southwest breeze; but... although grey, it’s a bonnie morning. We had a few early dog walkers, and one dog jogger, on the beach at sunrise time... sunrise was at 07.55 ... but the sun has yet to burn its way through a thick blanket of cloud. We may get a few bright spells later.

For some inexplicable reason, I’m feeling impish this morning; I’ve no doubt that will wear orf. I’ll put the kettle on.

News ... regarding ‘Albert’s Hutte’, Streamline version. I am closing the Streamline version of ‘The Hutte’, it is becoming too expensive to keep .... and will close on the 16th November. Instead of Streamline ‘The Hutte’ will be on Google (Google provides the web space free) ...and can be found here Alberto’s Hutte on Goog. I have been using Google, alongside Streamline for more than a year now.... and find it easier to use ... and considerably cheaper! Funnily enough I’ll miss the familiarity of Streamline, but without doubt ‘Goog’ is easier to use. Click on the link above to see the Google version.

19th October 2017(Drop in Cafe- day) .... 09.30 what a gorgeous morning .... definitely a day for being out. It looks

Elie Bay
​​​​​​​ overcast towards the West, but right now we have bright sunshine, and not much in the way of wind .... and what little there is, is from the SSE.     I spent a happy hour, with the camera, around the rocks, at the edge of the tide ... which was near enough full out. Sunrise was hidden behind low cloud,... nevertheless, the sky was a kaleidoscope of pastel colours.    I’m a contented bunny ... now I must feed ‘Puku’.

Elie bay
20.00 Mostly we’ve been under a layer of cloud today .... grey and uninspiring after the initial promise at sunrise time; and it began to rain at 16.45 so we have a dreich evening... but not cold.

The ‘Drop in Cafe’ was quiet at first but soon filled up, and was buzzin’ like a bumble bee’s nest by 15.00. My only activities today has been the beach, at sunrise, then along for the papers after breakfast, with the Drop in Cafe in the afternoon. I felt sluggish most of the day.... in fact I ended up having a migraine just before the rain arrived, which explains the sluggish feeling. This is the first migraine I’ve had for a while... I suspect it is due to the change in the weather.

On my way down to the harbour, after the ‘Cafe’, I stopped to take a few photographs, and ended up talking to a Canadian couple, who are touring Scotland for the next three weeks.... hopefully the Elie
​​​​​​​weather will be good for them.

Our tug, AH Varazze has arrived at Valetta (Malta), and our other tug Atlantic Kestrel, is between the toe of Italy and Malta on her way to Aberdeen. Olympic Leopard (our tanker) is out of range just now but should be getting near to the Cape of Good Hope... when she will begin to sail more eastwards, towards China, than south.

Tomorrow's weather is going to be calm and grey... with the possibility of drizzly rain at times. It also means that there’s unlikely to be a dramatic sunrise .... but I’ll have a peep out, at 06.00, to see how it looks towards the East.

Photographs : Top and Middle – taken at sunrise time this morning, and, Bottom – Elie Harbour late this afternoon.

18th October 2017 (Wednesday) ..... as per weather forecast, the wind is from the East, and it’s overcast, with the cloud bank stretching way out beyond the horizon .... so, no visible sunThis morning
rise.... a dour looking morning. However I met Monica out with ‘Pepper’; while Monica and I chatted, Pepper tore about after her ball; the ball that Monica kept firing out of a ‘Chuckit’ ball launcher; most dog walkers use the ball launcher, it’s an excellent way to exercise a dog. Monica and I?... we exercised our tongues.

I’ve had my breakfast, so, after a cuppa, I’ll go and get organised for Kirkcaldy.

Thats ma boy
20.00    ‘The Boy’ has had a hectic day. I decided I’d take the car all the way to the Hospital because my appointment time was well before visiting time. I arrived there with lots of time to spare, and found there were loads of empty parking spaces. I went to the WRVS Cafe and had a bowl of soup, a cuppa and a goodie, before my appointment. The outcome of the appointment is; there’s nothing needs to be ‘done, apart going back onto the routine six monthly, PSA check .... at,... St Andrews.

On the way out of Kirkcaldy I went to ASDA’s and had a browse/ mini shopping; that place is massive, and the prices are lower than Sainsbury’s: but .... I didn’t see a Cafe!

The sky did brighten up now and again .... and I even saw some ‘bloo’ holes in the cloudbank; and ... the sun would be shiningPeacock Butterfly
through said holes .... but never on ‘yours truly’ unfortunately. From Kirkcaldy I hopped to Sainsbury’s Cafe in Leven ... where I had a very welcome cuppa.

We have the ‘Drop in Cafe’ to look forward to tomorrow afternoon. With our weather forecast to be much the same as today’s was... overcast with occasional brighter spells, and rain later in the evening, the ‘Cafe’ will be the brightest spell over the whole day.

I am feeling really tired tonight .... I haven’t had ‘50’ today so I expect I should sleep well;  and I msusp[ect that I won't be 'up' at the crack o' dawn!

Photographs : Top – Dour morning, Middle – That’s ma boy .... sunhat and cauld hands! ...and, Bottom – Peacock butterfly .... to remind us of sunny days!

17th October 2017 (Tuesday) .... 09.00 Welll .... we have survived the remains of Ophelia; she is not my kind of ‘girl’.... having got serious wind problems! I don’t think that the wind wasEarly morning sunlight
quite as severe as was forecast for us in the east; the West coast would catch the worst of the frisky girl.

It was breezy down on the beach but once I got into the lee of the Cockstail rocks (the tide was out) it was fine. I caught the sunrise behind the lighthouse, and met Marcia out with the dogs when I was coming off the beach; so a successful mission. There are spits and spots of rain blowing in the wind, which is bothersome, but a nice enough morning for being out.... though it is breezy.... F6 - 7 from the West.

Marcia with dogs
22.00     I’ve had a fairly active day... mostly working around Ivy.   I did take Jimmy up to St Andrews for his appointment, and I got three books off the charity shelves in the entrance hall. We didn’t go for a cuppa in the hospital Cafe.... choosing instead, to have one when we got back to Ivy.

The wind has moderated, down to F4 – 5, but it is not warm; having said that, I had a washing on the line, which did dry fairly quickly .... in what could be called “a good drying wind”; there were clouds bumbling over, and they, at times, looked threatening .... we did in fact get a shower .... five minutes after I’d taken in the washing; and five minutes after I arrived on the beach for my evening meander.... which meandering was short and sweet.

This is the evening that Jim and Jimmy come to Ivy, and the threeLate afternoon
​​​​​​​ of us then sort out things, local mostly, .... and usually old.   We covered a load of ground tonight .... I should take notes. 

Our weather for tomorrow is forecast to be ... well the wind is going to be easterly, and the sky overcast; with the chance of light rain now and again. It will be colder.

I have an appointment at the Vic in Kirkcaldy tomorrow, so that will keep me out of mischief.    I’ll take the car to Leven then the bus to the Vic .... that takes care of the parking (at hospital) problem.

Photographs : Top – first sunlight on beachfront houses, Middle – Marcia walking the dogs, and Bottom – the beach, late in the afternoon.

16th October 2017 (Monday) .... 07.30 Mmmmmm .... it’s dreich; not a morning for going out for a walk. It is forecast to13

clear up later in the morning, then more rain to come in later in the afternoon. It’s a grand morning for visiting Eleanor and Sandy; I’m looking forward to catch up with all their ‘news’.   Before that I must remember to pick Jimmy up from the garage!

19.00   Wellll ... this has been one gloomy day as far as the weather went; it was so dark at 13.30 that the sensor on Elie Lighthouse switched ‘on’. This is the first time I have ever seen it so dark and gloomy at that time of day. After half an hour, the sky began to lighten and it, the lighthouse, switched off. The sun managed to break through at 16.30, by which time the wind was rising, and it felt much colder on the beach. We are going to have a windy night, the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia..

The Ferry High Street
I remembered to pick up Jimmy.... and was back at Ivy well in time for Calumn picking me up. We had good reminisce about Craw’s Nest days along at Sany and Eleanor's ... and how things have changed. Evie is looking well, and now living in Cellardyke; she had been living in Sussex, but sadly, her husband died so she has moved back to her roots. Elizabeth (Aird) from Crail hasn’t changed, and everyone is busy keeping active. Young Alex, and Nicola were there with their family, so... yes .... we had a really pleasant couple of hours ... plus.

When the sun broke through I went down to the beach,and found it,late afternoon sun
​​​​​​​ the beach, busy; everyone was out enjoying the short spell of sunshine. It couldn’t last long ... the sun set at 18.09.

Hmmmmm  ... tomorrow’s weather forecast? Most of the strong wind is to be overnight, but, .... it will still be windy in the morning. I’ll have a look out at 06.00, and, depending on the weather I may go down to catch the sunrise at 07.47. I’m taking Jimmy up to St Andrews for an appointment in the morning... I’d better not forget that!   The wind is forecast to moderate, and we should have sunny spells tomorrow.

