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25th May 2017 (Drop in Cafe) .... 10.00 Oh dear .... bring back the lovely cool days; it was 20c in Ivy garden at 09.00.... and I’ve had to “cast a cloot before May is oot”, it’s that warm.

So far today I have been along to Elie on the bike, photographed the villages ‘tae bits’ from the harbour, got wakened up, by ‘Jock’, when I was crossing the High Street, bought the papers, then back to Ivy for breakfast, before going along to Sainsbury’s.   I like to get some food stocks in, and the car ‘moored up’ before the weekend.... and this is a holiday weekend so the villages will be busy; especially if the weather is good. The messages are ‘away’ and I am now ready for a cuppa.


24th May 2017 (Wednesday) .... 09.00 Jings I’m feeling’ ‘hyper’ this morning; it must be that ‘daud’ ... slice of Waitrose “Golden and Syrupy Treacle Tart” that I had with my Mara Seaweed harvesters
morning cup o’ coffee. My word ... that’s the stuff to get the auld muscles fired up! Jim brought it down last night, but it’s too sweet for him, so I kept it for Jimmy, and me, to have with our morning cuppa in the Hutte .... we’ll be “tearin’ aboot like heidless chickens aw day”. (Nothing new there then!

Whave a lovely morning here; I’ve been down on the beach, it’s lovely down there: with the tide being ‘out’ the Mara Seaweed Harvester’s are working this morning. It’s a braw morning for gathering seaweed but I don’t suppose they will have much time to admire the scenery: they have a lot of seaweed to gather before the tide turns.

Two beach Huts doth a summer make
I'm getting the Worcester Service Engineer sometime today so I’m going have to stay ‘in’ until he has been: anytime between 08.00 and 18.00.   I will have loads o’ time to get the rhone brackets fitted!

Yes .... I am liking this spell of summer weather; it was 21c in Ivy garden this afternoon. It is forecast to be even warmer tomorrow.

TheWorcester Service Engineer arrived at 11.30 .... he came down from Arbroath. That meant I had the afternoon to do anything I fancied.    In a major change from my 'normal', I decided to spend most of ‘the day’ working and, .... finally got the rhone brackets in place; tomorrow I want to seal the rhone joints with I most definitely do not want rain tonight. I will use Mike’s ‘professional’ brackets once I get everything the way I want it.... i.e. the rainwater running along the rhone to the downpipe. The professional bracket look much neater but have to be modified slightly... which takes time.

I thought it might have been really hard, but I was able to cope
The Ferry boundary stone
with the ladder work surprisingly easily; the new hip and knee worked perfectly; in fact I don’t think about them at all now. However I have no doubt that they will be sore tomorrow, because they (replacement knee and hip) got a ‘hammering’ today.

The ‘plan’ for tomorrow is to exit my bed early and go for the papers,... take a turn down to the harbour, then come home via the estate, by which time I’ll be ready for breakfast.

Photographs : Top – the Mara Seaweed harvesters, Middle – Beach huts .... “Two beach huts doth a summer make”, and Bottom – The ‘Ferry boundary stone’ on the beach.


23rd May 2017 (Tuesday).... 09.00 The ‘News’ this morning is horrible; a terrorist attack in that killed 22 and injured

E Type Jaguar
a further 59 at the Manchester Arena. The barbaric attack happened at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande; innocent young folk enjoying themselves, brutally, and indiscriminately, murdered.  

We have a mostly overcast morning, with a brisk South Westerly breeze. Jimmy wants to go to Leven for a haircut so I’m in ‘flap on’ mode .... the door bell has been ‘rung’;   Jimmy must be 'uop and about' early.

22.30    Understandably, the atrocity in Manchester is the News; other things have happened, but, ‘terrorism’ is on everyone’s mind today. Unfortunately there is no place on ‘Mother Earth’ safe from a warped mind. My thoughts are with all those who mourn, those worried about injured loved ones, and all those who were there and
Windsurfing lesson
will have this terrorist act imprinted on their mind for the rest of their lives.

Jimmy and I went to Leven as ‘planned’: we did some shopping in the ‘Cheap Shop’, went to Sainsbury’s and had a cuppa, then Jimmy had his haircut. We were back in Elie, and ensconced in the Sailing Club by 11.00. The ESMS (Edinburgh Stewart Melville’s Schools) pupils were already out on the water, learning to canoe, wind surf... and other activities available from Elie Water Sports.

After lunch I did some work on the rhone, and ‘engineered’ the brackets needed to level it off: I should finish the repair work tomorrow and begin painting the front wall .... er.. .. sometime soon. That reminds me I’d better find out what I already have in the
Elie beach
way of paint, and what I need. I’ll probably get a fright when I find out the cost of paint nowadays.

Tomorrow might be the start of ‘Summer’..... it is forecast to be warm and dry .... hot even!.... and, it could be better on Thursday.... unless we end up with an onshore breeze.   A whole two day's of 'summer weather'?

Photographs : Top – ‘E’ Type Jaguar, Middle – ESMS pupils enjoying a wind surfing lesson, and Bottom – Elie beach.

22nd May 2017 (Monday) .... 09.00 When I was out on the bike this morning it was pleasantly warm in the early sun .... it 

Chapel remains
should be a really nice day later; but there are heavy clouds towards the West...and they could bring showers. I went for a wander down amongst the rocks at Chapel Ness and found a braw place to have my morning coffee; the ‘seating’ (a rock) is harder that I’d like, but the views are superb. Must ‘go’ ... got things to do today;.... I’ll have another cuppa first!

20.00    We’ve had a nice day.... but did have a short spell of rain; a long shower I suppose would be another way to describe it. Before lunch I had walk down to the seat in front of St Margaret’s, and was ... I suppose ‘falling apart’ would be about right.... browsing the beach activity. I noticed the rain moving in over Largo Bay, and managed to get back home just as it started. I had a cuppa, because by that time I had a ‘thundery’ headache. I
Earlsferry from Chapel Ness rocks
checked the Lightning Strike site and discovered that there has been thunder storms on the Lammermuirs on the ‘Sooth Side’ of the Firth.... hence the headache.

In the earlypart of the afternoon  Jimmy phoned to say that ‘The Galley’ (Lorraine’s Place) was ‘open’ so I biked down to find the Club room a hive of activity. A school from Edinburgh is making use of the Elie Water Sports facilities for most of this week, and using the ‘club’ showers, ‘The Galley for and food. It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen ‘the club’. The harbour area was busy with holiday makers today... over and above the school pupils. When I think of it, I’m sure that the weekend coming up is a Bank Holiday. I’d better stock up with food etc.

My intention was to go out on the bike again this evening but thereEarlsferry beach
are heavy clouds all around, and the thundery headache is still with me, so I put the bike ‘to bed’; I might walk down to the beach before going to bed.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is ‘bright sunny and warmer’... though we might have showers later in the afternoon. I’ll go up to Chapel Green again in the morning, to continue with exploring the rocks. I’ve done this umpteen times but not carrying a camera.

Photographs : Top – The Chapel remains from the Chapel Ness rocks, Middle – Part of Earlsferry from the rocks, and Bottom – Earlsferry beach, just before the rain arrived.

21st May 2017 (Sunday) .... 10.00 Oh my word .... the “Auld Place’s” (Elie and The Royal Burgh of Earlsferry) are

Visiting yacht in Elie harbour
looking gorgeous this morning; it’s overcast, with sunny spells, but .... och, you have to come and see for yourself, it is just so peaceful and relaxing. I’ve been out on the bike... only as far as the harbour; I went out to actually get the paper and milk for my ‘Cornflakes’.... but got diverted. What I like about our wee villages is... not only are you surrounded by gorgeousness.... ‘you’ are ‘stood staunin’ smack in the middle of it all.

Elie harbour
I wouldn’t say that I have overworked today; but I have enjoyed myself not working: in fact I am not long back from biking through the Estate, looking for some evening time photos of the loch. The ‘boathouse’ Swan was feeding close in so I got a few close ups of him. There was a breeze on the loch so not great for ‘reflections’.

I have been ‘resting’ most of today ... though I did do a wee bit of weed relocating: I uprooted and relocated them into the ‘broon’ bucket. I might do more of that tomorrow; there’s something satisfying about ‘weeding’. There is the potential for much satisfaction in my garden!

In my paper this morning and was surprised to find photographs of the “Moor’s murder’s” in it .... with St Monans in the background of a couple of the photos. This suggests that they must have passed through Elie: apparently they had six or seven holidays touring round Scotland,..... in between murders. What an evil pair. The Swan and Coot
photos he took with St Monans in the background must have been taken from the coastal path at Newark.... before it became the ‘Fife Coastal Path’. Maybe they liked walking.

I don’t have a ‘plan’ formulated yet for tomorrow; if the weather is good I’ll level off the rhone and get that working properly in the next few days .... might even try painting it as the weather forecast is mostly ‘good’ for the next few days.

Photographs : Top – visiting yacht in Elie harbour, Middle – Elie harbour, and Bottom – Kilconquhar loch Swan ... and Coot.

20thMay 2017 (Saturday) .... 09.00 Oh my word .... this is not going to be a ‘good hair day’; it wouldn’t be so bad if it was

Elie harbour beach
just raining but it’s “dreich”; definitely not a good day for being ‘out and about’.... unless wrapped up in a car. I am looking forward to tea, ‘goodies’, and conversation, at the Coffee Morning; and to buying some homemade baking.... and books for bed time reading. Right now I’d better go out and feed ‘Blob and Co’.

