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21st August 2017 (Monday) .... 09.30 Oh my word .... we have an absolutely stunning morning.... a proper “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” morning. I went out at 06.50 and Elie at 0700
got back to Ivy at 08.40. In between those times I went up to Chapel Green, Elie Estate and Kinneuchar Loch, then down to Elie Harbour; I was ready for breakfast by the time I got back to Ivy.... but I was happy, and I hadn’t been ‘happy’ when I woke up; being stressed a bit, thinking about the parking situation in the ‘Royal Burgh’.... a problem that rapidly evaporated when I got going on the bike.

​​​​​​​The seaweed harvesters were down at Chapel Ness.... you hardly know they are there, because they don’t talk much, presumably in case they disturb the ‘village’; I wouldn’t make a good seaweed harvester. There was a bonnie ‘light’ about... with fog coming in, but at that time the sun was shining. From Chapel Green I went up to the Loch .... the water was like a mirror. A Wood Pigeon started cooing behind me, and a cow mooing somewhere to the east of me.... stuff that dreams are made of. I ‘hung around’ the boathouse area hoping the ‘swan’ family would make an appearance.... but they didn’t. I poodled my way down to Elie.... and the fog. On the Kinneuchar Loch
way down The Terrace I met Graham out walking ‘Sapper’.... we talked about vintage cars then I scampered my way home... while Graham, and sapper, went for the 'paper shop'.

20.00  This has been an enjoyable day; I’ve had a healthy amount of exercise, and taken a ‘number’ of, what I think are good reflection photographs. I met, and chatted to Tom Scotland up at Chapel Green ....having gone up there at 11.00 to get a few misty photographs.... I didn’t realise it was Tom until he introduced himself. We talked about how much the village, Earlsferry, has changed in the past 60 years.... the number of shops we used to have, and the ‘community’ around the shops; although the village
Kinneuchar loch
​​​​​​​hasn’t changed that much physically, the ‘locals’ are few in number; however the few ‘locals’ that are left, have been bolstered by folks retiring to the village, and the ‘new community’, albeit small in number, is fiercely proud of the heritage of the village.... the ‘Royal Burgh of Earlsferry’. Oh Oh ... a migraine has kicked in; it must be the change in the weather; and the wind direction.

The forecast for tomorrow is not brilliant, though rain is supposed to pass over us overnight, leaving us with a grey, possibly wet at times day tomorrow.

Photographs : Top – Elie from Chapel Green at 07.00, Middle and Bottom - Kilconquhar Loch.

20th August 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.30 We have ‘bright and sunny’ with a nice autumnal North Westerly breeze; and I’m feeling animated. I’ve been round Chapel Green.... I’m now having

Kinneuchar loch
breakfast, one and a half Shredded Wheat with honey and milk, followed by a mug of coffee .... while I wait for the washing machine to finish birlin’ so that I can hang out the washing, before going up to Elie for a paper. It’s a lovely for spreading love and happiness around .... and, we have Teas/Coffee in Kilconquhar Church this afternoon, the very place to find copious amounts of all four.... love, happiness, tea and coffee.... plus goodies.

20.30   Oh my word ... didn’t we do well at the Kinneuchar Coffee/Tea afternoon .... three boys (senior variety), and one real boy managed to clear their two tier cake stand... as in nothing left. We have been missing our ‘goodies’. The Coffee/Tea afternoon was quiet... which was disappointing; that said, we had love and happiness in abundance!

Harvest time
Jimmy and I went down to the Sailing Club to torment ... er chat to Lorraine and have a cuppa. Lorraine wasn’t there so we had the cuppa; and during the ‘having’ of it, Lorraine and Stuart appeared: they had been out for a romantic run in the car. Mike came in after his last trip round the bay’ for today; he, Mike, was quickly followed by another sailor .... I became quite dizzy listening to all the nautical talk.

It has been a lovely evening; actually it has been a lovely day, though it did turn rather cloudy for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Anyway I went down to my er the beach for a relaxing
Elie beach
daunder, thinking it would be quiet; to my surprise it was busy so I had a quick walk down to the water, took a few photos, then scampered back up to Ivy.   I'm slightly disappointed tonight, I was expecting to find a few more ‘parking places’ to choose from after today, but it seems that we might have another week of a ‘parking lottery’.   Parking has been diabolical for the past three weeks.... I've taken to moving the car only when absolutely necessary.

Tomorrow is forecast to be another bonnie, and less windy, day.   I’ll get ‘up and out’ early, then back into Ivy to hibernate for the remainder of the day.

Photographs : Top – The ‘Swan’ family on Kilconquhar Loch, Middle – harvest time, and Bottom – ‘my’ the beach this evening.

19th August 2017 (Saturday) ... 09.00 There’s a frisky Northwest wind this morning.... apart from that wind, and it being

Pittenweem harbour
cool, it’s a lovely, fresh morning; but really windy, and cauld, down at the harbour. My immediate ‘plan’ is to make a flask of Coffee, and one of Lemon Tea, so that Jimmy and I can have our morning cuppa on The Boss’s seat; it, The Boss’s seat, is sheltered from the west wind. Linda and John have already been up there and left a posy of flowers ; for this is the the first time I couldn't put a Dunblane Rose on the seat .... because of the wet summer.

