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22nd March 2017 (Wednesday)....11.30     Blimey .... It is cold this morning;   Sooper Buggy was covered in frost, and it’s only 3c in Ivy garden atSome of EKC Guild this afternoon

present, and there’s an Easterly breeze so it feels colder.    I haven’t been out walking yet... but I’ll walk along to the Kirk Hall in the afternoon;   I’m hoping the sun will have broken through the cloud by then.... but I doubt it.
I’m organised for EKC presentation afternoon... a bit nervous, (I always am) but should be OK when I get going, and start to relax.    Why I should be nervous I don’t know;   the members of the EKC Guild are my friends ... (and critics?)!   I’m looking forward to seeing my photos on a big screen.

21.30    The sun was seen, as around disc trying to break through the cloud.... but the cloud won;   I took the car along to Elie because it looked like it might
Ferry Road Earlsferry
rain.    It was raining by the time we left the Hall.  

I enjoyed doing the presentation ... after my usual nervous start.    I now know the 80 photographs is the correct number to ‘show’;   I had 82 today.   A big ‘Thank You’ to the EKC Guild for having me show some of my photos... and for the bottle of Bordeaux wine, which, though not really necessary, is very much appreciated.  

The ‘News’ from London tonight is horrible:   most of us will have walked along the Westminster Bridge pavement where the carnage began, and, like those mown down today... we never thought something like this would happen.   We are living through ‘sad and evil times’,...  and viciousness, like that in London today, blights our wonderful Mother Earth.   Large hole

Tomorrow is ‘Drop in Cafe’ day .... when we catch up with ‘news’ from the outlying part of the EKC Parish.... to do that we need ‘William T’ to venture forth from the confines of Colinsburgh!     The weather forecast for tomorrow looks like being much the same as today’s .... the Northeast wind will be with us for most of the daylight hours... though the sun might manage to breakthrough in the afternoon.

Photographs : Top – one of the EKC tables this afternoon, Middle – Action on Ferry Road, and Bottom – big hole in Ferry Road .... could this be the ground works for new, super fast Broadband, in The Royal Burgh? 

21st March 2017 (Tuesday) ....  08.30    “Happy Birthday Iain” .... who will be .... what?    How old?    That cannae be;   52 ..?     Mmmmm .... does this mean that I am a tad older than I’ve been admitting too?    Have a great day ..... eat cake ‘n stuff!
We have a bright, breezy, and cold morning..... not a morning for ladder work.   That said ... I remember working over at Livingstone one hard winter, Elie Kirk Memorial
and we did ‘ladder work’ in the snow .... yon was a miserable place to be.   I’ve never been back to Livingstone!

12.00    I got an e-mail from Olive this morning, telling me that Maggie’s name had been inscribed on the Memorial stone at Elie;   this made me decide to
Park Place Elie
walk along to the kirk, to see, and take a picture, of the inscription.  We have had  a few blustery showers this morning but I was lucky and managed to get ‘there and back’ dry.    At Telfer’s Wynd I went down to the beach and walked along to The Breakwater ... that cleared away the cobwebs. ....  from the Breakwater I scampered back up to the relatively ‘sheltered’ Bank street!     There’s a heavy shower battering it’s way over just now ....we’re getting rain;   some places in the ‘central Belt have been getting snow, and I noticed snow on the Pentland Hills behind Edinburgh, and along the Lammermuirs.    Yes we do have a touch of wintry weather today.

21.00    Jimmy had an appointment at St Andrews in mid afternoon, so we
One hard working lady
combined that, with a shopping browse round Morrison’s Supermarket.  We bought some necessities...  Lemon Doughnuts being were such a ‘necessity’.   On the way home we drove through a rain/sleet shower so the cauld, wintry weather, looks like being with us for another 24 hours.

I have had a look at my set ‘presentation’ for the EKC Guild tomorrow afternoon, and they seem interesting to me;   I hope they are for the girls, and boys, of the Guild!   The ‘zapper’ is working perfectly so I ought to be able to see my photos on the screen .... as a ‘viewer’ more or less.  
Photographs : Top – Elie Memorial Stone, Middle – South end of Park Place,  Elie, and Bottom -  “Garden Belle’s” van...  “Garden Belle” (Anne) is a hard working lady.

20th March 2017 (Monday) .... 07.00     I got ‘up’ to go for a pre-breakfast walk, only to discover a heavy rain shower rattling over.   I thoughtKincraig cliffs Earlsferry
... “Albert, my boy this is not good”.      I’ll go walking after breakfast ... when there is less dampness around.... at the moment it looks like we could have rain showers, of the heavy variety, for the next hour or so. 