21.30    The sun eventually ‘broke through’ at 17.40 and we’ve had a lovely evening; this was the first time that I have been able to go out on the bike today. Although it has been mostly dull and wet I have had an enjoyable day: the Coffee Morning was everything needed we needed to brighten up a dull and wet morning, ... and had everything I wanted; tea/ biscuits, good conversation... gingerbread (the gingerbread is scrumptious - Jimmy and I have a couple of slices with our afternoon cuppa in the Hutte), little chocolate goodies with ginger in them ... and bedtime books. I Shower coming in over Earlsferry
bought two raffle tickets hoping to win a box of Maltesers... but didn’t.   I told Sheila and Elinor how I used to buy a box of Maltesers (from RS McColl the wee sweetie shop at the Regent (Leven) ... cost 1/6d (7.5p in today’s money), when Maggie and I were ‘coortin’, ..... and going to the pictures on a Saturday evening. Amanda, Sheila’s daughter, won the Maltesers and gave them to me.... because of the ‘romantic’ thing I imagine. My intention is to have one Malteser every evening with my Horlicks .... that should give me a really peaceful, and deep sleep. Thank you Amanda: that was a really kind, and much appreciated.

I mentioned above that I went out on the bike in the early part of the evening; only down to the harbour then back along the villages and out to Chapel Green: from Chapel Green to the Harbour takesPeaceful Firth of Forth
in the whole length of the villages. I managed to get caught in a shower but it didn’t last very long: long enough to get some ‘showers’ photos.

Jimmy wants to go someplace in the car tomorrow if the weather is reasonable... we’ll decide what to do in the morning. At some point we’ll go down to the harbour and enjoy a cuppa in “Lorraine’s Place”.... in fact that is probably where we will spend the afternoon!

Photographs : Top – Elie harbour beach, Middle – shower coming over Earlsferry.... the shower that I got caught in and Bottom – a peaceful Firth of Forth from Chapel Green.

19thMay 2017 (Friday) .... 10.30 I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning: I was biking up ‘The Ferry’ High Street (05.50)

The Black Wa Earlsferry
and met a hare, (a ‘Royal’ hare of course) contemplating nibbling Iain’s flooer’s; when it saw me it poodled its way up to Cadger’s Wynd and down onto the bents. I saw the hare, presumably the same one, about half an hour later up on Chapel Green, making its way back to the golf course.

It isn’t as bonnie a ‘day’ as it was yesterday .... there’s a thin layer of cloud making sunshine weaker. It’s a nice enough day nonetheless.

I've been out of the bike (early), and managed to do some work on the rhone. Mike (Kryschuk ?) was passing, saw the problem... went off home and came back with four galvanised brackets; they will eliminate the rust problem.

I have decided to give up on Streamline .... it just isn't working tonight.   To read the today's Hutte stuff click on "Alberto's Hutte News" ... just above today's date, and 'We shall remember them ......
Sorry about this but Streamline is all over the place tonight.

Oh ... I've 'fiddle' aboot and found away to make it work... I'll now have ago at putting the photos up!

20.30 Having spent a good part of the morning working on the rhone, I was glad when Jimmy turned up; I needed a rest. I am slowly beginning to realise that climbing up ladders is somewhat harder than it once was... and that I need to work at a slower pace. I want to
Part of the Ferry beach
paint the front wall of Ivy, and that will involve a fair amount of ladder climbing; oh dear... I’m beginning to feel a slight touch of, ‘the exhausted’ coming on .... it’s the thought of all this work.
Hey.... the Hutte Coffee isnae that bad, in fact it was excellent this afternoon: Linda and John dropped in, and ..... Linda made the coffee. Maggie used to make the coffee and her coffee was also excellent: I think I know where the problem lies! Jimmy arrived just as the coffee was about to be ‘made’ so we all sat up at/in the Hutte and discussed my engineering skills. Ah, that reminds me ... my engineering skills? After Mike had brought the aforementioned brackets, I remembered buying two rhone brackets a few years ago (when I was going to fix the rhone), and I never used them. Would you believe it I found them (that is a big miracle) so I concocted er ... engineered a ‘prototype’ bracket out of one of them... and I think it Chapel Ness with the Beacon beyond
might work. So I’ve saved Mike’s brackets .... assuming that my bracket does the trick; I’ll find that out tomorrow ... er .... maybe not; probably next week. I’ll ‘rest and recuperate’ over the weekend.
We have the Guild Coffee Morning tomorrow... I must remember to take a bag so that I can carry my ‘purchases’ home. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not of the “remember to use the sun lotion” kind: rain is supposed to arrive overnight and poodle its way across us during tomorrow morrrrrrning (bit of Scottish-ness).... this will get rid of my urge to get ‘up and out’ early... a sleep in is on the cards methinks.
Photographs : Top – The ‘Black Wa’, Middle – The beach, and Bottom – Chapel Ness and the Beacon.

18th May 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... 08.00 we have a bonnie morning, a mix of clouds and sun just now, but showers 

could develop later. I have a washing out... so I’m hoping that ‘later’ is after my washing is dry.

I have been ‘up’ since 05.20... and was up at Chapel Green before 06.00. There was a bonnie ‘light’ about, the tide was ‘in’ and there was hardly any wind .... perfect conditions for ‘reflection’ photos. I’ll be up there with the Canon tomorrow morning.... if the weather is agreeable.

It seems a long time since this morning .... in point of fact it is a long time since I got out of bed; which is, most likely, why I feel tired. I have had a ‘productive’ day.... if detaching weeds from planet Earth could be called ‘productive’. Tomorrow is ‘broon bucket’ day and it can never go out empty! I also pruned a flowering currant bush, and found a “foggy toddler’s” (Carder bee) nest; they are not bothersome insects so I’ll leave it: had it been a wasp nest it would have had to go.

Chapel Green path
The Drop in Cafe had a steady stream of customers, this afternoon.... with a contented buzz about the hall. The ‘Cafe’ breaks off at the end of June for the summer holiday .... we’ll miss it for the few weeks it’s ‘off’. That said the ‘Coffee Morning’ season is starting, with the Guild one in the Kirk Hall on Saturday. I may have to go to the kirk on Sunday to get a ‘pew leaflet’ with the “CM” dates. I must remember to get some ‘bed time reading’ books on Saturday: Gareth is i/c book stall so I’ll have a good browse.

The “Oak House” and it’s 'traditional' neighbour are making goodMorning light on the Kincraig cliffs
progress, with both of them encased in the ‘breather membrane’ that is fitted before the stone/brick cladding that will complete the outside of the houses. There are another two houses to be built on this site.

The immediate ‘plan’ is to get orf to bed early, and get ‘up’ early tomorrow morning; the weather forecast for tomorrow is good, ... unfortunately Saturday’s is not. The Coffee Morning will brighten up any dour weather we might get.

Photographs : Top – Morning sunlight on the West end of Earlsferry (The Royal Burgh), Middle- part of the Chapel green path, and Bottom – Kincraig cliffs. The Kincraig, (Earlsferry) ‘chain-walk’ goes along the bottom of the cliffs.

17th May 2017 (Wednesday) ... 09.30 Having spent an hour and a half pottering around Elie Harbour and Elie Estate, I 

Kilconquhar loch swan
can tell you that we have an absolute cracker of a day here; bright sunny and peaceful, a perfect day for ... welll .... ‘pottering about’. The early morning is the best time of day .... the old saying, “an hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon” is true. I think the best thing about the morning is the ‘peace and quiet’....and being part of it. It’s braw.

21.00    It’s a contented, and tired, ‘bunny’ that will crawl into his ‘Royal Burrow’ tonight; he’s been bouncing, well maybe not quite bouncing, but has been on the go most of the day. After breakfast (late) Jimmy arrived needing to stock up with ‘rations’ so we had a quick cuppa and went to the ‘Cheap Shop’; it stocks all the things that Jimmy needs. I bought another two cartons of Cranberry juice.... and some small freezer containers for my home made ‘ready meals’.

ack at Ivy I got the bike organised then noticed that the sky was darkening so I abandoned that ‘plan’. I had a cuppa to help me contemplate my next move. Jimmy arrived when I was in mid contemplation so I made him a cuppa.... and we read today’s papers. Although the sky darkened we didn’t actually get rain, but by this time I had to sort out dinner; lamb chops that I bought yesterday.

After dinner... I enjoyed the chops ... I got the bike out again and The Toft
went up to Chapel Green, where I got some instructions from ‘The Boss’, and played with the Canon camera, with a small telephoto lens attached. Looking Eastwards from Chapel Green it looked like there was a thunder storm off Crail.... the sky was dark and menacing looking, but wasn’t going to bother us.

I watched President Trump addressing the USA Coastguard College students; it was not impressive. He needs to relax, and crack a joke now and again.... get people to laugh:   having said that he does have a stressful job!

Tomorrow’s ‘plan’ is to get up, and out early... the weather forecast is good.

Photographs : Top – Kilconquhar swan, Middle – the Harbour, and Bottom – The Toft .... and not a car in sight.


16th May 2017(Tuesday) ...08.30 We have a lovely morning here ... an even mixture of cloud and blue sky... and warm,The estate road
even though there is a wind from the SSW. The weather forecast is ‘good’ for most of the day, but we could get showers now and again. My first mission for ‘the day’ is a trip to Leven; I need to get bits and pieces, so I’ll do a ‘shopping when I’m there.

22.00   My trip to Leven was really enjoyable .... probably because I found time to have a cuppa in Sainsbury’s Cafe. Ah that reminds me; today I bought two 1.5 litres cartons of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice in the ‘Cheap Shop’ , (The Bargain Store) ... they cost £1.00 each. In Sainsbury’s, I paid £2.30 for a single one litre carton. In other words I got three litres in the ‘Cheap Shop’ and it cost me 30p less than the one litre in Sainsbury’s. . All three cartons contain exactly the same ‘Cranberry Juice’, and the blurb on the cartons is also exactly the same. I know that Sainsbury’s (and all the big stores etc) put investors way before customers; all part of living in “rip off Britain” I guess. However, Sainsbury’s
Kilconquhar loch
does have two advantages over the ‘Cheap Shop’ ..... they have a ‘Cafe’, and I am ‘in love’ with one of the checkout lassies. Even so I won’t be buying my Cranberry juice in Sainsbury’s again.