20.30   The frisky wind became really frisky round about midday; this friskiness curtailed my biking plans. I’d been out on the bike, three times round the villages on special missions, so I’ve done ‘nae bad’ for exercise. One of the missions was ‘Morning Coffee’ on the Boss’s Seat; Jimmy missed that because he was coming
West Shore Pittenweem
down, from Chapel Green, as I was going up: we had another ‘morning coffee’ in the Hutte.

After pruning one of the rose bushes, I decided that it might be too early in the season to do this; I Googled the subject, and it turns out that I can prune them lightly After summer(?) then ‘hit them’ in March. I’ll continue with the pruning ‘ra morra’.

Jimmy was at a loose end in the afternoon; we had a cuppa and made plan: to go along to St Monans harbour, Pittenweem harbour, then come home by a circuitous route. Sam (Jimmy’s grandson) was blowing up flat things, with a compressor, in St Monans, ... they were round when he finished, .... we had an ice cream in Pittenweem, and then travelled back to Elie via the dump
Pittenweem harbour
(Pittenweem) , Arncroach, and Kinneuchar. This filled in the afternoon nicely.
It’s strange; when I’m sitting in Ivy I notice if I have any ‘sair bits’; as soon as I go out with the camera, they, the sair bits, vanish. I took the last of my anti biotic pills today and they have been ‘bothersome’.... I should begin to get back to normal tomorrow. Jings.... that’s another thing to worry about .... being ‘normal’.

Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer, and less windy... with the chance of showers later.

Photographs : Top – the Ice Cream shop at Pittenweem harbour, Middle – West Shore, Pittenweem, and Bottom – Pittenweem harbour.

18th August 2017 (Friday) .... 07.30 It’s hard to believe that, eight years ago on this date, Maggie suddenly 

Elie harbour
departed this life .... to potter around, tidying up and sorting out Heaven. My unimaginable loss was Heaven’s gain. The fact that I am still ‘here’, and enjoying being alive is down to all the love shown by family and friends.... a huge “Thank You” and heaps of ‘love’ to one and all xxxx. Oh ... and I still get ‘advice’ when sitting on, ‘The Boss’s seat’.... so “Thank You” to ‘The Boss’ who is keeping me ‘nearly right’.

As forecast we have a miserable morning; windy and wet, but there are occasional times when the sky shows signs of breaking up, which makes me think the sun will break through by lunch time.  But who cares about the weather; we live in the happiest county in Scotland.... and the over 65’s are the happiest age group.

20.00   The sky did ‘break up’, and, for a wee while it was leasant,... however we’ve had some really heavy showers in the afternoon, which had me putting the bike away at 17.00.

St Monans beach
Jimmy brought a Crown Estates Salmon Fisheries map, of the local area, along this morning for us to browse. We spent the rainy bit of the morning browsing .... found a place called ‘Scuddie Hill’, and, when the rain had moved away, went up to Colinsburgh for fuel, and to have a look at the aforementioned hill, intrigued as to how it got that name. In the online Scots Dictionary it means either, “scrubby and poor”, or “somebody wi’ nae claes on”. I came to the conclusion that it must have been a scrubby piece of ground is now a hump, in a well tended field.... because I can’t imagine why folk would want to run around, wi’ nae claes on, at the top of a wee hill. From Scuddie Hill’ we went to St Monans St Monans
harbour so that Jimmy could cast at eye over whatever Ian (his son), and Sam (his grandson) were doing. I took some photos because that’s what I do; we had a ‘busy sky’ today, and I’m happy. That’s as it should be.... being that we live in the happiest county in Bonnie Scotland.

The villages seems to be ‘up to the eyeballs’ with vehicles tonight; perhaps there’s something ‘on’ tomorrow.

According to the weather forecast for ‘ra morra’.... we are going to have more sunny spells; with, by now almost mandatory, showers later in the day.

Photographs : Top – Elie Harbour, Middle – interesting sky over St Monans beach, and Bottom – Mid Shore, St Monans.

17th August 2017 (Thursday) ... 09.00 This morning we have, near enough, a ‘wall to wall’ hazy, blue sky; a bonnie, 

Alba Na Mara
‘bright and breezy’ start to Thursday. I’ve been out (bike) and, being that I am feeling energetic, I’ll take advantage of the weather and go out again this morning: the forecast for Friday (tomorrow) is not good.

21.00    I have just realised that we haven’t had any rain today; now I’ll have the worry about having to water the garden! Yes we have had a lovely day.... and I did get out on the bike again; up to Chapel Green in the evening to get the sunlit village from a different angle .... and some more photos of ‘The Trinq’ at the bottom of the Doom/Dome Park. It’s probably ‘Doom’ as human bones were unearthed when they were ploughing it to plant potatoes during WWII. Might the humans bones be the remains of
The Trinq
pilgrims who expired in the Earlsferry Chapel Hospital? They would have to be buried somewhere.... and, I suspect that, with over the 300 years ‘worth’ of pilgrims, quite a number would die in the ‘hospital’.