21.00 ..... The ‘East Neuk’ did catch a few heavy showers over the day, but the intervals in between them were decent, so I was able to do things;  with today being  ‘International Happiness Day’ being able to do things made me happy.   My state of ‘being happy’ began when I went out for my morning walk;  I did ‘the Chapel Green’ walk, which meant I could keep an eye out for approaching showers, and take evasive action to avoid them;  and get back to Ivy fast.    As it was I caught up with Jimmy up at Chapel Green:  Jimmy ‘moors up’ the car at the Chapel Green turning point, which was lucky, as we arrived at the car, just as another heavy shower rattled over.
At Ivy, over a morning cuppa, we formulated a ‘plan’ for the afternoon:   we’d go to the Skeith Centre in Anstruther to get some hearing aid batteries for Jimmy;   and visit Pittenweem and at Monans harbours on the way home.

When Jimmy went off to “No 10” I decided that I’d get the ladder out and make a start of the front of Ivy:  I’d clean out the rhones.   Last year I wasn’t able to climb the ladder, and it was with some trepidation that I finally set foot on the bottom rung of it, the ladder, this year!     I needn’t have worried (and I had been worrying) as I was able to climb up and down ‘nae bother’;  this means that I’ll be able to paint Ivy;  a big relief to me.    I had been wondering if my ladder climbing days were over;  but they aren’t and I’m looking forward to painting Ivy in May... when the weather is, hopefully, mair settled.St Monans

The afternoon was spent as per ‘plan’... Anstruther, to get the hearing aids:  then Pittenweem and St Monans Harbours for a browse.   Pittenweem Harbour was busy, and blowy.   The ‘Sweetie Shop’ was open so we had an ice cream, and  bought some old fashioned ‘sweeties’, before going to St Monans where we caught up with Ian and Sam.  

For me ‘today’ has been a ‘happy day’,  even though my legs muscles are feeling stiff after the ladder climbing!

Photographs : Top – Kincraig cliffs, Earlsferry, Middle – Pittenweem Harbour, and Bottom – St Monans.

19th March 2017 (Sunday)   ....  20.00    We have had a lovely, ‘bright and breezy’ day;  a perfect day for Jimmy and I visiting Dysart Harbour.    Not only did we visit Dysart, we went down to East and West Wemyss harbours The Rumlin gut Earlsferry
too;  making a complete morning of it.

I started my morning by doing the Chapel Green walk, during which I visited the original Earlsferry ‘coup’ .... the ‘Rumlin Gut’.  This is an inlet to the south of the Chapel ruin, into which the  village ‘scaffies’ tipped the rubbish which was then washed out to sea on the outgoing tide;   and probably much of it would end up on the local beaches.    Jimmy and Sydney used to go into the inlet at low tide, looking for any money that may have been dumped with the rubbish:  they were doing their bit for re-cycling!    This practice, of East Wemyss
dumping rubbish into the sea stopped when the ‘coup’ was moved inland, to the area, now covered with trees;   the woods at the 1st green.

Jimmy arrived at Ivy at 09.50 and we set off for Dysart at the ‘back o’ ten’... arriving at the first of our ‘harbours’ at 1035.    I found East Wemyss ‘harbour’ fascinating.... it’s a collection of wooden garages, with the addition of quaint, self built porches on the fronts of many of them;    the local fishermen, and sea anglers store their gear in the garage bit;   and chat of an evening in the porches.    Typical old fashioned self build fisherman’s place .... I loved it:   and we were made very welcome by the sea anglers who were around.    There isn’t a ‘harbour’ at East Wemyss, just a piece of land with huts and boats scattered around, and a slip from which to launch the boats.Dysart

West Wemyss was our next ‘port of call’, and it did have a proper harbour, though most of it has been filled in, leaving only a pier that shelters a few creel and pleasure boats from the Southeast storms.    The village itself is a bonnie ‘auld place’ which hasn’t been destroyed by the building boom of the sixties... and the old houses have been sympathetically restored.   The only part they destroyed was the harbour basin.

We finally arrived in Dysart in time for a snack lunch at the Harbour Master’s house, before walking round the harbour.    I don’t think I have ever seen a harbour where, more or less, every part of the ‘hard standing’ was covered with boats... creel boats, motor boats and yachts... all of which will be being ‘craned in’ in the next few weeks.    Boats on ‘hard standing’ look huge... are huge... but, when in the water they look smaller and, dare I say it ... ‘mair boat like’.    Dysart is one of my favourite harbours .... Maggie and I nearly alwaysDysart Harbour middle pier
went there for coffee when we were in Kirkcaldy.... and both Jimmy and I enjoyed messing about among the boats today:  we’ll go back, later in the year, to have another look around the ‘Wast By’ harbours.

We were back in Earlsferry at 13.15.    Jimmy went off home o have ‘50’ I browsed today’s photos then went up to the Hutte and also had ‘50’.    I’ll sleep well tonight.

Photographs : Top – The “Rumlin’ Gut”, Earlsferry,  Next – East Wemyss fisherman’s sheds, Next – Dysart fisherman’s hut, and, Bottom – Dysart Middle pier.