After lunch, with the weather being comfortably warm, I got the bike out and went for a potter round the Estate. This is the first time that I’ve been out on the bike without a jacket this year.... I’m hoping this is the start of out summer weather. I decided to go round by Kinneuchar Station for change of scenery... the trees are looking gorgeous, with different, fresh ‘greens’ all over the place. I
This afternoon
came home by the usual estate road and only just got back to Ivy when it started to spit rain. The rain never came to much, and we’ve ended up with a lovely evening.

Jimmy has just off home after an evening discussing a wide range of subjects; mostly local ... and old. Jim didn’t appear so we think that he is still celebrating his birthday!

Photographs : Top – The estate road, Middle – Kinneuchar Loch, and Bottom – shower clouds coming in over Earlsferry.

15thMay 2017 (Monday) .... 09.30 I’m definitely feeling more energetic this morning... I’ve been up the ladder, that was a waste o’ time, because the bit of rhone I wanted to clean out had 

Earlsferry beach this morning
water lying in it. The water problem will go when I get the new brackets fitted. At that time (07.3) the sky was grey but it wasn’t raining. By the time I put the ladder away and got the camera out to go down to the beach it was .... raining i.e. It was only light rain so continued with the ‘plan’ and went down to the beach, where I enjoyed a quiet half hour, albeit a damp one. It looks like the rain is going to be with us for a while so the ‘plan’ is to work on the computer: I’m going ‘back up’ photos onto DV D’s. ... that will be a triple ‘back up’.

For most of the day our weather could be classed as dreich; however, the rain did stop about mid afternoon; having said that, I got caught in a shower when I was biking home from Elie in the afternoon.... so it wisnae ‘bright and sunny’. It did turn ‘bright ,and nearly sunny’ at 18.00, and we ended the day with a reasonable evening.

I went down to the harbour on the bike, and had a walk out on the harbour beach when the rain stopped; or ‘intermittently’ stopped, because there were spits band spots when I was on the beach.... and I got caught in the aforementioned shower on the way home. As I’ve already mentioned the best of the weather was in the evening and that wasn’t “iggzactly” exciting. The weather forecast
Elie harbour
for tomorrow isn’t good .... overcast with rain the chance of early rain

My principle task for today was backing up my photos onto DVD’s as a third backup. I’ll need to go online and order some more DVD’s... I have a lot of photos. I also have external hard drives, I use for ‘backup’ so I’m well enough covered. In the past two weeks I’ve had suspicious e-mails... one purporting to be from Microsoft, and the other from BT business: I dumped them both. My security
Elie harbour
is automatically updated, which is what the Microsoft e-mail was ‘about’, and I’m not with BT business. That said it could be easy to be ‘conned’ into opening one of those of e-mails; they look authentic at first glance.

'The Boy' is feeling tired tonight... probably the weather, because I haven’t done much in the way of exercise today. I actually watched some television today and saw our lovely Theresa telling us how her Party is going to protect worker’s rights, build Council Houses. ... and help ‘Cathy’ to live on £100 a month.    Fascinating stuff indeed!    I’m hoping the weather is better tomorrow!

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry beach this morning, Middle and Bottom – Elie Harbour this afternoon.

14th May 2017 (Sunday) .... 09.00 Wellll ....I wouldn’t say that I was ‘frisky’ this morning, but I’m definitely not feeling asStuart on his jet ski
lethargic as I was yesterday; I’ll take a turn round the villages on the bike later. The sky is overcast just now but the forecast is for the sun to break through.... in fact I can see some blue in the sky already.... to give us sunny spells with the chance of showers later.

20.30    Oh my word ... we ended up with a gorgeous, “bright sunny and warm” day, though we did get one heavy shower late in the afternoon: I saw that (the shower) coming and brought in a ‘washing’ I had on the line...... it was dry. I did get the bike out, and went down to the harbour; the villages were busy, especially down at the harbour where the RYA had, “Push the boat out” taster sessions for windsurfing and sailing. I don’t know if many people took advantage of the ‘taster sessions’ but there was plenty activity on the water. I got a few photos to ‘play’ with. Next week
Elie this afternoon
I’ll take use the Canon down there, so that I can get action photos of the jet skiers. I found out that the ‘bug’ I had over the past few days certainly took it out of my legs .... I was very ‘shaky leggit’ by the time I got back from the harbour.

Clare and Chris came along late in the afternoon: Janet was presenting the “John Peter’s Memorial Trophy”, which the ‘Thistle’ golfers had played for in the afternoon. John was Janet’s husband who, sadly, died suddenly nigh on seven years ago. It had been a lovely afternoon for playing; with only the last two groups getting caught in the shower of rain. The ‘troops’ came along in
Chris Clare Janet Gary and Brian
the bus and they, luckily, they missed the shower of rain too.

The ‘plan’ is that I go to bed early tonight again, and that should see orf the ‘bug’. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not ‘exciting’ ..... a band of rain is going to pass over from mid morning. The garden needs rain, but I’m beginning to like the idea of a decent summer this year: I have even taken to using sun cream on my nose, because it gets burnt when I’m biking... both wind and sun give it the ‘works’. Rudolf (reindeer) would be jealous!

Photographs : Top – Stuart on his jet ski, Middle – these two were enjoying being out on their dingy, and Bottom - Chris, Clare, Janet, Gary and Brian.


13th May 2017 (Saturday) .... 09.00 The weather, so far, has been exactly as was forecast... overcast with occasional spells Wet Dandelion seedhead
of light rain, but with there being only a light breeze it doesn’t feel as cold as it was yesterday. I have a slight cold, so I’m ‘lying low’ today: I’ll do some baking. Owing to the fact that “Puku” is very fond of freshly baked scones etc, I have not been baking; today I feel like having a freshly baked scone! Or is this “Puku” telling me that I want a scone? Probably! Anyway, baking it is this morning; the weather forecast for later in the afternoon and evening is more promising for outdoor activities.

20.30    Today’s weather has been ‘mixed up’ right enough; I suppose ‘dour’ might be an apt description .... though we did in fact have a couple of short (very) sunny spells. The wind has veered to the Southwest in the last few hours, .... hopefully we’ll have bonnier weather tomorrow.

Welsh poppy
Puku is contented tonight; I did bake a batch of scones, and they are tasty, and, though not the tallest scones, Jimmy reckons they are the best scones I’ve ever made. I spread them with the, expensive, jam that I bought when Jim and I were up at the Loch of the Lowes a few weeks ago, and that did add to the taste. I only needed cream to have a nice ‘cream tea’.

Although I did get the bike out of the shed, I never actually went out on it: Jimmy appeared at the crucial time needing to go to Leven to get some cartons of the mashed tautties that he likes. By
Dry apple blossom
the time we got back from Leven I was beginning to feel ‘under the weather’ so the bike went back into the shed. I’ll be creepin’ orf to bed in a wee while.... after my mug of Horlicks. I’m hoping to be on the ‘frolicking side of frisky’ tomorrow, having shaken orf this ‘bug’ thing overnight.

There are no ‘plans’ for tomorrow, though I’d like to get down to ‘Lorraine’s Place’ sometime during the day.... I’ve almost forgotten what the harbour looks like. The weather forecast is ‘brighter’ for tomorrow, ..... and breezy.... with some showers developing in the afternoon.

Photographs : Top – a bedraggled ‘taraxacum officinale’ seed-head, Middle – Welsh poppy, and Bottom – dry apple blossom!

12th May 2017 (Friday) .... 09.30 I’m ‘flappin’ aboot like a heidless chicken’ this morning; however I did get the rhonesCock Sparrow
cleaned out, and a coat of some kind o’ paint on the ‘super bracket’: the paint is going to the re-cycling place .... I don’t know what kind of paint it is but it isn’t ‘professional paint’ .... it’s like a mixture of emulsion and oil paint; into the paint container at Pittenweem it goes. Jimmy eants to go to Leven to have his car washed so I’m having a quick cuppa before we do that.

19.00 It has been a dull kind of day; apart from a brief spell of brightness when John and Linda appeared, .... they were out giving their ‘Fit-Bits’ some exercise .... and the urge to admire ‘the bracket’ was strong upon them so they came over to the Royal Burgh!

taraxacum officinale
As it has been windy and cold this afternoon, I have confined myself to Ivy garden; in fact I took the camera out and photographed some of the gorgeous flowers that are dotted about the place. The ‘taraxacum officinale’ is looking especially gorgeous this year ... and there are lots of them!

My first thought, on getting out of bed this morning was, ... “oh... it must be going to rain... my knees are sair”; then I remembered that I’d been climbing the ladder. I have been climbing the ladder again today, and my knees are no longer sair; and rain is forecast for later in the evening: conclusion: my knees are not good weather forecasters.... though they are in fact very efficient knees; when it
comes to walking etc.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit of a mixture; misty, cloudy with rain and bright spells. I think I’ll leave any activities until I see what the weather is doing. If it’s dreich when I first look out I may have a ‘sleep in’ .... I’ve been meaning to have one for a while. I think the afternoon might be the better part of ‘the day’ .... as far as the weather goes. The Sailing Club will be ‘open’ over the weekend; that will be the place to sit and browse the ‘happenings’ at the harbour.
I don't anticipate going out thie evening .... it's windy and cold with the threat of rain;   I'll update the Hutte, the backup some of my photographs.

Photographs : Top – A ‘cock sparra’... Middle – ‘taraxacum .....officinale’ and Bottom – Asters.


11th May 2017 (Thursday) .... 20.00 ‘The Boy’ has been a busy boy today.... and is a tired one now, and well ready for ‘bed The Toft from the Terrace
and book’.

I got out of bed with the desire to ‘work’ (I must be coming down with a bug) and decided to get rid of the cause of the rust on the from wall of Ivy. Over breakfast (I’m still on ‘Virgin Porridge) I mulled over ‘plan’ which involved doing a temporary repair just The harbour
now so that I can paint the wall. I’ll need to find a couple of galvanised brackets to do the job properly; until then a, plastic bracket, temporary fix will have to do. I needed ‘bit’s and pieces’ from B ‘n Q’s, and Horlick’s from Sainsbury’s. While I was in Sainsbury’s I took ‘time out’ to have a cuppa.: and even then I was back at ‘Ivy’ by 10.15.; and rarin’ to go.... but first I’d have a cuppa with Jimmy who turned up not long after I’d got the ladder in position.