The redundant oil platform, Transocean Prospect, has been deposited at the breakers yard in Aliaga.   Tug AH Varazze is en route to Malta, and tug Atlantic Kestrel en route to Crete.... their mission, with Transocean Prospect, ....done.

Olympic Leopard, our tanker is poodling along a 12.5 knots off Namibia... she has had another change of destination in China, and is now making for Rizhao.

Photographs : Top – Elie lighthouse flashing in the gloom, Middle – a gloomy Ferry High Street, and, Bottom – the beach after the sun broke through.

15th October 2017 (Sunday) .... 09.00 Oh my word .... we had an absolutely gorgeous sunrise this morning .... no ... it

Elie sunrise time
​​​​​​​ was in the half hour before sunrise that the sky looked spectacular; I just got swallowed up in it, and this is when I feel nearest to God. I go to the kirk (occasionally) and enjoy the company, and everyone singing, but down on the beach, especially when we have the sun lighting up the sky, as it did this morning ..... that is awesome. I can well understand why pagans(?) worshipped the sun.
Wehave a lovely, bright and breezy’ morning now ... but not cold; that said the red sky is a sign of ‘naughty’ weather ahead! The beach was quiet with only myself and a lady walking her dog enjoying the early morning spectacle.... no joggers. The lady is called Monica, her dog ‘Pepper’, and the family are her for the
Fun on the beach
mid-term holiday: What we’d call the ‘Tauttie Holidays’.... when we earned 19/6d, for a week at the tauttie howkin’. Those were the days.

20.30    The ‘Boy’ (that’s me) has been busy... cleaning windows, and anything with glass in it. Having done the windows I’m now amazed at the number of folk going up and down Ferry Road; either the windows were in a serious state of needing cleaning ... or ...there are a lot of holidays maker in the village. The Hutte windows are next on the list.... but that will be later in the week; I have a busy schedule for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jimmy and I went to Leven in the morning; Jimmy was running out of porridge cartons... and he fancied a cuppa in the Cafe. We could have gone to the kirk and had coffee/tea there, but, when Jem’s is running out of porridge... ‘flap on’ mode kicks in. We’ll go up to Kinneuchar next week.

After I’d finished playing with the Glass Cleaner, I had a walk
Fun on the beach
​​​​​​​ down to the beach... this was about sunset time. It was great to find the beach busy.... loads of life, albeit distant, in the photographs. There was a brisk wind blowing, and, with the sun going behind the clouds it was cold.

I have an early start tomorrow morning; Jimmy’s car is going in for a service and I have to pick him up, and bring him home, after he drops it into the garage at 08.00. Calumn is picking me up at 10.30 and we are going to visit Sandy and Eleanor (Craw’s Nest) in Cellardyke, for morning coffee.

Tomorrow's weather looks like being messy; windy with rain and squally showers. Tuesday’s weather is to be even messier!

Photographs : Top – Elie this morning, Middle and Bottom – this is what our beach is all about.... being happy.. and this is one happy dog!

14th October 2017 (Saturday) ..... 08.00 It’s one of those mornings that makes me want to do things .... there’s a freshness in the air that’s got me feeling active. Being active might

be harder. I went down to the beach for sunrise, but I could see that the clouds were too low, along the eastern horizon, for sunrise to be colourful, but it was a good morning for a stroll along the beach. I’ll get the bike out and go down to the harbour after breakfast .... although there is a breeze, it’s not too windy for the bike this morning.

13.00    The boats have been ‘craned out’ .... on what was a perfect morning for craning out boats... there being only a light wind. By the time I was down there, at 09.00, the crane had been busy; four of the big yachts were ashore. I took some photos, then, saw Jimmy arrive.... but he didn’t bother staying, and went off to do his ‘Chapel Green’ walk. We arranged to meet at Ivy for a cuppa before going to the ‘Coffee Morning’. Hmmmmm .... aye .... Jimmy and I went down to the Town Hall at 10.15 to find the doors closed. How I managed this I do not know; we were three weeks early! The Ferry Toon Hall Coffee Morning is on the 4th November! When I Crane out
went to write this on the calendar I found that I’d already done so! Bein’ me is easy; getting used to ‘me’ is something else. This would never have happened when Maggie was alive.
​​​​​​​ Jimmy and I went to Sainsbury’s Cafe!

20.30    For some inexplicable reason I am in a ‘working’ mood just now; so I cleaned the other (there are two) kitchen window, inside and out.... and the living room one. With 12 small panes, the kitchen windows are most awkward to clean. Because I’m using different muscles I slept like a log..... working around the house is good exercise, so the intention is to do more around the house and
The Toft Elie
​​​​​​​ garden. Weather permitting I might even paint the front of the house .... once my muscles feel up for it.

Everyone will be pleased to know that our two tugs, AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel with Transocean Prospect in tow, are poodling along in the Aegean Sea at 2.5 knots, and should arrive at Aliaga within the next 48 hours. Our oil tanker, Olympic Leopard, is too far from land just now, and will be until she is off Cape Town, to use the land based masts .... I should pick her up in a couple of days.

Photographs : Top – Sunrise time ... there was a slight hint of red on the clouds bottoms, Middle – Elie Harbour, and Bottom – The Toft, Elie.

13th October 2017 (Friday) ... 09.00 We, who live in the East Neuk of Fife, have a good, mixed, bundle of weather this

Cellardyke foreshore
morning, but at least it’s warm!    It was raining when I poked my head ‘ower the gate’ at 06.00; I went back to bed and got up at 07.30., by which time we had broken cloud, and it looked like it could brighten up.    However that changed and, as I type, we have overcast and breezy ... with a serious ‘rainy look’ towards the West .... from whence our weather is coming. I’m not going back to bed.

20.30    My only sortie ‘out’ today has been to go up to Elie for the paper.... I haven’t been down to the beach at all today. I did get myself organised for the beach after lunch, then discovered that, the rain, which had stopped ... had started again. Being that I was in a ‘working’ mood I decided to clean the windows on the inside; I’d do the outsides when the rain went off. As it happened the rain didn’t last long so I got both sides, inside and outside, of one of the kitchen windows done. Luckily, just as I was beginning to weaken,
Elie houses
Linda arrived, and made a mug o’ coffee. We caught up with each other’s news, then Jimmy dropped in so we got his news too.

Oh my word, .... the ‘boys’ have a busy schedule tomorrow morning; we have Crane Out at the harbour (it starts before 09.00)... and there’s a Coffee Morning in Earlsferry Town Hall, .... it starts at 10.00. Having to ‘plan’ for more than one event per day is highly stressful. And, oh dearie me I have windows to clean ... er ... it, would be a good ‘plan’ for me to get the camera organised
The Beacon Earlsferry
​​​​​​​ tonight! The weather forecast for tomorrow looks like being much the same as it was today ... minus the rain. What.... no rain? No, that can’t be right.

Calumn, (my former apprentice at the ‘Craw’s) phoned today to say that he is back in the country after much travelling, all over the globe, with his work. I think he’s been on every continent in the last 12 months. I’m looking forward to having a good old catch up with him.... and Karen.

Photographs : Top – Cellardyke foreshore, Middle – South Street houses, Elie, and Bottom – the Beacon Earlsferry.

12th October 2017 (Thursday) ..... 09.00 “Good Morrrrrrrrrrrrrning” everyone: we have a ‘bright, and definitely breezy’ start, to Drop in Cafe day, here in Elie and the RoyalElie Bay at sunrise
​​​​​​​ Burgh; we did have a red sky half an hour before sunrise, an indicator of ‘naughty’ weather later ... like tomorrow, but we won’t bother about that..... however, we might catch a shower later.

The wind, especially down on the beach, is very ‘fresh and frisky’... a bit like me this morning; but that’ll wear off!    Actually, I’m in need of breakfast... I’ve been ‘up’ since 06.15 and ‘Puku’ is Elie
beginning to feel neglected.

19.00   The weather remained ‘bright and breezy’ all day... as did I; it did cloud over later in the afternoon but we didn’t get any rain. Perhaps the clouds we have coming in now, mean some naughty weather ‘ra morra’. The washing I did this morning dried, in spite of the fact we didn’t have that many sunny spells... but we certainly had a drying wind.

Oh my word .... Drop in Cafe was buzzin’ this afternoon; it was Gareth’s birthday .... and there was cake: cake = a lot of happy people. After the ‘Cafe’ I went down to the harbour; I wanted to get a few photographs of the boats before they are ‘Craned Out’ on Saturday. The harbour looks ‘sad’ when it’s empty... as it will be until next April.

The History Society has Group Captain Leggat giving an
​​​​​​​ illustrated talk on the aerodromes of Fife this evening; these will be aerodromes that were in use during the war. I wonder if the ‘aerodrome park’ over at Kincraig will be mentioned? Crail will be mentioned, because it was a big Fleet Air Arm airfield, and in use up until the 1960’s ... though latterly I doubt if used as an airfield.