18th March 2017 (Saturday) ...11.00     Mmmmm ... we have an ‘overcast and drab’ look to the weather this morning;  but there’s little in the Overcast but bonnie nonetheless
way of wind, so it is warmer.    I walked along to the ‘Paper Shop’, which is a 35 minute meandering wander, along the beach etc., from Ivy for me .... walking normally it’s done in 12 minutes.    It’s nice out, and it looks like it could brighten up in the afternoon.    I met ‘Dod’ at the ‘shop’;  we caught up with each other’s ‘news’ .... this included ‘ailments’.   Dod has near enough recovered from being knocked off his bike a few weeks back, though still has The Breakwater Elie
the bruises to remind him of the accident.   Steve arrived and the discussion turned to ‘drones’ and helicopters, and the flying of them.    A drone would be a handy piece of kit, but I’d need lessons to fly it!   
I meandered my way down to South Street and back home via the beach... meeting Primrose on the way.  

21.30    Instead of ‘brightening up’, the weather deteriorated... with heavy rain at times in the afternoon.   I was glad that I’d gone walking earlier, though I did go down to the beach in the early part of the afternoon;   that was before the rain turned from light drizzle to ... spells of  heavy rain.   The remainder of the afternoon was spent watching Scotland beat Italy in the Six Nations... Scotland winning 29 – 0.    Jimmy arrived just after the match ended so we had a celebratory cuppa.... over which we made a ‘plan’ for tomorrow; 
Breakwater seats
if the weather is OK we’re going along to Dysart Harbour.    If it isn’t I’ll go to the kirk.  The weather forecast is ‘not bad’;   more chance of sunny spells after a wet night.   The last time we were at Dysart it was dull;  we’d like a bit of sunshine for tomorrow’s visit.

I’m thinking of getting the bike out.... I need some real exercise, and I can get that by biking.   Walking is fine, I can walk a decent distance (five miles etc) but it’s painful,  because my other knee is giving me problems:  probably needing to be ‘refurbished’.   With the bike I cover longer distances and then walk around:  but I may need to buy a new saddle for the bike.

Photographs : Top – Elie beach, Middle – The Breakwater Elie, and Bottom – Seating on the Breakwater ... a bit exposed for auld folks.

17th Match 2017 (Friday) .... “Happy St Patrick’s Day” to everyone .... have a great day wherever you are!”
09.00    With the weather forecast being a bit on the ‘iffy’ side, I went out Bonnie sky
walking at 06.45;  it was breezy, and cold, but at least it was dry .... it still is breezy and dry, but the sky has become more threatening in the past hour .... but, even it, or when the rain does arrive, I’ve had some exercise.    Jimmy is going to do his “Alice’s seat” walk, then the ‘plan’ is to go to Leven for a cuppa in Sainsbury’s;   and some ‘shopping’. 

20.30     The weather did turn ‘dreich’ and cold, and it still is;   Ivy Cottage hatches are battened down and I will be in bed, with my book, by 21.30.  

Jimmy and I went to Leven as per ‘plan’ ..... Jimmy wanted to get some super The Ferry beach
quick to make porridge;  I’d browse.    Well browsing has its results at times.   Today I bought ‘Ocean Spray’ Cranberry Juice priced at £1 for a litre and a half carton;   in Sainsbury’s a litre carton cost £2.50.     It is the exact same Cranberry juice ... and the ‘cheap shop’ (The Bargain Store) is making profit on it!    It was the same with Jimmy’s porridge;  today he paid £1 for three tubs... and 99p for one in ‘The Store’ in Ainster the other day.... it was Quaker brand porridge in both shops. 

The ‘Bargain Store’, does not have everything, such as ‘Duck in Plum Sauce’ ready meals, which I am partial to, now and again  .... Sainsbury’s does, and they have a Cafe;  so we went ‘ower the road’ to Sainsbury’s, where I got the ‘DiPS’, and some other bits and pieces, followed by a cuppa upstairs.    I Elie Bay
enjoyed ‘shopping’ today, but the cup o’ tea in the Cafe was the best bit.

My afternoon was spent finishing orf the Presentation for the EKC Guild next week;   all I need to do is have a ‘trial run’ before I go to bed .... if the ‘zapper’ batteries are OK.    I’ll get new batteries ‘ra morra’ anyway.

It might not have been the bonniest of ‘days’ re weather but I’m happy and contented tonight.    I’m off to get the ‘zapper’ and have a ‘run through’ of the Presentation.
Photographs : all taken on the beach this morning. 

16th March 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... 09.00      It’s a ‘bright and breezy’ morning ...  bonnier than yesterday’s..... and, though not exactly warm, it doesn’t look, nor feel, as cold as yesterday.  
The 'Plan' is for me to go and pick a few weeds;   after I tell you about my strange dream.    The dream :    I was among a crowd of people, walking up a
steep street, like Uckfield High Street;  I don’t know where we’d been, nor where we were going, but the bloke next to me said “ I think I’m going to be sick”.   The person in front of him, a lassie with dark hair, was wearing an anorak with the hood dangling on her back:  he puked straight into that.   I woke up thinkin’ ... “I hope it disnae rain!”    Where do dreams like that come from?  
 I’ve finished my cuppa so I’ll go and uproot a few weeds from Mother Earth!