AfterJimmy went on his merry way to visit St Monans, I got the ladder back in position and I set about removing the cause of the rust (an iron bracket), and replacing it with a plastic one. Of course the plastic one had ‘nae chance’ of being “iggzactly” the thing for the job, but it has been ‘adapted’.... and does the job admirably, though not ‘prettily’. Prettiness will come with the galvanised one. Anyway the rust source has been removed and I
The Terrace from The Toft
should get the front wall painted before the summer.

We had the ‘Drop in Cafe’ this afternoon, which was a perfect way to ‘celebrate’ the hugely successful morning’s work. Although quiet at first the ‘Cafe’ soon got going and soon hummin’ like a wasp ‘bike’ that had been given a poke with a stick. ‘The Boy’s Table’ discussed many subjects, ranging from the medicinal qualities of Buckfast Tonic Wine, through to President Trump sacking the FBI Director. We drank a lot of tea.

was my intention to brush out the rhones this evening but it was too windy earlier, and too cold later (in the evening). I’ll it first thing in the morning.... assuming it isn’t windy. Having looked up the weather forecast it is going to be windy .... from the East, and cloudier with the chance of showers.... Mmmm I may have to be a 'brave' boy.

Photographs : Top – ‘The Toft’ from ‘The Terrace’, Middle – Elie harbour, and Bottom – ‘The Terrace’ from ‘The Toft’.


10th May 2017 (Wednesday) .... 08.00 There’s a lot of cloud about this morning, but the sun will burn that off ; it looks Balcarres Crag from Kilconquhar
and feels, like being another nice, but ‘cool in the wind’ day. I might do some work around Ivy .... where I’ll be sheltered from the breeze. In the meantime I’m ready to go to’ Ainster to pick up Jimmy.

Jimmy’s car got though it’s MOT fine so he’s mechanised again. Alas, Jimmy couldn’t go to the Friendship Lunch because he was waiting on ‘the’ phone call to say his car was ready to pick up. In the end we went along, to Anstruther, at 13.30... after I’d been to the ‘Lunch’. As ever the Friendship Lunch was excellent.... but there were fewer ‘attendees’ this week; that said there was plenty background chatter.... and the noise levels were as per usual, so there was much happiness in the Hall.

After I'd dropped Jimmy off at the garage I came home by ‘the back roads’ ... i.e. along the ‘Cheese Place’/Kellie Castle road then through the Newton of Balcormo to the Colinsburgh Strait then home.    I was having a cuppa in The Hutte when Jimmy turned up: I made him a cuppa, we discussed our ailments, but got ‘fed up’ of that; so ended up talking about life in the Ferry prior to the sixties. It was a busy village then.

In the evening I took the car up to Kinneuchar to take some photos with the telephoto lens. This lens had been bringing up a notice that said; “Error No 1” “the lens connections need cleaning”. Hmmm; I could only think of one thing to clean the connections with; a wee drop of Malt whisky.  Choosing the right Malt took a wee while, but I eventually settled on Ledaig... it was the palest.
Elie Granary
The lens is now working perfectly... in fact I’d say that it’s working better than ever; so the sacrifice was worth it.

We have the ‘Drop in Cafe’ tomorrow afternoon, so anything I intend doing will have to be done in the morning. The wind is back to being from the easterly direction again so, although it is forecast to be bright enough tomorrow... the wind will be cool.

Photographs : Top – Balcarres Crag from Kilconquhar, Middle – the Western entrance into Kilconquhar, and Bottom – photo of Elie Granary taken with the er.... tipsy lens.

9th May 2017 (Tuesday) .... 12.00     We had a South westerly breeze first thing this morning so I went out for a walk;   my knee wasn’t as sore as itBeluga II Greenpeace sailboat
has been lately..... West winds get rid o’ sair knees.      With the wind being light it was warm... and I walked the beach, Sea Tangle Road and Chapel Green  then home by the beach.    I had the Canon camera with me so many photos were ‘taken’;   including a number of the Greenpeace sail boat “Beluga II” which has just begun a scientific voyage round the Scottish coastline checking  plastic pollution.    There’s plenty plastic rubbish on the beaches;   no doubt the water will be polluted too.    By the time I got back to Ivy Jimmy was ensconced in ‘The Hutte’ patiently waiting on someone bringing him  a ‘cuppa’.
The wind has backed round and is now coming from the Southeast;  the wind from the West was short lived.

Elie Harbour
22.00     It has been a ‘bonnie’ day... bright and sunny all day, but the wind got up a bit and it has been cool.... in fact it’s cauld tonight and I’ve had to turn up  the heating.

I’ve had a quiet day at Ivy .... I did go out on the bike in the afternoon, but only up to the shop in Elie;  and down to the harbour .    Jimmy was down there... resting in his car.     Surprisingly there are still holiday makers pottering around.     Having said that the villages were looking good in the, slightly hazy, afternoon sunshine;   it was an interesting ‘light’.

Tomorrow Jimmy’s car goes in for it’s MOT... along at Anstruther, so I’ll pickElie houses
him up after he drops his car off.    We’ll go to ‘The Store’ for any shopping because the MOT place is next door.      It is also the ‘Friendship Lunch’, in the Elie Kirk Hall, tomorrow;   tomorrow is going to be a ‘busy’ day for ‘the boy’.       Anyway I ‘have plans’ for tomorrow.... I’d better not get diverted down on the beach.

The weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t ‘bad’... a sort of mix of cloud and sunny spells, with light winds.    The wind is to be from the west in the morning then back to the East later .... and stay there for the next few months ... oops er days.

Photographs : Top – The Greenpeace boat, “Baluga II” coming out of Largo Bay this morning, Middle – Elie Harbour .... I liked the ‘look’ of the water, and Bottom – Part of ‘The Terrace’ Elie this afternoon.

8th May 2017  (Monday) .... 09.00     It doesn’t seem like 59 years agoAldershot Troops circa 1958
since I set off to do my National Service.... but it is.   I remember meeting Jimmy Sneezby at the bus  stop in Colinsburgh, and he decided  go to Kinneuchar Station to see me off on the Edinburgh train.    A lot has changed since then:   for a start everything is 59 years older;  and there’s nae Kinneuchar Station.... nae East Neuk railway line in fact.    I have never been back to Aldershot, though I did enjoy my time there.... three months intensive tCyprus 1959
raining, to turn us into soldiers.    Soldiers? .... Hmmmmm.
We have a nice morning... a bit breezy from the Northeast, but we can cope with that ....  stay out of the wind.

21.00      Once again we have had a ‘bright and sunny’ day... and yet again we have been plagued by the Northeast wind taking the temperature down by a good few degrees.    With the wind blowing quite hard in the morning (F4-5) I didn’t go out on the bike;  instead Jimmy and I went to Leven to do some shopping at Lidl’s.   

I did get the bike out in the afternoon .... it was still breezy, and cold, but I Elie estate
needed to hand in a prescription, .... and I fancied a wee explore through the Estate.    It was braw when I got into the estate... I was sheltered by the wind, and ended up biking round to the ‘picnic table’ and wandering around that corner.     I fell off the bike when the front wheel got stuck in a rut, but it was a ‘sort of’ controlled ‘fall off’:   undignified  yes, but nae damage done, and nobody around to have a laugh at my expense.

Elie Estate
The wind is forecast to be light and variable in direction tomorrow morning .... eventually ending up Westerly for a day or so.   I will be glad of that change in direction, even if it is only for one day ... east winds hamper my ‘style’ something awfie .... and bring on migraines. 
   I haven’t got a plan for tomorrow, but I’m sure something will attract my attention.... actually something already has;   I’ll get ‘up’ early as there should be reflections if there’s nae wind.    Having looked up the tide times getting ‘up’ early would be a waste of time;   the tide will be out in the morning .... high tide isn’t until 14.45.   Oh well I’ll have a ‘sleep in’.... haven’t had one of those for a while.

Photographs : Top – folk could sleep easy in their beds in 1958, knowing that ‘The Troops’ were on the alert!... Next – one of ‘The Troops’ in 1959 (Cyprus)... Next two photos .... a quiet corner of Elie Estate.

7th May 2017 (Sunday)  ... 08.00     Oh my word ... I had some bother with cramp last night... and lost a lot of sleep.    It will most likely have been Elie
caused by biking, and dehydrating, in the East wind.    Anyway I drank copious amounts of water, one glass with some salt in it, and the cramp settled down.     I forgot to fill my water bottle, before I went out on the bike yesterday.     I’m hoping to sit tough a cramp free service in the kirk this morning;   I’ll sit near the back just in case .... and have a bottle of water , and a couple of salty biscuits, with me.
We have a nice,  windless morning, but it is overcast;   the sun is already beginning to burn off the cloud so we should have a nice warm day .... if it remains ‘windless’.

21.00     It has been a beautiful day, though the wind did ‘get up’ in the afternoon ... which took a few degrees off the temperature ... the thing that’s beginning to ‘bother’ us is the fact that the gardens, and farms, need rain.    
Elie Bay
There’s always something to grumble about.

I went to the kirk, and had absolutely no problems with the cramp.   I thought that the hard edge of the pew might bring on a cramp  ... but I drank plenty water, and nibbled a couple of biscuits, and everything was fine.     The ‘Long Service Certificate’ recipients photograph was taken after the service, and that went perfectly too.    Well not quite;   one of the recipients disappeared... he had gone along to the Church hall where there was Coffee/Tea and cakes etc.    We caught up with the ‘hungry boy, and he was photographed in the Hall;   to be ‘Photo-shopped ’ into the main group photo later.    This has been done, and the  final ‘group Photo’ looks ‘realistic’ which  is surprising, because this is the first time I have done this.... so “all’s well that ends well”.