The weather for tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with the chance of rain/showers in the morning ... we could have the odd ‘sunny spell’ in the afternoon.

Photographs : Top – Sunrise, Middle and Bottom – Elie harbour.

11th October 2017 (Wednesday) .... 08.30 Hmmmmm ..... it’s not a morning for poodling around on the beach; we have ‘windy and wet’. It should begin to brighten up by December ....

Kinneuchar Kirk
midday. I had a quick peek out at 06.00, saw the dampness, and scrambled back into bed,.... finally getting ‘up’ at 07.40. Luckily we have the Friendship Lunch at 12.30 to brighten up our day.... and the rain should be moving away by then too!

20.00     As ‘forecast’, The Friendship Lunch began the brightening process; the sky quickly followed, and we ended up with a bonnie, late afternoon. As ever the ‘Lunch’ was a very pleasant hour and a half of eating, drinking (juice/tea/coffee) and blethering. On leaving the ‘Lunch’ I took William ‘T’ down to have a look round the harbour and to see some sand: both of which are lacking up at Colinsburgh. Tomorrow we have the ‘Drop in Cafe’... then there’s a Coffee Morning in the Ferry Hall on Saturday morning; a busy social week for the boys.

Main Street Kilconquhar
I didn’t do much in the morning:  oh... I did go down to the beach but it began to spit rain so I didn’t linger, and went back to Ivy, where  I had a quick cuppa then went up to Elie for the papers (Dundee Courier and East Fife Mail) .... in the car. I had a run down to the harbour but it was raining so I didn’t stop. I’d just moored up at Ivy when Jimmy turned up, so we had a cuppa and read the papers.

With the afternoon turning out nice, though breezy, I went up to Kinneuchar and took a few shots of the kirk.... oh... and I browsed some of the gravestones. That was interesting but also sad... I knew too many of the folks whose names are on the stones. On the way home from Kinneuchar I went down to Elie Harbour (for the third
Elie houses
​​​​​​​ time today) and finally got a few ‘Elie’ photographs.

Our weather forecast for tomorrow is more or less a repeat of today’s... windy with sunny spells. I suppose we could catch a shower, but rain isn’t mentioned!

We have another crude oil tanker leaving the Firth this evening ... this one, “Desimi”, is heading for Ulsan in Korea. I’ve seen the tankers bumbling in and out of the Firth... but never stopped to think of where they might be going. Oh well we don’t need to ‘follow’ this one.... it will be following the same route as Olympic Leopard for most of the journey.

The tugs, AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, with Transocean Prospect it tow are due to reach Aliaga on the 14 th (October).

Photographs : Top – Kilconquhar Church, Middle – Main Street, Kilconquhar, and, Bottom – South Street houses, Elie.

10th October 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.30 We have another bonnie and interesting morning; with much happening by Elie this morning
​​​​​​​means of the weather. We have a blustery wind that’s bringing clouds scuttling over from the West, showers rattling along the ‘sooth side’, patches of blue beginning to break through the clouds... and, although windy it doesn’t feel cold. That said I use the spot that Chris and Barbara’s levelled, for their beach hut, to shelter from the wind, so it might be colder ‘exposed to the wind’. Yes it’s a good day for a walk;   however, sometimes it does look like we could catch a shower.

Balcarres Den
19.00   It has been a good day for a walk, though the ‘sunny spells’ were few... and far between; I went up to the Deil’s Lodge (Balcarres) in the afternoon, and had a short walk down the den road. I started to spit rain so I cut the walk short. The rain never got beyond the ‘spits and spots’ stage, so I could have kept going. The trees are beginning to look fairly autumnal now; I’ll have a longer walk around Balcarres, on a sunny day, next week.

With the morning being dull I decided to make a batch of Wholemeal Scones; they turned out much better this time. The difference? I used new Baking Powder; the baking powder I had been using was ‘best before’... July 2015. Unfortunately “Puku” is liking the taste of the scones.... this is not good.

"Olympic Leopard”, ‘our’ tanker is bumbling her way south... sheThe Deils Lodge
​​​​​​​ is now off the coast of Guinea (West Africa)... and the temperature is still 27c. AH Varazze, Atlantic Kestrel and Transocean Prospect are enjoying a comfortable 22c in the Mediterranean, as they pass Crete. They will then have to meander though a jumble of Greek islands to get to Aliaga, their destination in Turkey.

We have the ‘Friendship Lunch’ in the Elie Kirk Hall to look forward to tomorrow; always a happy hour eating and chatting. The weather forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday, is much the same as it was for today, but we could have rain first thing, but should clear away quickly. Then again it might not.

Photographs : Top – Elie this morning, Middle – Balcarres den, and Bottom – the Deil’s Lodge (North Lodge) Balcarres.

9th October 2017 (Monday) .... 17.30.... Jings ... this is the first of me getting round to updating the Hutte today; naughty boy. I have been ‘intermittently busy’, with my mind on

Elie Harbour
other things. I didn’t get ‘up’ for the sunrise... it was well overcast at that time, and as I had an appointment to have a blood test at 08.30, I didn’t go down to the beach, but did go to the harbour, and ‘paper shop’ on my way home from the surgery. In mid morning, Jimmy phoned to say he was having difficulty connecting to Facebook, and brought his i-pad along to Ivy. I managed to get him back on FB so all is well on that front; we then we went to Leven to buy bird food.
The weather did brighten up after the initial dull beginning, and it has been quite nice...a bit breezy, but nice enough for me to do some pruning.

Elie Harbour beach
20.30    Having missed my morning fix of beach air, (and my chat with the Cockstail rocks Heron), I went down there at sunset time. The wind had dropped making it more peaceful looking ... no white tops on the bay. Sunset isn’t happening quite where I like it to be... another week or two before that, but it was bonnie enough, with a ‘romantic’ ambience.... which is why I waited for the couple to wander into the photograph.

Now for an update on the ships we are following: ‘Olympic Leopard’ (the crude oil tanker) is off the West Coast of Africa ... Mauritania/Senegal being the nearest countries. The crew having to suffer(?) 27c when out on deck; how they must be longing for the cool, wet, weather of the Firth of Forth. AH Varazze and Atlantic The Ferry beach
​​​​​​​Kestrel, dragging Transocean Prospect behind them, are approaching the island of Crete (Kriti)... their crews are having to suffer similar temperatures to the Olympic Leopard. My heart goes out to those crewmen: and we take our lovely grey days for granted!

Our weather for tomorrow is...  ‘more of the same’: a general mix of clouds and sunny spells with the chance of showers.... another lovely day. My ‘plan’ for tomorrow has yet to be put together; however, I will get up at 06.00 the see what the weather/sunrise prospects are.

Photographs : Top – Elie Harbour, the stone, that isnae there anymore, is the one I usually lean on when taking this photo, Middle – seaweed on Elie Harbour beach, and Bottom – nice evening for a walk.... or, in my case... for sitting on ‘Nana’s Seat’.

8th October 2017 (Sunday) 09.30 It’s a pleasant morning; it is overcast but the wind has dropped to F2-3, and the sun should break through by midday .... it looks like being anotherHalf an hour before sunrise
bonnie afternoon.

I have  been out for a decent walk.     I went down to get the sunrise but the clouds were too far over the horizon.    I’m now ready for ‘the kirk’;  I thought the 11.00 start to the servicet would mean me having to curtail my morning activities, but not this morning. I might fall asleep in the church...! Have a lovely Sunday.... I’m going to have breakfast.

19.30    The ‘bonnie afternoon’ was like a snowball in the Sahara .... it didn’t last long... the sky clouded over about 14.00, and has been so ever since.... but has remained dry. A whole day of daylight
Choir practice time
hours without rain ... that’s unusual. Luckily I’d had a good walk in the early morning, so didn’t go out again in the afternoon; with the sky clouding over the temperature dropped.... however it seems to have risen in the last couple of hours.

Jimmy enjoyed the service at Kinneuchar.... we were up there in plenty of time and enjoyed a pre-service cuppa... and chat. There was a good turnout, and the hymn singing was a pleasure to listen too; I don’t/can’t sing, but I enjoy listening to those who can. The 11.00 o’clock service doesn’t stop me going out early, but I did feel drowsy in the kirk; that said, we were sitting in a pew with a central heating pipe for a foot rest!

In the afternoon I ‘played’ with the morning’s photographs... andJimmy
​​​​​​​ fell sound asleep in front of the tele for 45 minutes. I was late in bed last night because I watched a fact based film, “Unbroken”, that didn’t end until 23.40. It will be an early night in bed for ‘the boy’ tonight.... unless I find another film to watch.

It's another ‘there could be sunny spells’ forecast for tomorrow... but it is going to be warmer; I’ll have a peek out at 06.00 to see if we look like having a bonnie sunrise. Otherwise I have ‘nae plan’ for tomorrow ... I’ll make a ‘plan’ after a good night’s sleep!