21.00    ‘Today’ has just flown past;   I seem to have been everywhere.... except the beach.   It has been a nice enough day, though we did have a rain shower, just as I was getting ready to walk along to the ‘Drop in Cafe’.   I took the car.

First thing this morning I did pull a few weeds, but the ‘broon’ bucket’ is nigh on ‘full’ so weeding etc isn’t the best idea;  not until the road to the recycling Depot at Pittenweem in ‘open’ again. 

 Jimmy arrived early this morning;  instead of a morning cuppa, he wanted to go down to St Monans harbour at low tide to see the bottom of the harbour where the dredger has been.   They have shifted a lot o’ muck;   and the bloke said he still has a 1000 tons of stuff to remove yet... quite impressive really.    Crail creel boats
We’d decided, on the way to St Monans, that we’d go to the Fisheries Museum for a cuppa;  and that is exactly what we did.    I’d hope to see Winston (Craw’s Nest) there, but he must have been working in the ‘shed’.    We had our cuppa then browsed the books before going along to Crail to have a look around the harbour.    Crail harbour appears on many Scottish Calendars, and it’s easy to see why;   even with the tide out it looks bonnie.   We had a general ‘browse’, and spoke to a fisherman working to get his creel boat ready to be ‘craned in’ next week.   

Our way home from Crail was a meandering one, via the ‘back roads’ to Pitarthie then down to Arncroach and Kinneuchar.... and finally ‘The RoyalWindsurfer at Elie

Burgh’.    Jimmy went off to No 10 .... I had a look at the morning’s photos then had a ‘lite bite’ lunch, before getting ready for the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon.
The ‘Cafe’ was quiet at first, but got busier as the afternoon went on.    As is our routine, Jimmy and I went down to Elie Harbour where we watched a windsurfer enjoying himself in the F5 wind.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not ‘pretty’;  we could get a spell of rain, which could be snow on the high ground, from morning time though to early afternoon.
Photographs : Top – Crail, Middle – Crail creel boats,  and Bottom – Elie windsurfer.

15th March 2017 (Wednesday) ...08.30    The weather at Elie and Earlsferry this morning is, mostly, “overcast, and not as windy as it was Cool morning at Elie
yesterday”.   Although less windy, what wind there was made it feel chilly down on the beach this morning, at 07.00.    It (the beach ) was not busy;  the only person on it did not linger long, and was back in Ivy having a cuppa within 20 minutes.    The ‘plan’ was;  that the sun would be blistering hot by 09.00 and I’d be out working in the garden.   It looks like it may have to be Plan ‘B’, which has yet to be thought about.    This calls for serious caffeine ... I’ll have a mug o’ coffee!

Early morning on the Ferry beach
20.30      By lunch time, we had one of those cold, grey days;   a ‘depressing’ or Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD being the acronym) kind of day mostly,... though we did get a few ‘bright spells.    But even then it was cold.    I did my morning walk along the beach, Chapel green and home via Sea Tangle road.... where I met Jimmy coming down from Chapel Green and got a lift back to Ivy.    At this time it looked like being a bonnie, if cool, day.    The seaweed gatherers were working right out on the rocks... it must have been cold.    They do have the proper clothing for the job;  they’d certainly need it today.       
After our morning coffee Jimmy went off home to fix the zip on a jacket;  I decided to work in the garden.    Today I surprised myself and tidied up the outside seating etc up at the Hutte.... and enjoyed it.   Perhaps, because at thisBust sky over Kincraig Earlsferry
time the weather was grey and dismal looking, working in the garden nullified the SAD affect!    The ‘plan’ for tomorrow is to get ‘up’ early, and get some more of tidying up done, before Jimmy and I go along to The Fisheries Museum for coffee/tea.   That said, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not overly exciting... much the same as today’s in fact.
“Blob” has been ‘hooked’ .... he is feeding “Blobette”, his ‘wife’, Digestive biscuit crumbs, and has the ‘look of love’, ( a sort of dopey Robin look), about him.   Having said that, I used to feed  Maggie every time we went to the cinema;  no, not Digestive biscuits;  a box of Maltesers... 1/6d (7½p) it cost.  The ‘in love, dopey look’ I was born with.
Photographs : Top and Middle – early morning time on the beach, and Bottom – mid morning...  and it looks like a nice day ahead.    It changed rapidly.

14th March 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.00    We have a F4 Northwest wind, so it is not warm outside this morning;  definitely a morning for wrapping up.Earlsferry
   My ‘plan’ was to get ‘up’ early and get out into the garden;   I did both .... but did not linger in the garden;  a ‘weakness’ came over me as soon as I felt  the cold wind hit my delicate, and not very rosy, cheeks.    It’s a bonnie, “bright and breezy” looking morning... but cold with it.    The kettle is ‘on’:  I’ll go for a walk in awe while.