I’d intended going up to a ‘Gardener’s Question Time’ in the Kilconquhar Kirk Hall this afternoon, but my lack of sleep caught up with me and I fell fast Elie Kirk
asleep in the Hutte... and,  for considerably longer than I normally would.   By the time I woke up it was too late to go to Kinneuchar:  on the other hand, this meant I had time to get the Photo-Shopping’ done.

Earlier this evening I went down to the beach to take a few ‘beachy’ photos, having put the polarising filter back onto the lens.    I discovered two things when I was down there;   I didn’t have  a card in the camera;   and I hadn’t taken the camera bag with me.    I had a short walk, then discovered a third thing .... it was cauld.      I poodled back to Ivy and put the kettle ‘on’!

This seems to have been a busy day, though I haven’t done much:   I did enjoy the kirk this morning....   always plenty of folks to talk too there. ... and the service was interesting.  

Photographs : Top and Middle – Elie this morning, and Bottom – Elie Kirk... Long Service Certificates about to be Awarded.

6th May 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.00    Jing;  we have another “bright and sunny, clear ‘bloo’ sky” morning, but that cold,  exasperating, Northeast windElie
is still with us,  spoiling what would otherwise be really warm day;   and it will be warm .... out of the wind.     That said , this kind of wind is brilliant drying wind;   I might do a washing.

20.30    Rather than ‘do a washing’ I went to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping:  to be honest I’ve been doing washing’s all week;....  there’s hardly anything left to wash.    Anyway I had a happy time in Sainsbury’s, where I bought loads of fruit and other healthy edible stuff;   I’m determined to get “Puku” on a diet, and that means “he is” off biscuits etc.    Having left to go shopping early I was back in Ivy by 09.05.... with plenty of time to get the kettle ‘on’ for Jimmy;  who needs a cuppa after his walk round to ‘Alice’s Seat’.

Having exhausted ourselves drinking tea and feeding the birds, Jimmy decided to go down to the Sailing Club:   I’d bike along to the Paper Shop’ then go down to the Harbour at a more leisurely pace .... biking into the wind.
The Oak House

The ‘Club’ was fairly busy, with ‘things happening inside (talking)... and,  out on the water’:  there was a yacht coming in ... a jet ski  going out , and folk working on their boats.   I had to walk out to the end of the pier (it was cauld out there) to get some photos of the activity.... then went back to the ‘Club’ to finish my mug o’ tea.

In the afternoon I set off to go to the Harbour again, but, I saw, from the Terrace, that Jimmy’s car wasn’t parked outside the ‘Club’ so I went for a bike through Elie Estate instead.    There’s big progress on the ‘Oak House’;   it’s beginning to look like ‘just another house’ now, with all the oaken framework Kinneuchar Loch with sailing dingy
hidden.    Of course most of the oak will be still be visible inside the house, and become part of the decor.... in fact the  ‘main’ part of the decor.

There was someone sailing a dingy on Kinneuchar Loch this afternoon;  I have seen someone rowing across the loch, but not sailing.... this is a ‘first’ for me.     Whoever it was adept at handling the dingy.... though he (a youth) did scare a few Swans into taking evasive flight a couple of times.

Tomorrow I must remember that it is Sunday:   I have to take the camera up to the kirk to take a few photographs after the Service.     I’ll go along early to see what the ‘plan’ is and to get my ‘plan of action’ into my head.

Photographs : Top – activity on the Bay at Elie, Middle – the “Oak House”, and Bottom – Kinneuchar Loch with sailing dingy.

5th May 2017 (Friday)  .... 08.30    We have a brilliant morning .... ‘bright, sunny and warm... warm even with the wind being from the Earlsferry from The Breakwater
Northeast.    It is only a light breeze at present, but is forecast to increase later;   with the incoming tide.
I’ve been along for the paper... and a battery for my kitchen scales.... now all I have to do is have a coffee and get myself organised.

20.30     I did manage to get myself ‘suited and smartened up’, then went up to Elie to pick up Lexie, who wanted a ‘lift’.    Kinneuchar Kirk was packed for Geordie’s funeral... with  very few seats to spare.    The Service, taken by a ‘lay preacher’, was excellent, with one hymn ... ‘Morning has broken’, and a poem , read out by the gentleman taking the Service.     Everyone then went to the graveside ceremony (in the local cemetery) in the warm sunshine.     Yes Geordie got a good ‘send off’ that’s for sure.

Chapel Green from The Terrace
Funeral’s (and Weddings) are where people ‘catch up’ with each other;   sometimes after long gaps.    I was speaking to someone, who asked “is Neil here?”   That came as a bit of a surprise, as I thought I was talking to “Neil”;  .... Neil McCole.     I asked is “Graham here” to find that I was in fact talking to Graham!      As with other villages (and towns), many of the ‘Colinsburgh Boys’ have scattered around Fife:   and other corners, much further afield.   It was good to catch up with some of them;   I don’t know the last time I saw Stuart (Walker), and Graham his brother.    Jim (Wilson), who still lives in Colinsburgh, was there... I was in the pew in front of him, and ‘William T’, and they gave ‘Morning is Broken’ laldie!

Lexie and I didn’t stay for the tea and sandwiches .... the Kinneuchar Inn Elie Pier from The Terrace
would have been packed to the eyeballs.     We went back to Elie by way of the  Balbuthie Loan road and I was back in Ivy by 11.30. and  in my ‘working togs’ by 11.35!    Not that I intended doing any work... it’s just that I do not like wearing a suit, collar and tie.    My white shirt has been washed, in fact I washed three white shirts... the one I’d been wearing, and another two that were hanging in the wardrobe, which I thought might as well be ‘freshened up’.

Tomorrow’s weather is going to be more or less the same as today’s, cool for us with the wind continuing to come from the Northeast.
Photographs : Top – The beach from the Breakwater,  Middle : Chapel Green from The Terrace,  and Bottom – Elie Harbour... and a cruise ship ... from The Terrace.

4th May 2017 (Thursday) .... 09.00    The Northeast wind is becoming a bit exasperating;   but it is a drying wind, and taking advantage of that fact,   IBalcarres Den
have a washing going through:   it’s an ill wind that disnae blow some good right enough.     We have a bonnie enough morning, though a bit hazy... and, cool;  a nice morning for working in the shelter of Ivy garden.    Weeds look out!... well some of them.

“Thank You” Kathleen (in Glasgow) for letting me know that Jimmy could hand his Postal Voting envelope into the local Polling Station.    I phoned Jimmy immediately, but he had just shredded the envelope, and contents, so his vote has been ‘lost’ this time.    However it is good to know that late Postal Voting Papers can be handed in at the Polling Station:   hopefully this applies to both Local and National Elections.    I posted my Postal Vote a couple weeks ago;   having ‘set up’ Postal Voting when Maggie was unable to go up to the Polling Station.   

Balcarres Den burn
20.00     This has been one stunning day.... I went someplace where even the Northeast wind couldn’t spoil it:   I walked up Balcarres Den.    The car needed fuel so I thought I might as well take the camera and go for a walk.    After ‘fuelling up’ I went along to, and ‘moored’ the car at “Robin Gray’s” cottage:  the ‘plan’ being to walk up the den to the Balcarres Mains Road, then back to the car by the Double Dykes .... and this is what I set out to do.     I forgot one thing ... two things in fact .... I forgot to leave my jacket in the car... and I didn’t have a bottle of water with me.     By the time I was 400 metres into the den the heat was beginning to be felt;   I walked on but finally decided that I’d turn back at the second bridge... I don’t know what the temperature was in the Den, but it was hot.    That said I did enjoy the walk, but was glad to get back to the car  and have a drink of water.

It was the ‘Drop in Cafe’ this afternoon .... and Gareth was ‘on duty’.    The Den burn
Gareth being ‘on duty’ involves much saluting, and I have to do what I’m ‘telt’.    It’s all good fun at the ‘Cafe’, with lots of banter .... and much laughing.

I have Geordie Glen’s funeral at Kinneuchar Kirk tomorrow morning:   Geordie was a Colinsburgh boy, and we ‘grew up’ together.   He was a bus driver, and worked on the ‘coast’ route.    I am picking up Lexie at 10.00 .... Lexie was a ‘clippie’ on the buses, and often worked with Geordie.  
Another ‘wall to wall’ ‘bloo’ sky is forecast for tomorrow;   alas the wind is once again going to be Northeast.     Oh well, I know where it will be warm!

Photographs : all three taken in Balcarres Den.
3rd May 2017 (Wednesday) .... 10.00    I have been one active ‘boy’ on what is an absolutely gorgeous, sunny morning;   unfortunately the NortheastThe road into Elie Estate
wind is still with us which takes a few degrees off the temperature.... and, with me having my hair cut yesterday the temperature is very noticeable!     When I say ‘active’ I am slightly exaggerating;   I’ve been up for the papers ... oh, I met Marcia up there, and she let me see a photo she got of a piper playing, in the Lady’s Tower on ‘May Day’ morning;    Marcia was there at the right time! .... ‘Me?’.... I’d be poodling about on the beach most likely.     From the ‘Paper Shop’ E biked up through the Estate;   I’m getting the urge to go up to Balcarres but want to wait until the  wind goes round to southwest!   It’s much Kilconquhar Loch
easier going up to Balcarres when the wind's on my back!

20.00     The morning’s activity was about the only real exercise I had all day.    Jimmy came along for a morning cuppa, and we contemplated how hard it was being ‘us’.     When Jimmy left to go down to then harbour, I pulled a few weeds  then suddenly remembered it was 10% off day at B n Q’s (Leven) so I bumbled my way to Leven and back before having a latish ‘lite bite’ lunch.
In the afternoon Jimmy and George arrived so we had a good discussion about the different ‘pills’ that we are ‘on’.... and how hard it is being ‘us’.      We even discussed tomorrow’s Local Election  .... suddenly Jimmy remembered that he had forgotten to post his Postal Vote;   this fact was duly mulled over, and it was decided his Postal Vote might as well go straight into the ‘paper bin’.... it was too late.  