Photographs : Top – sunrise time, Middle – choir practice this morning, and Bottom – Maggie’s Uncle Jimmy, in Kinneuchar Kirk this morning - (91 this month).

7th October 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.30 We have a lovely morning... ‘overcast and breezy’, and not raining! Funnily enough, though windy it isn’t that cold; having said that I wouldn’t

Elie Bay at sunrise time
say it was warm. The beach was fairly busy around sunrise time... mostly folk walking the dog... no joggers. Joggers add some colour to beach photos. I don’t imagine they consider that when they go out.... but I like to see a colourful jogger pitter pattering along the beach. I actually miss ‘my’ joggers when they aren’t ... well ... jogging.

Sunrise didn’t ‘happen’ ..... well, it did happen but behind the clouds. It began with promise ... a red horizon but the clouds were too low, which meant the sun was quickly above, and behind them. There was loads of fresh air blowing around, of which got my fair share.

Elie this afternoon
21.30    The villages have been busy today..... which is not surprising because the afternoon turned out to be ‘bright and sunny’ albeit breezy, and everyone wanted to enjoy it; including me. I was down on the beach tree times, and might have got a touch of the sun.

Jimmy and I went up to the Coffee morning at Kilconquhar Church this morning; it started quietly but filled up steadily. It was a good way to spend the morning... which had been mostly overcast until then. With the afternoon being nice I went down to the beach, and again at sunset time. By this time the wind had dropped and it was pleasant sitting, watching ‘the world go by’. There’s a new seat at the bottom of Cross Wynd ... in memory of John and Jenny (Reekie): this gives me a choice of two seats overlooking the bay. I
Sunset time
​​​​​​​ had the Canon camera with me and had some practice with different settings .... it’s set on manual most of the time now.

Tomorrow's weather looks like being a re-run of today’s ... which is something to look forward too. The big change of ‘plan’ for Sunday is: Jimmy wants to go to the ‘kirk’, so .... we are going to the kirk service, at Kinneuchar tomorrow morning. There is coffee/tea before the service; however, we are not allowed to have the coffee then sneak oot! Not that we would ever consider doing that! This means that I’ll have to be sort of tidy .... which is not something I am good at. Maggie used to check me out before we went to the kirk.... now I’ve got to check myself. This is stress.

Photographs : Top – Elie Bay at sunrise time, Middle – Elie from John and Jenny’s seat this afternoon, and Bottom – sunset time.

6th October 2017 (Friday) ... 09.30 we have an absolute cracker of a morning; almost ‘wall to wall blue sky, though it is cool; a really fresh, autumnal air. This morning I was at

Sunrise at the Ladys Tower Elie
​​​​​​​ the Lady’s Tower to catch the sun rise .... a change for me ‘cos it’s years since I went out there at sunrise time. I was ‘on location’ at 06.54 .... 25 minutes before actual sunrise; this gave me time to find where I wanted to be at sunrise. I’ll need to go out there a few more times until I find, what I think will be the best places, to set up. It was a nice, if cool, morning for a walk round the East Links; and a few folk were doing that, including Frances (Halket) out with her dog. I was well ready for a cuppa... and breakfast when I got back to Ivy.

20.00   Our apple tree produced 23 decent sized apples this year .... this saved it, the tree, from being converted into three walking sticks. Today Blackie (the blackbird) and I shared the aforementioned apples; in point of fact he had already helped himself to a few, by taking random samples. Why three walking sticks? Because the tree divides into three more or less straight, I wouldn’t call them branches... they’re more like skinny ‘trunks’; they’d make nice walking sticks. The Eve’s Pudding I made, with
Elie Lighthouse
my share of the apples, is tasty .... which is more than can be said of the apples! I put a couple of portions into the freezer.

The early morning antics caught up with me and I fell sound asleep, in front of the TV, after lunch. I don’t really know if it was the early morning antics, or the weather change that brought the tiredness on.... but I was tired. The sky began to cloud over in the afternoon with rain creeping in during the early evening.... 18.30 ish.

'Our' oil tanker, “Olympic Leopard”, is orf the North West coast of Africa... passing between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), the crew having to suffer a temperature of 22c when out on deck.   Meanwhile, tugs AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, dragging Transocean Prospect, perhaps unwillingly, to her final destination .... are south of Sicily,Eves Pudding
​​​​​​​ nearing Malta; they are having to suffer temperatures of 23c when out on deck! The crews will be longing for the lovely, cool, weather that they enjoyed in the Firth of Forth, not so long ago?

Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be of the ‘slightly brighter and sunnier’ variety, with the chance of a few showers.

Photographs : Top – sunrise, and the Lady’s Tower, Elie, Middle – Elie Lighthouse with a rosy glow, and Bottom – Eve’s Pudding.

5th October 2017 (Thursday) ... 09.00 Stunning morning; the wind has dropped to F3 or so, it’s ‘bright and sunny’ .... yes, definitely a stunning morning.... especially when you

Sunrise over the East Links
compare it with the recent, windy, mornings. We (the Heron and me) didn’t have the beach all to ourselves; the seaweed gatherers came down from Boat Wynd; it must be thought going out to the rocks some mornings; even though they do have all the protective clothing!

Sunrise time, was bonnie, but lack of broken, scattered clouds meant it wasn’t spectacular.    Having said that... it was worth being down there, just to experience the ‘magic’ that is an Elie and Earlsferry sunrise; which is why I do it!

22.00 Today began with a splendid sunrise, and ended with a splendid, and peaceful sunset.... and the bit in between was splendid too ....all round, this has been a bonnie day; in every way.... and I have enjoyed it.

Sunset time
 Jimmy came along in the morning, and we decided to go to Leven for a browse in the Charity shops; I wanted some bedtime reading, Jimmy went and had a look in the Mobility shop. When we were finished in the High Street we went to Sainsbury’s to have a cuppa. The cafe was busy... it was getting near lunch time ... but we didn’t see anyone we knew. We got a window seat, and enjoyed relaxing after a strenuous(?) morning! We were back in Elie and Earlsferry at 12.45 .... just in time to have lunch.

When I’m having lunch I switch on the tele and watch the news.... well did I not fall asleep today. I remember looking at the clock at 13.50 and thinking...mmmm... “I have time for 50”. The next thing
Sunset time
​​​​​​​ I heard was the phone ringing and this was at 14 20 ....and the ‘Drop in Cafe’ opens at 14.15. Not only did the phone waken me, it interrupted my dream... there was I, was in a room with all my girlfriends; then the phone rings. Anyway I got into instant, ‘flap on mode’, and was up at the ‘Cafe’,... having abandoned my ‘dream girlfriends’,... by 14.40.
It has become the normal practice for Jimmy and me to go down to the harbour, after the ‘Cafe’, to see what's going on, and I take a few late afternoon photos; today I discovered that there wasn’t a card in the camera, so I had to go back to Ivy, pick up the card, then poodle back to the harbour. It was worth the poodling around; but the photos I got on the beach at sunrise, and sunset time were ‘bonnier’, so I have used them on the ‘Hutte’.

The East Neuk is forecast to be ‘bright and sunny’ at first, then clouding over and becoming cold, with spell of rain coming in later in the evening.

Photographs : Top – Sunrise over the East links, Middle and Bottom - sunset time.

4th October 2017 (Wednesday) .... 10.30 I’ve been for a decent walk this morning; it’s not the best weather for walking,

Earlsferry sand dune walk
windy and overcast, but at least it is dry after overnight rain. Occasionally the cloud cover looks like it could break up and let the sun shine through, but that hasn’t happened so far. If the weather stays as it is, baking a batch of scones might be a good plan for the afternoon.

19.30    Grey days are not the most stimulating... though I did manage to keep my brain active; by working on the computer, and doing Soduko’s.   I cancelled the afternoon baking ‘plan’ .... “Puku” is on a diet! My main afternoon mission was taking Jim along to Lundin Links, to pick his car up from the garage. I’d have gone down to Lower Largo but it’s not really a pleasant day for being out; so .... I went back to Ivy, where I had a cuppa. Jimmy arrived so I had two cuppas.

Unfortunately, with our weather being rather .... not awfie bonnie, I have been harassed, frustrated even, all day; however I found a way to unwind. Everyone will be happy to know that the ocean going tugs AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, with redundant
Earlsferry houses
oil platform Transocean Prospect in tow, are now well into the Mediterranean; off the city of Collo, an ancient Roman – Berber city, in Algeria. It is a bonnie place.... not that I’ve been there, I Googled it! Although .... I sailed past it (Collo), along with a few hundred other servicemen, on Empire Fowey in 1958... so I could say that I’ve “nearly been there”.