21.00    By Jove .... it has certainly been ‘bright and breezy’ today... a bonnie day but wild, with the odd squally shower thrown in for good measure.    But the weather has not the biggest problem... oh no:   the biggest problem is.... we think that Blob’s wife (Blobette), could be an ‘Elie Girl’.    She is acting awfie 
Seaweed gatherers
domineeringly, and “Blob”, Bless his quiet ‘Royal Burgh – self’, is having to ‘toe the line’:  he’s even taken to feeding her wee bits o’ of his ‘Royal’ Digestive Biscuits.    Feeding her with his RD’s means that he is in serious Robin trouble .... he’s “in love”.   Oh well ... it is Spring:  though it didnae feel like it today! 

My morning walk took me out to the end of, what used to be the sewage pipe, but isnae noo,... it’s the water from the street that ends up doon there.    Anyway, I went down there because the tide was out, and, strangely enough, I had that bit of the beach o’ the beach to masel.    It was blawin’ a gale, and cauld, .... it was ‘refreshing’ to say the least.

Later in the morning Jimmy and I went up to Chapel Green from where we watched the seaweed gatherer’s:  watching is good .... but not “iggzactly” big on fitness.    Our next move, after a cuppa at Ivy was to go to Leven;   Jimmy Elie
wanted some food stuff.    By the time we got back it was lunchtime.

In the afternoon I got into a frenzy of activity;   I filled the bird feeders, then watched the birds.   We have a pair of Yellowhammers that come to the feeders, and I heard the male giving his territorial call this morning, so they must be considering nesting nearby.    Still in this ‘frenzy of activity’ mode I ‘jamp’ in the car and went to Elie harbour to watch the waves scudding in across the bay.    I feel quite relaxed tonight!

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry beach, Middle – the seaweed gatherers, and Bottom – Elie this afternoon.
Finally a Scottish song written by Hamish Henderson “Freedom come all ye”.

13th March 2017 (Monday)  ..... 21.00     Oh my word.... I apologise for being late with the Hutte update today;  but I went out to prune the Clematis first thing after breakfast and that was it .... I was ‘sidetracked’.   I managed to untangle the Clematis tendrils from the trellis but, oh dear, that was not an easy job. 

Jimmy arrived for his morning cuppa so the garden work was put ‘on hold’;  we would do the Chapel Green walk after we’d finished our tea, then go along to St Monans to watch the dredger in St Monans harbour.   The Chapel Green walk was interesting;  we sat and watched the Mara Seaweed gatherer’s gathering seaweed from the rocks:  it’s relaxing watching other people working....  and we anticipated more of the same, relaxing thing, along at St Monans.   Not so  ... the tide was out and the only activity on the dredger was taking place in the galley from whence came the aroma of bacon and eggs.   This made us hungry so we went back to Ivy and had another cup o’ tea.   

Having dumped the morning’s clematis pruning’s into the ‘broon bucket’ I decided, after lunch,  that I’d be better to put them in a sheet, and take them along to the skip at Pittenweem... along with some other rubbish.   On reaching Pittenweem I found the road to the ‘Recycling Depot was ‘closed’;  thinking that I might get to the ‘dump’ from the other end of the road, I went to ‘Ainster’, then took the ‘Cheese Place’ road only to find that the road was ‘closed’ from that end too.   The Clematis is back in the ‘broon bucket’ again, and there it will stay until the ‘BB’ is emptied on the 24th.  
Most of the afternoon was spent in the garden;   I didn’t go down to the beach today... but I did see it from Chapel Green.    We’ve had a nice day here, though the wind was on the cool side.    That said, it was a braw ‘drying’ wind .... and I took advantage of it.  
  Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for the COTU to be sunny and mild, but also windier tomorrow ... so it might be mild but the wind will be a factor when it comes to how actually warm it is.

Photographs : Top and Middle – ‘Shearwater’ the dredger in St Monans harbour, and Bottom –  lobster creels on St Monans West Pier.

12th March 2017
(Sunday) .....  14.00    I am one happy boy today;   after a magical time spent on the beach with the camera.    We had early morning fog, which, as it began to lift produced multiple photograph opportunities.    The tide was ‘way out’ enabling me to walk out to the ‘Elie Bank’ from where I took umpteen photographs of the granary, and the villages appearing out of the fog.    It was beautiful, and I got some of the bonniest photographs of the villages I have ever taken.   I’d just got back to Ivy when Jimmy phoned, so I downloaded the photos from the card, put on the kettle and made a cuppa when Jimmy arrived. 