This has been a lovely day with ‘wall to wall’ bloo sky all day;   unfortunately Ivy tulip
the Northeast wind has also been with us all day taking the temperature down by a good few degrees.    In Ivy garden we had a reading of 18c at 14.00 .... but Ivy garden is well sheltered.    It would be considerably cooler down on the beach.

Our weather for tomorrow is forecast to be more or less a repeat of today’s .... which is fine;    but would be better if the Northeast wind wasn’t with us.   Tomorrow is ‘Drop in Cafe’ day, which takes in the afternoon.     I haven’t a ‘plan’ for morning time, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do .... pulling a few weeds would be a good ‘plan’.

Photographs:   Top – part of the Elie Estate road, Middle – Kinneuchar Loch, and, Bottom – Ivy tulip.

2nd May 2017 (Tuesday) ... 08.00     It’s a grey morning, but at least there’s not much of a wind, but what there is coming  from the Northeast;   Early morning walkies
and I have decided to go for a haircut!     Actually I have decided to go  to Leven for a haircut, then on to Kirkcaldy for a change of shopping scenery;   I want to visit the bike Dept in Halfords.   This means that there's a 'slight flap on'.... I need to have breakfast;   having been down on the beach for a short walk, I'm now hungry!

19.00     It took the sun until  14.30 to burn off the clouds, and, even then it
The Cockstail rocks
was cold because the wind got up.    Jimmy came along in the afternoon for a  cuppa;  he’d missed his morning one with my being out.
My trip to Leven, and Kirkcaldy, was enjoyable;   apart from the fact that my neck is cold.    Having said that, I feel tidier having had my haircut.   
Chapel Level Retail Park... or... to give it it’s proper name ... Fife Central Retail Park  has had a few changes since I was last there;   with a Marks and Spencer Food Hall, and a Costa Coffee shop now ‘on site’.    I went to Halfords and got the bits and pieces that I wanted, then had a browse round Marks and Spencer, bought two ready meals (Indian)  then resisted the temptation to go into ‘Costa’, choosing instead to drive home to Ivy and have  scrumptious, ..... ‘Hutte Special’.    Wrong decision .... the ‘Hutte Special’ was not exciting.... nor frothy!

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk along the beach;  the beach wasn’t Protective sand dunes
“iggzactly” busy .... a big change from the holiday weekend!    It was pleasant bumbling along the tides edge... and round about the Cockstail rocks.
When I was in M & S  this morning I bought two ‘Chicken Korma’ ready meals;   and had one of them for ‘dinner’ tonight.    It was very flavoursome;  though not as ‘home made’ cooking!     I use ‘ready meals’ now and again.... usually  when I have a ‘flap on’.   I prefer making my own;  it gives me something to ‘do’.

Jim and Jimmy are coming for tea, biccies and conversation this evening;   the conversation is usually ‘things local’ but occasionally we sort out the politicians.

Photographs : Top – early morning dog walking, Middle – the Cockstail rocks, and, Bottom – the lovely sand dunes that protect Earlsferry from being inundated with sand.

1st May 2017 (Monday) .... 09.00     If I had  a ‘Maypole’ in Ivy garden, I would be dancin’ around it on the end of a ribbon, celebrating SouthEasterlyswell rolling onto the beach
flowers (and weeds), new growth,  fertility and stuff... but I’m fresh oot o ‘Maypoles’.... which is kind o’ sad really co’s I’m feeling ‘frisky and luxuriant’.      I need a haircut.    Anyway have a joyful May Day wherever you are ... it’s a day for enjoyment and eating cake.

I’ve been up to the ‘Paper Shop’ where I purchased a ...  would you believe it...  a ‘paper’, and a litre of milk.    The most important purchase was the milk .... I need that for my Cornflakes.    Must go ‘slight flap on’ .... going out on the bike .... again;   we have a lovely morning, though there is a wind from the East, which spoils it a bit.

20.30     The onshore East wind didn’t stop the villages being busy with  ‘scarecrow seekers’ again, but it wasn’t as busy as it was yesterday.    However the ‘Scarecrow Festival’ is over for another year;    it certainly
Elie estate road
brings life to the ‘Auld villages’  for a few days.    I photographed my last Scarecrow this morning on the way down to the harbour (Sailing Club) .... “The Jilted Bride”;   who had been left at the altar by a Leven laud called Walter!

Jimmy and I took a trip to Leven... this time to Aldi’s where Jimmy bought some cartons of ‘ready mix’ porridge:   I bought a bottle of Korma sauce.     From there we went to the ‘Cheap Shop’ where Jimmy bought ‘ready mix’ mashed tautties.    With the ‘ready mix’ cartons you just need to add boiling water up to a mark... then neat.

I found myself in a dilemma with ‘Scrawny Bag’ (female blackbird) this morning.    I left the back door for a few minutes, and found her, in the kitchen,Jilted girl
perched on top of the fruit bowl, pecking her way into a pear.      I rescued the pear and tried to entice her outside with it, but nope.... she began to peck her way into a kiwi fruit.   In the end I had to open the kitchen window wide and ‘encourage’ out that way:  she found both pear and kiwi fruit out in the garden, where I’d thrown them and both have been ‘polished off’.  

The Easterly wind is forecast to be with us for the next few days.... and tomorrow is forecast to be more or less a repeat of today as far as the weather goes.   I don’t have a ‘plan’ though the seeds of one are slowly germinating somewhere.    The urge to out for bike run up to Balcarres is becoming stronger but I want to wait until the weather is mair like summer.   Could be a long wait.

Photographs : Top – Southeast swell breaking onto the beach,  Middle – the trees alongside the Elie Estate road get bonnier every day... and Bottom – 'Jilted at the altar by a boy called Walter .... from Leven!

30th April 2017 (Sunday) .... 09.30    There’s a brisk Easterly wind coming off the North Sea and this is taking a few degrees off what could be a Earlsferry beach
really warm day.      Having said that, I have been down on the beach and, though breezy, it isn’t as cold as I expected it would be.... but I was wearing a warm fleece.    It’s actually a nice day for walking round the villages.... and there is a hazy light that makes interesting photographs:  the ‘haze’ will most likely become cloud later in the day.   ;  however the forecast is for a sunny, if cool, afternoon.

Fishy on a Little Dishy
20.30     I think that ‘today’ has been the busiest the villages have been for a very long time... they were ‘burstin’ at the seams’ in the afternoon;  which is when I went out to get the last four ‘scarecrows’ that I needed to ‘tick off’ to complete the list.   There are more than those listed;   I came across another four, and there are probably more than that.   

My day has not just involved  poodling around looking for scarecrows.... oh no .... I have been a busy boy.     For some reason,   and this slightly bothers me, ... I woke up in a ‘working’ mood;   the strange thing was, not only was I in the mood for working ... I did it;   ‘worked’ i.e.    I’d stripped my bed a couple of days ago so this morning I washed the sheets etc,   not only did I wash the sheets I did a woollen wash too... all of this washing dried in ‘nae time’ in that lovely drying east wind!     I wonder ..... will we stop getting East winds from Europe after Brexit?    Not that I’m a lover of East winds mind.... in my opinion, losing the east wind would be one of the few benefits of leaving theLarry the Lum
European Union.    Now I’ve forgotten what I was writing about .... oh ... I was telling you how hard I’ve ‘worked’ today.     Not only did I do the washing I also ironed it.... including the sheets, and dish towels.    If Maggie ironed sheets and things ... so do I!    Jings .... I feel a tiredness/weakness coming on when I think of all that.... I’ll need to go to bed early tonight.

The keyboard that I’m using has lost the letters off four of the keys .... i.e. they are just blank squares:    but, thanks to having done my National Service, where I was taught to type, I am able to type as per usual .... which is surprisingly fast when I think of it.    I guess that, subconsciously, I am ‘touch typing’ as we were taught to do, all those years ago at Wellington Barracks, Aldershot.    That said, ‘touch typing’ is hard to do now as the keyboards come in different sizes.

Sarah and Jordan and Yofrog

It was afternoon before I ventured out to finish off the scarecrow list;   I pre-celebrated by having a long rest, scoffing a ‘Yofrog’, talking to Sarah and Jordan,  at Woodhaven Bay.  “Yofrog’s” are not only tasty, they are also healthy  .... I’ll be having a few more of those.     When the weather warms up this could be a popular weekend ‘rest spot’.  

I left Woodhaven intending to go down to the Sailing Club, stopping at the Ship Inn on the way to photograph the ‘last’ scarecrow on my list.   On the way down Admiralty Lane I spotted Jimmy bumbling his way up the Toft;  this brought a quick ‘change of ‘plan’ into operation.    I’d take the Ship Inn photo then ‘fly’ back to Ivy to make Jimmy a cuppa.    And that is what I did.
So .... a busy, and happy day is coming to a close.    I feel contented .... especially when I look at the lovely piles of ironed dish towels hanging in front of the radiator.    Yes...  I am a happy, if tired, ‘bunny’ tonight.

Photographs : Top – Earlsferry beach, Next – “Fishy on a Little Dishy”, Next – “Larry The Lum”, and Bottom – Sarah and Jordan.

29th April 2017 (Saturday)       08.30    It’s ‘overcast and dry’, with the sun forecast to break through later in the morning.... there is a breeze, from theThe Dug
Southeast;   it is cool just now, but if the wind strengthens it will be cold, with that wind direction.    My ‘plan’ is to go out on the bike to photograph the ‘scarecrows’.... and I’ll be ‘wrapped up’.    ‘Slight flap on’,.... I forgot to ‘fire up’ the kettle.

20.30     I have covered a few miles on the bike searching out ‘scarecrows’ today;   including my biking out to Ardross into a southeast wind.     Coming back was easy.    That said I did the Ardross trip when the wind was at its quietest, and therefore warmest!    It turned colder later in the afternoon;   by which time I was entrenched in Ivy with a hot cuppa.... ‘scarecrow mission’ nigh on completed.    Although I had my phone in my pocket I didn’t switch it onto ‘tracker’,  so I don’t know the total distance travelled.