The other vessel, that ‘we’ are following, the crude oil tanker, Olympic Leopard, is bumbling along well off the coast of Portugal, at 13.3 knots (15.3 mph) ... as I type. She, Olympic Leopard, will have to sail the long way round via the Cape of Good Hope (‘Kaap die Goeie Hoop’ in Afrikaans) ; the ‘Cape’ is not the southernmost Seaweed gatherers
tip of the African Continent... it is where ‘she’ (Olympic Leopard), will start to sail more east than south (or north rather than west, going the other way).... an important ‘milestone’ on the tea clipper,....  and Australian clipper route.

Apparently we are going to be overwhelmed with a sunny spell tomorrow ... in point of fact maybe more than one .... it all depends on how many clouds there are around.    Anyway it is forecast to be brighter ‘ra morra’.

For some reason I have been ‘a bag o’ nerves’ all day; I’m looking forward to the Drop in Cafe tomorrow!

Photographs: Top and Middle – bottom of Cadger’s Wynd houses, Earlsferry .... for my friends in Winchelsea in Sunny Sussex, and Bottom – seaweed gatherers (4 of them I think there was). Either that or I saw a single seaweed gatherer four times.

3rd October 2017 (Tuesday) .... 12.00 After a bonnie sunrise, we have had a nice morning here in the East Neuk; theFive minutes before sunrise at Elie
​​​​​​​ wind has moderated, and it has been dry up till now; but ... it looks like we could have showers in the afternoon. I went to Leven this morning, to get some necessities... ‘Blob’ fodder. I also went to Sainsbury’s to do some ‘shopping’ .... and have a cuppa; this explains why the Hutte is only being updated now. The ‘plan’ is to go for a walk in the afternoon.

22.00    Oh dear .... I fell asleep after lunch and that was the end of the afternoon walk; I think it must have been the ‘flu jab, because I usually only catnap for 10 – 15 minutes: today I fell sound asleep, in the Hutte, for three quarters of an hour. It could have been
A and M Lawrie craft stand
longer but a gust of wind rattled the door and woke me up. Feeling much refreshed I may add. Jimmy appeared just as the kettle boiled, so we had a cuppa.

The remainder of the morning was spent tidying up the kitchen... and sorting out the shopping I bought this morning. During the afternoon the sky clouded over, and it looked like we could get some rain.... but it has remained dry, but rather dour looking. Rain isn’t in the forecast... overcast is.

Jim and Jimmy are coming down for our weekly, Tuesday evening chat, over a cuppa. Las Vegas will be a topic I’m sure, as will Gun Laws (or lack of) in the USA. Without doubt the USA has to have a
The sales girls
​​​​​​​ serious discussion, about gun ownership.

With me only being  out wih the camera at sunrise I have gone down memory lane for two of today’s photos .... back to when Maggie and I were busy with the crafts. I think I may have done this before ..... however this is one of my favourite ‘memory lane’ trips.

The weather forecast for tomorrow, is not really exciting.... overcast with a few sunny spells.... but mostly dry; though there is the chance of rain later in the evening.

Photographs : Top – five minutes before sunrise over Elie Bay, Middle - some of our (A & M Lawrie) craft products, Bottom – the ... er .... sales team!

2nd October 2017 (Monday) .... 09.00 Wellll ... we have a gorgeous ‘bright and very breezy’ morning.... a bit breezy for poodling about on the beach; I was down there for the sunrise.Elie pier
Now that I’ve had breakfast I’m wondering where to go for a walk ..... Chapel Green rocks could be interesting; with places to shelter from the wind.

21.00    The senseless murder of innocent people in Las Vegas is hard to come to terms with. My thoughts are with the innocent victims, and their families at this horrific time.... however, it’s going to take a lot more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ to sort out the evil in this world at this time. Unfortunately we can’t un-invent gunpowder.... and guns: so ... the powers that be will have to think of something else!.

'The Boy' has had a busy day.... so busy that I’ve forgotten what I’ve been doing. It began at sunrise ... in fact before sunrise, and I’ve never really stopped since.

After breakfast I changed my ‘plan’; I’d intended going to Chapel Green rocks, but it was too windy for that, so I went to Pittenweem Braes, then walked halfway down the Coastal Path to West Shore, where I was sheltered from the wind .... and got a few photos. On the way home I went down to Elie Harbour; it was wild down there, but I managed to get a few ‘shots’ of the water bashing over the pier. I got back to Ivy to find Jimmy ensconced in the Hutte; we had blether, and a cuppa; that took up to midday. Jimmy went off down to the harbour.

The weather was still amenable, albeit windy, in the afternoon so I went up to Woodhaven, contemplating walking round the lighthouse etc but changed my mind; the wind was around about F7-8, and that walk is totally exposed to the elements. Got back to Ivy to find Jimmy’s car moored up; we had a cuppa, then Jimmy setKite boarding kites
​​​​​​​ off for home, and I went along to the Surgery for the ‘flu jab. There were only five sweeties left in the tin; note to self .... I must go along earlier next year!

On my way down to the beach in the evening I found my elderly neighbour had locked himself out of his house.   We pondered the situation, and I eventually managed to get in touch with his family, and they came along and let him in.

Photographs : Top – Elie pier, and distant rainbow, Middle – Pittenweem from the Fife Coastal Path, and Bottom – kite boarding kites ... taken from Woodhaven car park.

1st October 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.00 Wellll .... Tugs AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, with Transocean Prospect in tow,

The beach this afternoon
are travelling across the Alboran Sea; the Western most portion of the Mediterranean Sea. I’d never heard of the Alboran Sea until Transocean Prospect was being hauled across it. This means that I sailed across the Alboran Sea in 1958..... I was aboard the troopship ‘Empire Fowey’ at the time; jings, you’re never too old to learn! Meanwhile ‘our’ huge, crude oil, tanker “Olympic Leopard” (it’s ‘your’ tanker as well as ‘mine’) is bumbling along, and is now in the skinny part of the Channel ... between Dover and Calais. 
The East Neuk  weather? .....Oh ... we have a cold, breezy, wet, Scotch mist morning.... not a morning for going out. Right now the wind is from the Southeast, but is forecast to increase in strength and veer to the Southwest bringing rain with it.

After the rain
21.00    I suppose you could call today’s weather ‘changeable’ .... because we had a few changes throughout the ‘day’. With the morning being wet Jimmy and I went to Leven to see if Jimmy could find his favourite porridge cartons. They weren’t on the usual shelf, and haven’t been for a week .... because the staff had used them to make a display on the end of an aisle. Jimmy stocked up with porridge, we then went over to Sainsbury’s garage to top up with fuel... Jimmy’s car takes diesel, and I have to remember this; my car is petrol. Being so close to the Cafe it was only right that we should have a cuppa. The rain was less intense on the way home.

The rain eventually petered out in afternoon and I went down to theSunset time
​​​​​​​ beach; the rain may have petered out but it was being replaced with a freshening wind. I had a pleasant walk along the beach ... which was surprisingly busy.

My ‘plan’ for the afternoon was to cook mince to make some Cottage Pies for freezing. This I did.... and have four ready meals cooling off, to put into the freezer before I go to bed; I had mince and tautties for my dinner tonight.

It is forecast to be windy tomorrow... and it sounds like it already is;   and it was blustery when I was down on the beach at sunset time.

Tomorrow we have the ‘flu jab in the afternoon along at the Surgery (Elie); apart from that I have ‘nae plan formulated’.

Photographs : Top and Middle – the beach this afternoon, and, Bottom – sunset sky.

30th September 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.00 ‘Transocean Prospect’ passed through the Strait of GibraltarEarlsferry
overnight and is now in the Mediterranean Sea, being towed along at 5.9 knots, on the last lap of her journey to the breakers yard in Aliaga, Turkey.   Just to keep my Geography up to scratch I am also ‘following’ a giant crude oil tanker, “Olympic Leopard” that left Hound Point last night .... ‘she’ is on her way to Ningbo in China; and is now in the shipping lane off the North East coast of England.

We have a lovely morning; a nice morning for a daunder; which I plan to do after breakfast!

Pittenweem Coffee Morning
19.30   This has been a lovely day .... mostly sunny, but beautiful clouds built up in the afternoon, with loads of heavy looking showers passing along the ‘Sooth side’. We were lucky and only caught the edge of one shower, and that only gave us a few spits and spots .... and, an abbreviated rainbow. 

With the weather being nice I’ve had three walks; the Pony Field in the morning, a Coffee Morning in Pittenweem followed by a walk round the harbour, and finally ... a wander down to the beach later in the afternoon. The beach was busy; with it being half tide there was a lot of beach ..., and folk were enjoying it. There was a wedding today, and the happy couple went up to Chapel Green to have their photo taken. I know this because I saw the vintage Rolls Royce (open top) go up the Ferry. Unfortunately I was just leaving Ivy when I saw it; so missed out on a brilliant photo opportunity. I’d have liked a photo of the bride and groom in the car, going upPittenweem Harbour
​​​​​​​ the High Street.