The ‘new’ plan, made over the aforementioned cuppa, was to go up to Chapel Green and do the “Alice’s Seat” walk;  however Jimmy extended the length of his walk today and walked all the way round to the sixth tee.  When Jimmy was doing all this walking, I was clicking away with the camera.   Jimmy sat on the “Harvey Watt Seat” while I went up to the turning point for the car, then picked him up at the entrance to Sea Tangle road.   From there we went along to St Monans harbour, and walked out to the end of the Middle pier, to look at the dredger;  it’s working at the harbour entrance;  and to get some ‘piccies’.    We were well ready for another cuppa, by the time we got back to Ivy.   Up to this point in time today I have taken a lot of photographs;  that’s the beauty of digital, photographs can be ‘taken’, then checked out for OOF (out of focus) etc all on the one day.   What I have seen of the photos, so far, makes me  one happy bunny .... and the day is not yet over!

21.00      Being ‘retired’ is hard work:  take my ‘today’ for instance;    getting out of bed was easy, and bawling my way through the shower, was also easy (though sair on the lugs), but from then on it was decision after decision.    Do I go down to the beach before or after I have my breakfast?    Which camera do I take ... and do I have plenty batteries for the one I do take?    Do I go East or West when I get onto the beach;   those are all decisions that adds to the pressure of being ‘me’;   being any retired person in fact.   Another thing;   there were 16 swans in Elie Bay this morning;   I had to decide if they were Whooper’s or Bewick’s;  in the end I decided that they were Bewick’s because of their size, and the fact that they were ‘speaking’ like geese.  However, in spite of all the stresses and strains .... a happy and contented ‘retired person’ will be crawling into bed tonight to read his book!   When I think about that, I’ll have to look out another book,  I should finish the one I’m reading tonight;   that’s another ‘choice’ I’ll have to make.    And, I still have to wonder what tomorrow will bring!

The Weather forecast for ‘tomorrow’ is ‘good’.... but, we might have some light drizzle early in the morning.    I’ve got a washing to hang out .... now I won’t be able to sleep for worrying about the ‘light rain’.     This is all part of being a retired ‘me’.     Of course when Maggie was around it was easy .... she made the decisions.... I hid.
Photographs : Top – the sun burning off the fog, Next – Elie Bay, Next – fog rolling back over the ‘Royal Burgh’, and Bottom – Jimmy at St Monans harbour.  

11th March 2017 (Saturday)  .... 09.00   our weather has the ‘dour’ look to it this morning;  overcast, with the look of rain not far away.... but, it is forecast to brighten up in the afternoon.   We have a Coffee Morning at 10.00, so our morning will be bright, regardless of what the weather is doing outside.   I’d better have a cuppa to calm me down;   I feel frolicsome, with a touch of skittish mixed in .... Spring must be in the air.

21.30     Rain did reach us in the morning time, but we were inside the Kirk Hall enjoying coffee and goodies so it didn’t bother us.    It was a Marie Curie Coffee Morning, with the tables done in Marie Curie colours... the yellow and green of the daffodil;  this made the hall look very ‘bright and sunny’, .... a complete contrast to the weather outside.   I bought some goodies from the Home Baking stall, and a couple of bunches of daffodils for ‘Ivy’, then sat down, drank tea  and ate goodies, while blethering to, and catching up with, Alistair and Ken... who I haven’t seen for a while.     Irene was on the golf course.    Irene ... on the golf course?

Jimmy went along to St Monans after the “CM” .... I went back to Ivy, filled the bird feeders, then made a cuppa, over the drinking of which I’d come up with a ‘Mater Plan’ for the remainder of the day.   After much deliberation, but mostly ‘cos it has stopped raining, I decided that it would be a good idea to go for a walk after lunch.   Lunch wisnae very much ... it couldn’t have been ‘cos I’ve forgotten what I did have;  anyway I ate something then went out walking. 

 Oh my word ... I was pleasantly surprised to find ‘my’ beach, and Chapel Green, were both loaded with folks enjoying being at the ‘Centre of the Universe:   one couple I talked to had driven all the way up from Dorset!    There’s no denying it;   the villages are far busier now, in between the ‘normal’ holiday seasons, than they used to be.     This is great as it means ‘the Royal Burgh’ is alive!    Anyway, now where was I? .... oh aye walking.    I went out wearing the woolly hat and a fleece jacket .... only to discover that it was not cold... in point of fact it was warm!    However, I did enjoy the walk, blundering from place to place, and arriving back at Ivy, rosy cheeked and well ready for a cuppa, at the same time as Jimmy;  who had been down at the harbour.    The ‘bug’ that I had last weekend hasn’t half weakened the auld leg muscles .... it will take a lot more walking to get them back to fitness methinks

When I was out walking Scotland were playing ... rugby?    Scotland didn’t win today!.... in fact they were well beaten; ‘thrashed’ being the word used on the BBC report ... oh the score?    England 61 ... Scotland 21.    It’s a good job I completely forgot the game was on .... at least I enjoyed the walk.

Photographs : Top – first comers at the Marie Curie Coffee Morning today,  Next – Chapel Ness, Earlsferry, Next – John and partners on the tenth green, and Bottom – Elie from the harbour.