Lookout Bobbys about
When I went out at 09.30 I thought  I’d be the first ‘tourist’ on the road, but not so... there were a few family groups making an early start.    My morning mission ended when I saw Jimmy heading for Ivy... on the way home I met Myra who was making for the Harbour House, ... by this time the streets were busy.

After a morning cuppa Jimmy set orf for the harbour, and I went along to the Pavilion.     On my travels I met Brian twice;  the first time was as I was leaving Ivy.... he was looking for Moira and Morven;  the second time was at the Pavilion where he found Moira and Morven ... oh and ‘me’.    I ended my morning ‘session’ down at the Sailing Club with Jimmy, Steve and Gordon, .... chatted about scarecrows for a while then had a bacon roll for lunch.    I left Beauty and The Beast
the Sailing Club to ‘do’ the Wadeslea area, and Ardross Farm Shop.... and was back home in Ivy about 14.30, after an enjoyable ‘day’ chatting to loads of  friends.    Actually I might do it all again tomorrow.... I like talking to people.

Tomorrow if forecast to be much the same as today... cloudy with spells of sunshine, but, ... it is going to be windier, from the East, so it will feel colder.    I’m hoping to get out on the bike again .... though I’m not keen on biking in East winds:  East winds dry the delicate skin.     The answer would be to use sun cream I guess ... even when it isn’t sunny.

Photographs : Top – “The Dug”, Middle –  “Look out – Bobby’s about!” and Bottom – “Tale as Old as Time” ... Beauty and The Beast.

28th April 2017 (Friday) .....   09.00  and we have a beautiful morning for “Elie (and Earlsferry) Scarecrow Festival” Day One;   bright, sunny and warm with very little wind;   it is forecast to cloud over inGreybeard and Bush Baby
the afternoon , but to remain dry.     The ‘Festival’ ends on Bank Holiday Monday.     Maps can be bought (£2) from the shops in Elie.    ‘Your’ money goes to the Elie (and Earlsferry) Fayre Day Group.... and all the money it raises goes to support various local organisations and charities.

21.00    It has been a lovely day for wandering around the villages looking for ‘scarecrows’ .... and we have had a lot of folks doing just that.   It is a good family event, and not only do you have the fun on looking for the scarecrows, you get the joy of wandering around our lovely villages;   and there are convenient places to stop for a rest and refreshments:  don’t forget to visit the harbour!

Adam was a Gardener
I went out for a walk along the beach first thing this morning and it was absolutely stunning .... the ‘Mara’ seaweed gatherer’s were working down  among the rocks at the edge of the tide, on what must have been a perfect morning for them.    It certainly was a perfect morning for a walk along the beach.    I went up to the High Street  to photographs the ‘Ferry’ scarecrows then ambled home by way of  the High Street to Ivy and a cuppa.    Jimmy appeared, for his morning visit to the Hutte, with his, usual, accurate timing;   arriving, just as the kettle reached the boil.   We discussed this and that ... the outcome of which was that I’d join Jimmy for a visit to the Windmill in the afternoon.

When Jimmy left, to go down to the harbour, I took the camera and went out to photograph some more of the local ‘scarecrows’:   ‘Jo’ (near neighbour), who had been along to Elie for the paper, appeared while I was doing this;   her ‘plan’ for the afternoon was to go round Kincraig Point.    That is my kind o’ plan!    Mind you it takes me a lot longer to do that walk now, but, on a braw day, it is a bonnie way to spend ‘time’.

Chris was in excellent ‘form’ this afternoon, as was Wilma and Dot:  ‘Dot Jack and Victor
chatting happily with all and sundry .... I’m in there somewhere.   ‘Dot’ was the Head of some Office in the GPO in Edinburgh .... and ‘hires and fires’ her fellow Residents... and me, on a regular basis.    I was ‘fired’, then ‘hired’, then ‘fired’, again, all in the course of 10 minutes.    ‘Dot’ is actually an interesting person to listen too, because much of what she says probably did happen.   Maggie worked for the GPO in Edinburgh, but not in the same office as ‘Dot’.

My ‘plan’ was to go out with the camera in the evening but it turned awfie grey and cool so I’m going out, on the bike with the camera tomorrow;   the forecast is ‘good’.

Photographs :  all ‘scarecrows’ ... Top – ‘Greybeard and Bush Baby’, Middle –  ‘Adam was a gardener’, and Bottom –  ‘Jack and Victor’.

27th April 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... 08.00    It’s a braw kind of morning;  a mixture of clouds, and ‘bloo’ sky, with a frisky wind..... Chestnut Tree leaves
however it’s not too warm yet, though it is supposed to become warmer later today.     The wind is forecast to increase by midday so I’m going out on the bike after I’ve fed “Blob” and friends.... I expect the will villages be busy this weekend, with it being the ‘may day’ Bank holiday.   

22.00     I did go out on the bike after breakfast;  up to Elie for the paper,  then home by the estate.   I saw a Red Squirrel this morning... in fact I might have seen two, but I wasn’t sure about the second sighting.      The oaken beams of ‘Oak House’  are beginning to disappear behind different layers of cladding;  but will still be visible on the inside.    Having said that, the “Oak House” is going to look ‘different’ from its more traditional neighbour:  the ‘floor plan’ is unusual!    There are two houses being built on the site just now, and there
The Oak House
are another two plots waiting to be developed.  

I spent most of the morning doing housework , though I managed to forget to do the washing that’s in the machine.... it will be done tonight, and hung out first thing in the morning.   Luckily  ... er ... Jimmy came along and I had to stop and put on the kettle;   I did not do anymore housework, until after lunch;  even then it was only a perfunctory thing to make me feel less guilty;   I had the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon.    
Although the wind rose in strength  after lunch time, it had lost the chilliness Elie harbour
of the past few days, and I biked along to the ‘Cafe’.    The ‘Cafe’ was busy,  and laughter, and chattering, is the sound of happy customers'.      

As is our norm after the ‘Cafe’ Jimmy and I went down to the harbour;   yacht Artemis was leaving the harbour for a sail round the bay, and the ‘Auld Place’ looked bonnie in the afternoon sun;  a nice place to potter around for half an hour.

Tomorrow is the first day of the ‘Elie Scarecrow Festival’ (and ‘Earlsferry’) so the villages should be busy.    The weather forecast is ‘good’ ... but it could turn cloudier in the afternoon with the chance of a light shower.
Photographs : Top – the fresh green leaves of a Chestnut Tree, Middle – the ‘Oak House’, and Bottom – Elie harbour.

26th April 2017 (Wednesday)  .... 08.00    We have “bright and sunny” this morning, but it is forecast to cloud over later:  and,  that cauld wintry feel to Ineos shale gas tanker off Kirkcaldy
the air, is still with us.    I’m organised for Leven, and Kirkcaldy;   I only have the bird feeders to fill...cannae neglect “Blob and Co".... and have a cuppa.

20.30    ‘The Boy’ has had a hectic day, and is looking forward to having a ‘sleep in’ tomorrow morning.     The Kirkcaldy trip was a successful mission, as was getting the car timing belt fitted.   The next thing with the car is to get the rear wheel arches looking bonnier;  this could be the problem.    In the meantime I’m going to enjoy driving ‘her’.

When in Kirkcaldy I had a walk down to ‘the Prom’, which is a mile and half of traffic free perambulating space:   it was also nigh on free of people ‘perambulating’ today... then again, there was a cool Northerly wind blowing.
On the way back to the Bus Station I ‘tangled’ up with a couple of men selling something!    One of the blokes said to me, ... “if I gave you 20p what could you buy with that?”    I replied ... “ two thirds of entry to the loo.... and at my age two thirds into a loo isn’t much good!”    I think I was supposed to sign up to donate 20p a day to his Charity... but I didn’t.    I already donate to Arthurs Seat from Kirkcaldy Prom
Charities at Christmas time.

At the Bus Station  I contemplated having a cuppa, but  decided to meander round the ‘stances’, and, lo and behold,  found a bus going to Leven:  it was the X27, which ... and I didn’t know this ... travels to Leven via the ‘Standin’ Stane road:  not that travelling on the ‘Standin’ Stane’ road is “iggzactly” exciting, but it is unusual to do it in a bus.   It must be one of the fastest bus Elie Harbour
journeys between Kirkcaldy and Leven;   well it would have been if we hadn’t got stuck ‘ahent’ something crawling along at 20 mph. for a mile or so.
It is supposed to be warmer, and dry,  tomorrow.... though remaining windy;  in fact it will be a good ‘drying’ day.     Better still, I should get out on the bike again soon.    I’m not keen on cold winds..... I must be getting ‘older’.
Photographs : Top – Shale Gas tanker orf Kirkcaldy, Middle – Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh, and Bottom – Elie harbour.

25th April 2017 (Tuesday) ....  we have some interesting clouds around this morning .... oh... jings, I nearly forgot;  we also have a thin layer (1cm) of snow ....  snow having the audacity to fall onto The Royal Burgh! .... this is notElie this morning
I’ve been out for a  walk;  up to the Pony Field and golf course, then down to the beach.    There are heavy clouds that could bring in more showers of snow/sleet, but the sky seems to be clearing from the West so we might end up with a bonnie, if cold, afternoon.  Jimmy needs to go shopping so that will take us up until lunch time.    I might get the bike out in the afternoon.

22.30     I never did get the bike out,... there was a gale o’ wind most of the afternoon, with the odd shower (hail/sleet) passing over, so I abandoned any thought of biking.    Having said that I did walk down to the beach in the early
Threatening sky but bonnie
evening.... by this time the wind had dropped and it was quite warm in the evening sunshine, and I enjoyed a pleasant half hour bumbling around the edge of the tide.    Oh .... the snow that we woke up to, didn’t last long .... it had disappeared before 10.00.