Jimmy and I went along to a Coffee Morning in Pittenweem, being held to raise funds for a Memorial to the numerous Pittenweem fishermen lost over the years. There was an interesting exhibition of ‘Old Pittenweem’; postcards, paintings, and other memorabilia. We spent an interesting three quarters of an hour at the ‘CM’, before going down to the harbour for an ice cream.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not thrilling ... windy and wet weather arriving at some point in the day. I shall take a look out at 06.00 then probably go back to bed and have a good, old fashioned, ‘lie in’. The plan, if it is ‘et and windy, is to bake some scones... and cook ‘mince’ for freezing.

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry from the quarry, Middle – Pittenweem Church Hall ... Coffee Morning, and Bottom - Pittenweem harbour.

29th September 2017 (Friday) ... 09.30 It’s overcast and dry this morning... however, we have an improving forecast;

Macduffs cave Earlsferry
“sunny spells”, though a few showers could creep in, later the afternoon. Sunday is the bad day for this weekend.

There was a ‘big flap on’ before I could have my breakfast this morning!  I had to go up to the ‘Paper Shop’ for milk (and a paper); need milk to soften up the ‘grass’; (Shredded Wheat). Breakfast over, I can now go for a walk, .... with a contented ‘puku’.   It was raining when I first looked out at 06.00.
Elie from Chapel Ness rocks

20.00   I never did get out for a walk in the morning; choosing to do 'ousewifely stuff instead. ‘Ousewifely stuff’ included a washing (had to wash the trousers that got covered in mud yesterday, plus other stuff to make a load), doing the bathroom/kitchen and lobby floors, and feeding ‘Blob’. Jimmy came in after his morning walks... he was tired, and in need of a cuppa.

With it being such a bonnie afternoon I made a flask of coffee and biked up to Chapel green to have a ‘play’ down on the rocks; it’s interesting seeing how things looks from different viewpoints. Although it wasn’t that windy when I arrived at Chapel Green, there was a brisk wind by the time I sat down to have coffee. Luckily I’d made a flask of Jimmy’s lemon tea, just in case he came home from Anstruther early, ‘cos he appeared just as I made my way up from the rocks.

The villages seem to be busy this weekend; with a lot of cars
The Dome Park Earlsferry from the rocks
​​​​​​​ appearing from mid afternoon onwards. The villages are popular destinations, with holiday makers taking a holiday home for a week or two, more or less at any time of the year. This means there is a plentiful, and steady, supply of people to talk to!

Tomorrow is forecast to be the best day of the weekend as far as the weather goes; Sunday is going to be wet and windy.

Tugs AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, with Transocean Prospect in tow, are getting close to the Strait of Gibraltar... they should be through it by midday tomorrow. At the moment they are poodling along at 2.9 knots... just over three mph... walking pace. The Strait is, understandably, very congested.

Photographs : Top – Macduffs cave Middle – Elie from the Chapel Ness rocks, and Bottom – Dome Park from the Trinq rocks at Chapel Green.

28th September 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day .... sometimes known as Thursday) .... 08.30 Everything in the garden is wet after overnight rain .... but that has cleared away and we have ‘bright and sunny’, with a light South Westerly breeze; aKinneuchar with Balcarres in the background
lovely morning... almost wall to wall blue sky in fact.

I went down to the beach to get the sunrise, but didn’t; for two reasons. Reason one was obscured by clouds, and reason two...even if it had been visible, I didn’t have a card in the camera. However I filled my lungs with some exhilarating ‘Royal’ air... and felt exhilarated! I still do. Feel exited/exhilarated i.e. I’ll have a ‘fly cup’, then get the bike out and head East, pick up the papers then go up through Elie Estate... stopping at 'The Oak Hoose' to see how it's coming along.

20.00    Oh my word; the road past the ‘Oak House’ is a sea of mud, and guess who had to bike through it, twice .... yep ‘the boy’. It wasn’t too bad the first time... I was on my way up to the Boat House,... but on the way back , from the boathouse, I pedalled myself into corner .... a wet one. There was a mechanical digger working at the junction where the Oak House stands: I should have turned back when I saw it .... but this boy ‘isn’t for turning’.. so I
The Oak House
ploughed on, into and nearly through, what turned out to be a very deep puddle of water. I had to get off the bike, and ended up, ‘stood staunin’ on a narrow verge, with five feet of water between me and the solid, and muddy, road. The digger driver saw my predicament, took the bike, and I walked back along the verge until it was narrow enough for me to jump over the puddle, and plowter through the mud to the driver. There is much going on up at the Oak House just now, and the roads are very, very muddy .... aye, ... and they have deep puddles on them too! I thanked the driver for coming to my rescue ... we had a good laugh; I then poodled my way up past Elie House, where I met Jimmy galloping along with his ‘hurdy gurdy’, out for his morning walk.

This was the Drop In Cafe’ afternoon;  it was ‘quiet’ at first, but
Immature Oyster Catcher
​​​​​​​got busier after half an hour. I enjoy the happy company and chat, over a cuppa and a biscuit.

From the ‘Cafe’ I biked down to the harbour, photographed my way round it, then photographed my way back to Ivy. It has been a bonnie day for being out, though the wind, that had been westerly in the morning, was Easterly by afternoon.

Tomorrow morning might be a good one for having a ‘sleep in’; according to the weather forecast we should waken to rain, which will clear away to give us good sunny spells.

Photographs : Top – Autumn colours beginning to touch the trees; Kilconquhar in the foreground, Balcarres in the background, Middle - the ‘Oak House’, and Bottom – immature Oyster Catcher feeding.

27th September 2017 (Wednesday) .... 09.30 After a really long and restful night’s sleep, I woke up to find that we had aLate sunrise from Chapel Green
​​​​​​​ lovely morning, albeit a bit hazy, but nice for getting out and about ... even though the wind is from the Southeast. I had a good walk ... along the beach, round Chapel Green and home by the golf course: meeting and chatting to Carol on the beach, and another lady out walking her dogs up at Chapel Green; so I’m a contented ‘boy’, who is now looking forward to the Colinsburgh Lite Lunch at 12.30.

20.30    Earlsferry is busy with holiday makers still .... that and building work... so there’s plenty of folk to speak to. The weather hasn’t been bad at all today, though it’s going to rain later, and overnight.

We had the Colinsburgh Lite Lunch today; a choice of two soups, and two sweets, plus tea/coffee and biscuits... and best of all... company and chat. All my Colinsburgh girlfriends were there, so
Earlsferry from the seventh fairway
there was much noise! Jimmy and I went down to the harbour after the ‘lunch’ ... just to see what was ‘going on’: not much as it happens on the ground, but the sky was busy... with interesting clouds and light. We then went back to Ivy and had a cuppa, before going along to Leven so that Jimmy could ‘top up his larder’, with porridge, and other foodstuffs he was running out of. Jimmy likes to have a decent stockpile of grub .... I think he is worried about a bad winter.

A.H.Varazze, Atlantic Kestrel and Transocean Prospect should reach the Strait of Gibraltar in a couple of days; I imagine I will lose them soon after they get into the Mediterranean, but I might get lucky when they are at the toe of Italy. This is a good way for me to improve my Geography. I now know where their final destination, the ship breakers yard at Aliaga, in Turkey, actually is
Lonely beach hut
​​​​​​​ ‘on the map’.... and how big the yard is! Our redundant aircraft carriers, Invincible, Illustrious and Ark Royal were dismantled there.

Tomorrow we have the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon: I must remember to go for the papers tomorrow morning, having completely forgotten about them today. The weather forecast is ‘nae bad’ for tomorrow, ... after some overnight/early morning rain.

Photographs : Top – late ‘sunrise’ over the Chapel ruin, Middle – Earlsferry Town Hall spire from the seventh fairway, and Bottom – a lonely beach hut!

26th September 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.30 With fog blowing in from the North Sea, on a Southeast wind, it’s rather gloomy just now.... but ‘sunny spells later’, are mentioned in the

Sunrise time
weather forecast. At least it isn’t raining... and it is warm, considering the wind direction. I went down to the beach to see the sunrise ... and didn’t. However there were interesting ‘fog blowing in’ photos to be had. I now have them. I'm now going to have breakfast ... and another cuppa.

22.30    This has been a quieter kind of day for me .... especially after the hilarity of yesterday. Jimmy and I visited ‘Laurie’ (Lawrence Anderson) in the Rehab Unit at St Andrews... and were pleasantly surprised to find him chatty, and looking forward to food. Today was the first day he’s felt like he wanted to eat for a while. Hopefully he’ll get out soon. We also went to Morrison’s and bought a few bits and pieces.... including grapes for the ‘patient’.
Elaine walking her dog
We didn’t get lost in the lift this time: we had company going ‘up’, and coming ‘down’... and one of them pressed the buttons! Jim was telling us that the numbering system of ‘1’ being the ground floor, instead of ‘G’, is the American way.