10th March 2017 (Friday)  .... Mmmmm .... it’s a morning for eating Fudge Doughnuts:   we have a grey, but dry, morning;   unfortunately what little wind there is, is coming from the East just now, off the North Sea, not my favourite wind direction.....  having said that, with the wind being light there may be some ‘reflection’ photographs around when the tide’s in.... a silver lining in the greyness.    Right now the tide is coming ‘in’ with high tide being at 12.40.
20.00     Mmmmmm .... I managed a couple of walks ... three in fact,.... even on grey days we’re surrounded with ‘bonniness’.     There wasn’t much in the way of wind, just enough to stop the whole bay looking like a ‘mirrah’.   The first walk took me up to Lundar Law, whereon I perched, waiting for Jimmy to turn up at “Alice’s seat”.    After 10 minutes sitting atop the ‘Law’, occasionally taking photos of a couple of golfers, my butt was beginning to feel cold, so I wandered back to Ivy and got the kettle on;   Jimmy arrived for a cuppa about 11.00.    Jimmy decided that he’d go along to the Windmill in the afternoon .... I thought I might go up to Balcarres.
The sky did begin to look a bit brighter after lunch so I drove up to Balcarres as planned.... I wanted to see if ‘Sarah van Veen’ (Magnolia tree) was in bloom.   When I got to Balcarres it was obvious that it will be another couple of weeks before the  ‘Sarah van Veen’ blossom erupts...but ‘SvV’ will look great when ‘she’ does flower, because ‘she’ is covered in buds.    The estate was quiet, though I did meet Lady Crawford on the Woodland Walk;   we were both enjoying the quietness, and the signs of Spring all around us.        
On the way home I went down to Elie Harbour and had a walk on the beach;  it wisnae very busy down there... and it wisnae very warm either.    The latter probably explains the first!   Up on Balcarres the breeze wasn’t noticeable in the shelter of the trees.    I was glad to get back to Ivy to put the kettle ‘on’.
The weather forecast for tomorrow isnae “sunny and warm”;  it’s going to be more or less the same as what we had today.    I’s a good job there’s a Coffee Morning on the Elie Kirk Hall to brighten up our day.
Photographs : Top and Middle – Elie Harbour, and Bottom – Balcarres flower ... one of many.

9th March 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... It’s a gorgeous day here ... a bit windy yet, but that is forecast to moderate after lunch:   I’m going to have an early lunch!    ‘The Boy’ (that’s me) has been busy so far this morning .... and, I haven’t been down to the beach!    The bird feeders had to be filled and rearranged;  that’s a tricky job when ‘Blob’ is hungry.   However, like me, he’s easily diverted ... a digestive Biscuit does the trick.    I’ve also had the ‘oover out... and used it.    I think I’m feeling ‘mair like masel’ this morning;   after a really good night long, and deep, sleep.    I’ll have another early night tonight;  my bedtime reading is an ‘historical’ novel, about the English pillaging Brittany.... written by  Bernard Cornwell: gory history that’s for sure

22.00     This ‘day’ has passed quickly .... as days do when you enjoy them,... or ...  could it be that,  as you get older, and slower, the days pass faster?   Anyway I’ve had a busy day, ... in fact I was so busy that I didn’t get down to the beach until after 09.00.    Why was that? .... oh aye;   I decided to cut my fingernails, and having done them, I did my tae nails too.   The next job was turning the computer keyboard over to empty the fingernail clippings oot o’ that, (the tae nail clippings were on the floor) so I then got the ‘oover and got  rid of all nail clippings;  (there are no secrets in the Hutte!).    After that ... I wouldn’t say strenuous ... hour nearly,.... I went down to the beach to unwind.

OMG this stuff I’m drinking is seriously lacking in Cranberries and it’s called ‘Cranberry Juice’;  bought in Ainster this morning;  that’s something else I/we did... Jimmy and I went to The ‘Store’.   Now where was I?    Oh ... the juice!    It’s not ‘Ocean Spray’ the kind I normally buy, which has the taste of cranberries ... this stuff disnae have the taste of anything;  it’s a tasteless, red coloured wetness ... but thirst quenching nonetheless, so I’ll drink it.

Some of my time after lunch;  (now that was tasty .... Indian ‘things’ that I  bought at ‘the Store’)..... was spent filling up the ‘broon bucket’, because it’s ‘broon bucket’ day tomorrow.    This summer I’m going to get the garden back to the pristine look it had(?) ... the pristine look it had? ... when Maggie was around!    I’ve had a ‘dynamic’ feeling all day, and I think this might be a ‘dynamic’ year.   It will have to be if I’m going to get the garden sorted out!

With the ‘broon bucket’ fu’ tae the eyeballs with weeds, ‘n stuff, I louped into the car and went up to the ‘Drop in Cafe’, in Elie, for a cuppa, and a natter.   It, the ‘cafe’, ticks over quietly noisily, with all the interchange of ‘news’, from the outlying reaches of the Parish... that’s Kinneuchar and Colinsburgh.    I don’t think there was anyone from Colinsburgh ‘in’ today .... so there was nae ‘news from that ‘outlying reach’.    The ‘news’ all happened in Kinneuchar;   but I’ve forgotten what it was.