Jimmy and I did a ‘quick shop’ in Leven in the morning, and had a cuppa in Ivy when we got back.... that took us up to lunch time.   My afternoon was taken up making Macaroni Cheese and working around Ivy.    Jimmy came along later in the afternoon, and we sat in the Hutte drinking tea and watching the birds.  The Blackbirds are feeding young so they were busy trying to find food:   I gave them ‘Cheese Worms’, and some apples, to help them get through the day.    ‘Scrawny Bag’, (female Blackie), is getting to be as tame as “Blob” and comes into Ivy if I’m not quick enough with the food!

Jim and Jimmy came for our weekly ...  ‘sort the world out’ over a cuppa Tuesday evening natter.    We covered a variety of topics tonight;   I think we Elie bay in the early evening
even mentioned ‘Brexit’ at one time. 

Tomorrow I drop the car orf at Leven, then take the bus to Kirkcaldy to buy a pair of shoes (Clarke’s).    I’ll have lunch etc. before going back to leven to pick up the car.   The weather forecast is for it to be much the same as today ... minus the snow.

Photographs : Top – The golf course this morning, Middle  and Bottom -  the beach in the early evening... absolutely gorgeous.

24th April 2017 (Monday) ... 08.00    we have a “bright, breezy and cold” morning ... a good morning for being out and about, well wrapped up,Looking West from the Cockstail rocks
or  sheltered from the wind.    My ‘plan’ involves taking the Fiesta along to the garage for a check over.... and I might as well go to Sainsbury’s for a coffee... and a wee ‘shopping’ .... when I’m finished at the garage.

20.00     Jings ... we had one wild spell of weather in the middle of the afternoon;   heavy showers of hailstones, with a wind of at F8.   I did not go out on the bike today.    The wind dropped by evening time, but the heavy shower clouds remained.... and it was much colder, with a real wintry feel to it.

The mechanics are happy with the Fiesta, but, and I was expecting this .... the timing belt has to be replaced.   I am happy to do this, and have the wheel arches made good.     ‘She’ goes in for the timing belt on Wednesday, and Letham Glen Leven
when that is done I’ll go down to Kingdom Auto to see about the wheel arches.   After all this work is done, I’ll have a run to Pettycur Harbour to celebrate.

As ‘planned’ I went to Sainsbury’s and had a cuppa and some kind of “Puku” building biscuit.    It tasted good... so it mostly likely wasn’t.   Good i.e.   I also did a wee ‘shopping’ when in Sainsbury’s, then went across to the ‘Cheap Shop’ to get some ‘monkey nuts’ for the birds.    The Leven trip was a complete success.

When I was down on the beach this morning I met, and was talking to a lassie lady from Edinburgh;  we got round to talking about  local history, mostly Earlsferry local history.     I like talking about Earlsferry .... and could haveLetham Glen Cherry Blossom
gone on longer/forever.... and would have walked along to the Pilgrim’s Pier with her, but I was ‘running late’ for Leven;   this was a pity, because this lady was really interested in the history of both villages,...  and she is away back to Edinburgh.

Jimmy needs to go shopping tomorrow so we’ll go along to Leven to get him some food, probably in the morning.    It’s forecast to be windy and cold again tomorrow, so a good day for shopping.  

Photographs : Top – looking West from the Cockstail Rocks, Middle and Bottom – the Cherry Blossom in Letham Glen, Leven.

23rd April 2017 (Sunday) .......  “Happy St George’s Day” to all my  friends in Merry England this morning.... do a bit of the Morris dancing, pick dandelion flowers to make wine with;   enjoy  your Patron Saint’s Day, whatever you choose to do!   
We have a slightly overcast and cool morning in the East Neuk, but it shouldElie Harbour
brighten up later on.    I’ve been ‘doon at the harbour’ and roond Elie Estate on the bike;  it’s a nice morning for being active.    I’d do some Morris dancing but I’m clean out o’ bits o’ wood:   and my knees are sair!

Kinneuchar Loch
21.30     I had to make do with the Union Flag for St George;   I must get a proper St George’s cross flag for next year.    I have been fairly busy today;  going down to the harbour and round Elie Estate on the bike before breakfast.... then some gardening after breakfast:    and I managed to get dirt under my nails like a proper gardener does.    No wonder I was feeling ‘weak and tired’ by lunch time.    Having said that Jimmy came along for a cuppa ..... he likes the Lemon Tea stuff that he gets in Lidl’s.     I had run out of his Lemon stuff, and  gave him a cup o’ Tetley Finest yesterday, nae milk or sugar... the way I take it.     He didn’t like that;  and brought along two jars of his ‘lovely’ Lemon Tea this morning.     My reputation for tea/coffee making is not good.
I continued with the gardening in the afternoon, until ‘weakness and tiredness’ caught up with me:  I fell asleep , only for 10 minutes or so, in the Hutte, and woke up with “Blob” perched on my shoe... glowerin’.    He had cleaned up the Hutte floor and was looking for more.

The bird bath has been used;   I know this because the water has more or lessElie harbour this afternoon
disappeared.    I’ll fill it up tomorrow morning.
I notice that the ‘BT Hub’ is flashing and the men, are not working at the ‘phone box cupboard’... so it must be people playing games on the computer and choking up the lines.   Apparently this is a UK wide problem.   Everything was fine up until about 17.00.... now  I get five minutes uninterrupted online  then five minutes offline, up to 22.00 (ish) then it’s Okay again.   I guess their ‘games’ will be getting interrupted too!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for it to me much the same as today... only colder.   
Photographs : Top – the Harbour this morning, Middle – Kinneuchar Loch this morning, and Bottom – the harbour this afternoon.

22nd April 2017 (Saturday) ....  08.00   Gorgeous morning for ‘CraneElie harbour crane in
In’.... ‘bright and sunny’ with a light westerly wind.    A braw morning for watching the boats goin’ in..... though it is cool;  and will be even cooler down at the harbour!     There are a few clouds appearing from the West... they always add interest to photographs... though we won’t  need clouds to do that at ‘Crane In’..... there will be plenty, interesting, ‘nautical’ activity going on.   Orf to have a cuppa.

Elie harbour
20.30   ‘Crane In’ went smoothly, and all the boats were ‘in’ before midday;  except the wooden boat I;   the owner didn’t turn up so it remains on the ‘grass’... where it has been for 18 months.    It was cold down at the harbour, but braw in the ‘Club House’, where I had a cuppa with Jimmy and Steve.   After that I left the warmth of the Club to go out and get some photos.   I spoke to a lady from Lower Largo;   she was taking photos, for an ‘exhibition’ in the Elie Sailing Club in August, from the top of the hill... and was ‘frozen’.   I then wandered out to the pier and took a few photos of the activity;   the harbour isElie harbour
‘alive’ again after what seems to have been a long winter.    John arrived at the harbour, having walked over from Shell Bay caravan park ... John has to do 10,000 steps every day:  not Linda’s instruction:   John was wearing his “Fit-Bit”, which is like having a ‘trainer’ with you 24 hours a day.    I wonder if I should get one?

Jimmy went along to Chapel Green for his morning walk, as did John ... on his way home to Shell Bay... by which time I imagine he must have almost covered his 10,000 steps for today.    John and Linda come over most weekends.
In the afternoon... after a quick ‘50’ .... I set up the bird bath:  and it has been well used already .... including by “Blob”.     The wood Pigeons have still to Elie harbour
find it... they  empty it when they have a bath... with water flying everywhere.

I notice that my BT ‘hub’ is going off at regular intervals;  uploading the Hutte could be a tricky job tonight.    I have to do the uploading in the intervals it is working.   The problem, it seems, e have the workmen installin new connections up at the 'phone box'.

We have had a lovely, if cold, day .... in fact there’s a wintry feel to the air;   and it is forecast to become colder over the next few days.

I read on the news that  Minke Whale had to be rescued round at Shell Bay.... I’m wondering if it will show up in Elie Bay next!

Photographs :  all taken at ‘Crane In’ this morning.

21st April 2017 (Friday)  .... 08.30    It’s overcast and windy this morning, but dry:    I hope it stays that way, because I have two jerseys on the Interesting sky
line.    The sun is forecast to break through later in the afternoon, so I’m feeling ‘positive’ .... and ‘friskier’ than I have done  for the past few days.  
The only ‘plan’ for today, is the  setting up of a bird bath;  “Blob” and friends need to have a bath now and again.    I have the equipment, all I need to do is fit it all together!

21.30    Mmmmm....  this has been a sort of ‘mixed up’ day for me.   For a start I didn’t get the bird bath erected:   but I did fill the bath part so the birds
Evening sunlit Elie Harbour
could have a bath, but it’s on the ground, and I don’t like that:  the problem was it began to rain so I went to Leven to do some shopping.
The ‘Food Bank’ folks were in Sainsbury’s;   I donated and ended up with two new ‘girlfriends’.   When you really think about it there’s something far wrong with our country, when some folks are relying on food donations.     I mean we can afford to fight unwinnable wars (at great cost in both money and lives), but can’t afford to take care of our own folk?  .... this is something the Government should be ashamed of.   However as long as there are folks, like my ‘new girlfriends’, caring about the less fortunate, there is hope .... and ‘love’ ... in this country;  no thanks to the Government.    Moan over .... but I feel better after that.

You will remember the jerseys I mentioned  in the first paragraph?   When I Elie Estate road
got back to Ivy I suddenly remembered them too, .... they were out on the line;  my two soaking jerseys, out on the line, I might add!... because they had been well soaked in the heavy shower that rattled over when I was in Leven.    I put them (the jerseys) through the spin cycle and hung them up on a ‘horse’ in the Hutte.   So all’s well that ends well.

There will be much activity at the harbour tomorrow morning;    the boats are being ‘craned in’ .... starting at 09.00(ish).      I have a suspicion that Jimmy and I will be ‘doon at the harbour’ for most of the morning.   The weather forecast is ‘mostly bright and sunny, with a light westerly wind... and slightly colder.

Photographs : Top – interesting sky, this morning, over Elie Bay, Middle – Elie harbour in evening sunlight, and Bottom – part of the Elie Estate road that I bike.

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