We've had a fair amount of ‘overcast’ today...i.e. fog, .... with spells of sunshine, now and again, in the afternoon. Jim and Jimmy have just gone orf home, and its foggy tonight. Al least this has been a dry day .... i.e. no rain.

went down to the beach after I got back from St Andrews.... there was stiff breeze from the Southeast, so it was rather cool.... but there was a lot of ‘scattered light’ about which made things interesting.   I got a good photo of Elaine, walking her dog along the beach... photographs are always far better with ‘action’ in them.

Jim and Jimmy came along in the evening and the subjects weEarlsferry from the bents
​​​​​​​ discussed tonight were many .... they included, National Service, pitch and toss as played by the miners, lifts, Transocean Prospect (she is off Lisbon), and the Colinsburgh Lite Lunch which is tomorrow.

Mmmm ... the weather for tomorrow is going to be much the same as what we had today; our problem is the wind being from the sea, bring in the cloud/fog. There should be ‘bright spells’ now and again.

Photographs : Top – fog/low cloud at sunrise time, Middle – Earlsferry beach, and Bottom – Earlsferry from the bents.

25th September 2017 (Monday) ... 09.30 this is the day No 267 of this year(2017) ... 163 of which, in Fife, have been ‘rain days’; and the other 104 haven’t all been sunny days.... only ones without rain! I must find out if fog etcetera registers as rain. From those statistics you will have worked out that we have a

Hazy afternoon
miserably dreich start to ‘today’ to add to the statistics .... not windy... but awfie wet, and it has been for most of the night by the look of ‘Blob’. The forecast is for ‘brighter weather’ sometime in the afternoon. This dreichness is not my favourite weather .... and definitely not my favourite wind direction! Having said that, Bergen (Norway), where the cycle race was held, is reckoned to be the wettest city in Europe... with an average of 250 rainy days per year, and guess what?; they are basking in 14c sunshine today!   Oh ... I nearly forgot .... I’m feeling frisky in spite of the weather.

Transocean Prospect, and her tug friends, are off the Northwest corner of Spain, and bumbling along at 5.3 knots..... the crews probably enjoying lovely sunshine!

10 th green
​​​​​​​21.00    You couldn’t make this up! I had an appointment at Queen Margaret Hospital to get my biopsy result; Jimmy came along for the run. We arrived there in loads of time so had a cuppa and a sandwich in the Cafe, before I ‘booked’ in at the Reception desk. The Receptionist told me how to get to the Urology Dept; “through those doors, turn left and walk along to the end of the corridor, where you will find a the lift; and it’s one floor up!” “No problem” says I. We poodle along to the end of the corridor, but couldn’t see the lift; then a lassie came along and asked “are you lost”. “The Receptionist said that there was a lift along here”. “There it is” says the lassie, pointing to the lift, in the corner. Oops ... we thanked the lassie and went into the lift. This was one big old lift ... none of the Sainsbury’s “Doors Closing” .... “Lift going up” etc. This was a functional lift. As Jimmy said “you could have a dance in here!” The Receptionist had told me that the Urology Dept was 1 floor up so I pressed ‘ 1’. The doors wouldn’t close. I thought ... ‘Mmmmm’, you must have to close the door by pressing this button’. Yes... the doors closed. “This is a smooth moving lift saidSunset time on the beach
​​​​​​​ Jimmy... you can hardly feel in at all... it must be ‘cos it’s big”. We waited a wee while then decided that we’d have to open the doors by pressing the ‘Door’ button. Yes the doors opened, and out we went. After a minute or so of hard ‘looking’ we couldn’t see any signs pointing us to the Urology Dept. Another lassie came along and we asked her. “Oh ... that’s one floor up” she said. I said “we’ve done that... I’m sure the Receptionist said it was one floor up!”. “Yes” said this lassie, “the Receptionist is correct... it is one floor up!” “So it’s another floor up I asked the lassie?” “Well, it is another floor up... this is the ground floor!”. Then the penny dropped! No wonder we hadn’t felt the lift moving, it hadn’t .... and we were still on the ground floor! We went into the lift for the second time, pressed button ‘2’, the doors closed, we felt the lift going up, it stopped, the doors opened and there it was .... a sign with ‘Urology Dept’ written all over it! There’s never a dull moment when ‘The Boys’ are around.
Oh ... I nearly forgot, my biopsy is absolutely clear .... I’m free to go back onto my bike... and I’m ‘in love’ with Debra (Nurse)!

Tomorrow’s is forecast to be ‘cloudy, dry and warm’ with the chance of some bright spells; good biking weather!

Photographs : Top – Kincraig cliffs this hazy afternoon (taken when I was waiting on a group of golfers arriving on the green) Middle – the tenth green with golfers, and Bottom – sunset time.

24th September 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.30 “Red sky in the morning ... shepherd’s warning” .... and we had a red sky

Elie this morning
​​​​​​​ this morning. It was bonnie down on the beach, but the tide was full in: I need water like a mirror, or wet sand for reflections... and, because there’s breeze from the Southeast, we didn’t have mirror like water. The sky had a lot of red in it, for the 20 minutes or so, preceding sunrise; the actual sunrise was bonnie, but not spectacular.

Tugs, Atlantic Kestrel and AH Varazze, with platform Transocean Prospect in tow, are three-quarters of the way across the Bay of Biscay. For some inexplicable reason I have been able to pick up AH Varazze now and again, even though ‘she’ is well away from
Sunrise time
land masts.

20.00    Well ... I tell you something; Bergen (Norway) is one hilly place. I am absolutely kn... shattered, having spent six and a half hours watching the World Road Cycling Championship. Starting outside Bergen they biked into the city, and went 12 times round a 19.1kilometre circuit through the city, with three climbs every time... a total distance of 276.5 kilometres (171.8 miles). No wonder I’m shattered! I did, an ironing, and other things when watching the race .... intermittently. The commentators were ‘worried’ by the fact that Peter Sagan had been feeling unwell at the start of the race, and spent 98% of the race in the peloton; however he was in the right place at the end .... and won his third consecutive World Championship. I suppose that he, and the other competitors, will be even mair tired than I am tonight.

I intended going down to get some sunset photos this evening, but,The Ferry beach 10 minutes after sunrise
​​​​​​​ with the sun being hidden behind the clouds I cancelled that plan, and had a cuppa instead.

This has been an, overcast but mostly dry day;    rain is forecast to arrive over us later tonight... and be with us until tomorrow afternoon. The East wind is forecast to be with us for a next week at least; which is unfortunate, because the air from the Continent ,is not good.... being full of foreign rubbish. I have it on good authority, .... this will all change when we leave the EU.

Photographs :Top – 15 minutes before sunrise, Middle – a few minutes after sunrise, and Bottom – The Ferry beach, ten minutes after sunrise.

23rd September 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.00 We’ll begin today’s ‘Hutte News’ with a piece of exciting local ‘news’ ....  ‘Oliver’  ... no, I won’t spoil this news ... click on 'Oliver' (Mennie) and see it all for yourself!

Isn’t that brilliant!  .... and the new Captain of the Royal and Ancient, Bruce Mitchell, wisnae bad either!

It is only a week ago that Oliver graduated, with a BA(Hons), from the Highland and Islands University at Dornoch. Well done Oliver .... heaps of congratulations!

We have a gorgeous morning ... and it began with a bonnie, although not spectular,  sunrise! I was on the beach half an hour
Elie Bay at sunrise
​​​​​​​ before the ‘event’; it was beautiful down there. Apart from me, and the birds... the beach was empty: I expected at least one jogger, or dog walker, but tneither made an appearance this morning; they put life into a beach photo. Even at that time of the morning it wasn’t cold... so we could be in for a warm day. I’d say we might have a perfect day for an Earlsferry wedding!

20.00    Chapel Green was busy this morning; on what was a really nice ‘Indian Summer’ type of morning. I decided that I needed to spend some more time out in the sun so wandered up to the Boss’s Seat, and did what I do best .... nothing .... other than take a few photos. All the seats on Chapel Green were occupied with holiday makers relaxing, and taking in the view, it was that kind of
Golfers on the fifth tee
morning. When I got back to Ivy the temperature in the garden was 20c (68f) .... 34c (90f) in the Hutte: I had a quick attack of the mauchless at the thought of that!

Jimmy appeared in the afternoon; he was at a ‘loose end’ so fancied taking his car through the car wash in Leven   . We did that... then, ‘went over the road’ to Sainsbury’s and had a cuppa in the cafe, where we met Tom (Hunter), and spent a pleasant half hour nattering.

No wonder the villages were busy today; there was some kind of ‘Gin Tasting Festival’ on the Toll Green.    We ‘moored up’ at the aforementioned Toll Green .... we were on our way down to Elie
Chapel Green
​​​​​​​ harbour.    Everyone was having a good time, with much gin tasting, and eating of food on a stick ... kebabs I think they are called;  and the air had the healthy, come and eat me, aroma of burnt burgers. Yes I’d say that this festival was a success.

The sky had clouded over in the afternoon, and the sunset was well obscured by cloud.... so no evening beach photos.   I may get up at 06.00 for the sunrise tomorrow morning... if the sky looks promising.