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry this morning, Middle – St Monans, and Bottom – Elie in the afternoon.

8th March 2017 (Wednesday) ... 09.00    “Bright breezy and cool” would be the best description for this morning’s weather;   it’s a nice day for  walking, Earlsferry High Street
but you need to be wrapped up, because there is a brisk Northwest wind.     Over breakfast I contemplated doing some ‘ousework this morning, but I felt a touch of tiredness coming on, so I am going to go for a walk.    This might look like I’m just dodging doing the housework, but this is not so;   the ‘master plan’ is that  this walk will make me feel ‘guilty’, and should have me ‘ouseworking’ like a demon ..... er ....   maybe.

20.00   Jings ...I haven’t felt ‘guilty’ all day, so ‘ working like a demon’ never happened; instead, after our morning cuppa Jimmy and I went to Leven to put his car through the car wash.    Being in Leven I bought some different kinds of ‘Blob’ fodder.... to help build up his strength ....and to fatten up his spindly
Elie harbour
legs.   ‘Blob’s ‘wife’ (hereafter ‘Blobette’) is trying hard to lead him astray, but, so far, he has not succumbed to her advances, .... at least not that I know of.   The especial food is required because I know that he will ‘yield to temptation’;  the result of which will be extra mouths to feed in a few weeks.

The wind got up to F7 or so in the middle of the afternoon, but has ‘moderated’ now,  though it is still around F3-4.    I had to go up to Elie to get the papers, and milk in the afternoon, and went down to the harbour for a ‘run’.     Of course the wind was really wild down there;   even blowing my woollen hat off at one point.... however I was able to get my foot on it, before it blew into the harbour.   I took a few photos then drove home via Balbuthie Loan and Kinneuchar.   Inside Jimmys car in the car wash

Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be much the same as today’s.... “bright and breezy”.    I also hope to be ‘bright and breezy’ tomorrow;  it’s the ‘Drop in Cafe’ afternoon.    The morning will be taken up with ‘work’..... it’s ‘broon bucket’ week and I have a multitude of garden rubbish that needs to be given a new home.... the Fife landfill site being what I have in mind.    Of course this will only happen if ‘weakness’ has morphed into ‘vigour’.... or ‘dreaming’ into ‘focussed’.    Being on your own is really hard work;  when Maggie was around life was easy;   I either ‘did or hid’.   Not so now ... there are umpteen decisions that need to be ‘decided’;   I’m not very good at deciding .... and there’s nae point in hiding.   Stress ... it’s a bothersome thing!

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry High Street, Middle – Elie Harbour, and Bottom – taken in Jimmy’s car when going through the car wash.

7th March 2017  (Tuesday) ... 09.00     It’s a gorgeous morning... “bright and sunny” with a light Northwest breeze;  a morning for beach Earlsferry beach
pottering I’m thinkin’.    This bonnie morning, I’m feeling ‘almost playful’ ....  definitely on the mend;  however I have a busy day ahead, so ‘playing’ will have to wait until tomorrow.   I’ve been for a short walk along the beach, but Jimmy and I are going to Leven so I didn’t go too far ... though I was sorely tempted.

22.30    I am beginning to unwind after a busy day;   although not busy physically, I am tired nonetheless.   The first mission was going to Leven so that Jimmy could have his hair cut:   my word that was a marathon.   Jimmy’s hair didn’t take long to have cut, it was the lady who was in the chair that was the hold up;  she was having the full treatment.   I went shopping, and had a cup o’ tea in Stuart’s, by the time Jimmy was done.    Jimmy didn’t realise that the “Woman’s Own” was such a boring interesting magazine until he read three of them today!    Meanwhile, on my ‘shopping’ travels I discovered a ‘Costa Coffee’ shop in Leven High Street  .... this is ‘new’, and good;  it brightens up the whole place.... and brings a glimmer of hope for the future of said ‘High Street’.     It was lunchtime by the time we got back to “The Royal
Elie beach
Burgh ....  and Elie”.

The afternoon was mostly taken up with the St Andrews appointment.    We, Jimmy went up with me for the company, arrived early, meaning to have a cuppa upstairs, but I, inadvertently ‘booked’ myself ‘in’ so we had to skip the tea and go straight to the Waiting Room, which was crowded.    I had to wait nearly an hour before being taken, by which time Jimmy had read a couple of Ideal Home Magazines.... not the most stimulating reading.    Jimmy has not had a good day with his choice of reading material.    Regarding My appointment:   Dr Webber is delighted that my PSA reading is on the way Golfers on 10 fairway
down;   and so am I!    I have to go for another test in a couple of months, but this is only a precautionary measure.    Oh and I can bike as much as I want;  after I get a new saddle for my bike.    I’m a happy ‘boy’.... though I did manage to ‘stress’ myself into having a migraine before going up to St Andrews.

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry beach, Middle – Elie beach, and Bottom –  golfers on the 10th fairway.



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