Photographs : Top – Sunrise over Elie, Middle – golfers on the fifth tee, with Balcarres Crag in the background, and Bottom – Chapel Green.

22nd September 2017 (Friday) .... 09.00 The Autumnal Equinox.... and ‘official’ start of autumn.

We had a really bright start to the morning but ... there’s always a Elie
‘but’ .... the sky is beginning to cloud over, and we could have rain by midday by the look of the North-western sky.    I intended making up flasks for Jimmy and I to have our morning cuppa up at Chapel Green, but it’s too cold for that. We’ll have our cuppa in Ivy.

20.30 By the time I walked up to Chapel Green this morning, the temperature had risen and it was pleasantly warm; we could have had our cuppa sitting on the Boss’s seat after all. On the way up the High Street, I stopped to have a chat with David (Allan) the painter; he was saying how this has been a really bad summer for getting outside painting done.... no decent, long spells of dry, sunny weather. Of course I had to tell him that it has been the same for
Large instrument on the golf course
retired persons .... we’ve had the stress of having to change our ‘plans’ far too often this summer. Do we use sun cream or is it raining? Do we walk up to the Coffee Morning or take the car? Oh yes .... we senior citizens had a lot of stress this summer. It’s easy growing old .... the hard bit is adapting to it!

As per forecast the weather deteriorated after midday, clouding over then light rain ... and, the wind is from the East. That said .... it isn’t cold. I went for walk down on the beach this evening; hoping for another braw ‘sunset time’ photo... but the sky was heavily overcast in the West,... however there were clear spaces
Sunset time
​​​​​​​ towards the South, so, although tonight’s photos weren’t of the ‘Royal Purple’ kind.... they are, as always with Elie and Earlsferry photos, .... bonnie. The weather forecast for tomorrow is better; dry, brighter than today, and warm, .... even though the wind is from the East.

I don’t have a ‘plan’ for tomorrow .... I might get up to catch the sunrise (07.00) .... if the sky looks like being interesting.... i.e. broken clouds. I’m usually ‘up’ at 06.00 anyway; for sunrise you need to be down on the beach at least 20 minutes before the event.

Photographs : Top – Elie from Chapel Green, Middle – much work happening on the golf course, and Bottom – sunset time.

21st September 2017 (Thursday) .... 08.00 Mmmmmmm.... we have one dreich morning; raining and cheerless looking. As has been the case quite often this ‘summer(?)’, lateGolf Court Elie
afternoon and evening time looks like being the best time of day. It is not a morning for wandering about. There have not been many days this year when we haven’t had rain.... but we are lucky compared with what is happening in the Caribbean!     Must ‘go’ .... “slight flap on”; I have to deliver the car to the garage, then walk down to Sainsbury’s ... the rain is forecast to peter out in mid morning.

Transocean Prospect and ‘her tug pals’, are bumbling along, at 3 knots, in the English Channel, midway between Penzance (England) and Brest (France).

21.30    Once again we have had a gorgeous evening... after a day of, more or less, nondescript kind of weather. Having said that, I
The beach at midday
thought I’d get wet walking down from the garage to Leven High street this morning ... the rain was heavy when driving along but .... it turned to drizzle when I got to Leven, and the walk down was pleasant enough. As I was going to get the car back later in the afternoon, I had a change of ‘plan’ (nothing new there); instead of going to Leven High Street I decided to take the bus back to Elie, and travel back to Leven again in the afternoon. I was home, in Ivy, in time to give Jimmy his morning cuppa.

After a sandwich lunch, I poodled my way up to the bus stop, in Elie, to catch the X60 to Leven... except that I must have got it wrong .... the ‘95’ turned up. The ‘95’ meanders a bit more than the X60... but I’m partial to a bit of meandering... so I was happy enough with the ‘95’.

I had to go into Sainsbury’s on the way up to the garage... I needed to buy baking powder ... and when I was in there I thought I might as well go up to the Cafe and have a cuppa. I passed a contented
Sunset time
​​​​​​​ half hour chatting to Tom (Hunter), who was having a coffee.

The car was ready for me when I got to the garage, having been fitted with two new ‘wishbones’... I haven't a clue what they are, or where they are, in a car.   Every time I bring the car home from the garage, it is smoother running, even on Fife roads.    I must check the pressure in tyre’s more often .... apparently they, the tyres, need to be checked regularly .... not ‘now and again’.

I went down to the beach this evening.... it was peaceful and absolutely gorgeously bonnie ... more than made up for the early wetness.

Photographs : Top – the former Golf Hotel ... now converted to flats, and renamed ‘ Golf Court’, Middle – the beach at midday, and Bottom – yes, there was a touch of ‘Royal Purple’ around the Centre of the Universe this evening!

20th September 2017 (Wednesday) ... 13.30 When I went along to Elie for the papers this morning, I got slightly Pittenweem tidal swimming pool
diverted and ended up along at the old Pittenweem swimming pool. Unfortunately we have a, mostly overcast, with occasional spits and spots of rain, morning. I must go back on a ‘bright and sunny’ morning... this will show up the different colours of the sandstone rocks etc better. It was an interesting place and would have been busy in the 1930’s , 40’s and 50’s. ​​​​​​​

20.30    My day has been spent pottering around Ivy... including baking a batch of wholemeal scones. Note to self .... I must remember to freeze some of them this time; rather than feed them to Blob and his pals. 

Pittenweem swimming pool
It has been a grey and sometimes damp day; not a day for bumbling about outside. The ‘cold’ that I had last night didn’t come to anything.... I must have been tired after my wandering around Leven on Monday.

Good news re Pittenweem Swimming pool; the Community Council are hoping to save it.... as a working pool if they can get funding. Certainly most of the solid infrastructure is still there; the only problem as far as I can see would be Health and Safety .... and the temperature of the water. Wet suits overcome the temperature ... modern Health and Safety rules will be harder, and more expensive, to comply with. A seasonal Coffee Shop, and toilets, would be very welcome I’m sure!

Transocean Prospect hasn’t travelled very far in the past 24 hours; where she is in the English Channel is choc a bloc with vessels of all kinds .... including working fishing boats. At this time ‘she’ is doing... they are doing because I should include the tugs, after all,Steps cut into natural rock
​​​​​​​ they are the motive power.... 2.7 knots (3.1 mph) ... walking pace. They should have more open water after they reach the Bay of Biscay. They are off Plymouth just now.

I have an have an early start tomorrow morning... got to get the car along to Leven for 09.00. The weather forecast isn’t good .... it will probably be raining when I’m walking down to Costa Coffee. If I am to get the car back tomorrow I’ll potter around the Leven High Street shops ... something I haven’t done for a while. That means I’ll be browsing the books in the charity shops.... and have lunch in Sainsbury's probably.

Photographs : Top – Pittenweem tidal swimming pool, Middle – solid infrastructure, and Bottom – steps cut into a natural sand stone rock.

19th September 2017 (Tuesday)  08.00  .... Transocean Prospect is in the English Channel, off Brighton and Worthing.    The normal towing speed appears to be 4.4 knotsLeven High street Costa
(5mph). The 7 knots that I saw yesterday must have been either, an anomaly, or one of the tugs manoeuvring. Each tug has its individual transponder... the platform indicates position only, ... no speed. They are now through the most congested bit of the Channel,  in the south bound shipping lane.   Jings, this is interesting stuff!

We have a beautiful morning .... wall to wall blue sky, with hardly any wind, but definitely the coldest morning so far this autumn. I am going to Leven to do a shopping; with the car going in on Thursday I’m thinking I may not get her back until Friday... if then.

Leven this morning
20.30    It may have been chilly in the early part of the morning, but we’ve had a lovely day; and a light wind got up, and dried the washing I hung out first thing.

I did go to Leven to do the shopping... and got a haircut. Oh my word.... I was ashamed of the amount of hair lying on the floor when it was all over. I was in much need of a haircut. Now that my lugs are exposed ... they’re feeling the cauld!
There’s a braw clear sky this evening, but the weather forecast for tomorrow is not great ... cloudy with rain later: we hardly ever have two sunny days in succession.

Jimmy wanted to get his haircut in the afternoon, so I’ve been to Leven twice today. It, Leven, didn’t look any different the second
Looking west from the East Links
​​​​​​​ time. For a change of scenery we came home via the Upper Largo to Largoward road, and took the wee back road down to Balchrystie. This road has been completely resurfaced since the last time I cycled it, and is a pleasure to travel over. The views are magnificent.

I have a feeling that I have a cold coming on; a hot toddie before bed tonight, would be a good idea I’m thinkin’. I have nothing ‘on’ tomorrow: so, having stocked up with food for the foreseeable future, a touch of hibernation would also be a good ‘plan’.

Transocean Prospect is in the southbound shipping lane in the English Channel, off Bournemouth.

Photographs : Top and Middle – Costa Coffee in Leven High Street, and Bottom – Elie and Earlsferry from the East Links.

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