It has been far too warm for me to go out in the afternoon, even though I did have sun cream on my face. Instead, I pottered around the garden. My roses have had a bad year with ‘black spot’; caused by the wet summer. This means a serious pruning, and clearing away of the dead leaves etc then spraying with fungicide . I’ll have to keep an eye on them, the roses, next year, and nip any signs of black spot as soon as it shows. The only plants to have enjoyed this summer would appear to be the weeds ... er native flora.
Dome or Doom Park

The Scottish Marine Research vessel, ‘Alba Na Mara’, is on an East Coast Scallop Survey; taking, and checking, samples from the Orkneys down to the Firth of Forth. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this is. ‘She ‘ is at anchor off St Andrews tonight.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow morning, with a more broken sky and spells of sunshine by midday .... maybe. No wonder my roses have black spot.

Photographs : Top – The Scottish Marine Research vessel “Alba Na Mara” leaving Largo Bay, Middle – The Trinq and Walkers Rock, and Bottom – The Doom/Dome Park.

16th August 2017 (Wednesday) ... 10.00 I’ve been out early on what is my favourite kind of morning; calm and peaceful. I went along to Elie, for the papers, then down to the

Elie harbour
​​​​​​​ harbour to get a few ‘reflection’ photographs: not that I need them .... I already have hundreds ... but our villages do reflections bonnily. From the harbour I sped(?) along to Chapel Green to get some photos of Captain Latto, who was setting creels close into Walker’s Rock.

When I was taking the Chapel Green photos I suddenly became aware of a cloud of insects flying around my head... ants doing their nuptial flight! I was ‘stood staunin’ smack on top of their nest. I moved away from them, 30 metres or so, but they followed me; some Queens had landed on my hat,and  jacket;   the males, who were ‘in love’, followed ‘my’ Queens. After shaking the ants orf my jacket and hat I moved a further 10 metres away... nae ants.
Luckily, being ‘in love’ they had other things on their minds so weren’t biting.

20.00   Jimmy ran out of the porridge cartons that he prefers.....and the best place to buy then is the ‘Bargain Store’ in Leven.... so that is where we went this morning: getting back to Elie, with just enough time for me, to get the bike into the shed before the rain arrived. Since then we’ve had a funny kind of day..... mostly overcast, with occasional spells o’ rain.

Our villages are still busy with holiday makers, though I think it should quieten down after this next weekend. Oh that reminds me: this afternoon, I’d fallen asleep watching the tele .... and, thinking
Creel boat Pursuit
​​​​​​​ I’d been asleep for about an hour and a half, I went out to the gate to ‘waken up’. I hadn’t noticed two holiday makers coming Ferry Road, and when I turned round... well, I very suddenly ‘woke up’. How long had I been asleep? .... ten minutes.    I made a cuppa and trimmed my beard. Not at the same time!

I had a wander down to, and along, the beach in the evening, and was surprised to find that others had the same idea; probably glad to get out after the rain. It wasn’t that warm on the beach ... the wind was from the Southeast. Tomorrow is supposed to be brighter ... i.e. more, and longer, spells of sunshine.

Photographs : Top – Elie Granary, Middle – Elie from the pier, and Bottom – Captain Latto off the Dome Park in his creel boat, “Pursuit”.

15th August 2017 (Tuesday) ...08.30 There’s a lot of cloud about, and I have a washing to hang out: it looks like we Shearwater II at the creels
could get showers but I’m going to hang it (the washing) out anyway, and hope the showers miss us. There is ‘bloo’ sky to the West .... and ... it’s coming our way!

HMS Queen Elizabeth (aircraft carrier) is in the English Channel making for her home port Portsmouth, ... arriving there early tomorrow, Wednesday, morning. Albatross is still moored up off Corpus Christi.

The washing is ‘out’; now I’m going to have a walk down to the beach,...  have a cuppa when I get back to Ivy, then do some ‘ousework.

Elie kirk tower
15.00 Oh my word .... this is ‘ree-dic-u-liss’, the shade temperature in Ivy garden is 23c; that’s Okay for mad dogs and Englishmen, (Noel Coward), but not for this Scottish Boy who likes cool! Here are the first two verses of “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”.

Mad Dogs And Englishmen Noel Coward

In tropical climes there are certain times of day
When all the citizens retire to tear their clothes off and perspire.
It's one of the rules that the greatest fools obey,
Because the sun is much too sultry
And one must avoid its ultry-violet ray.
The natives grieve when the white men leave their huts,
Because they're obviously, definitely nuts!

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,
The Japanese don´t care to, the Chinese wouldn´t dare to,
Hindus and Argentines sleep firmly from twelve to one
But Englishmen detest-a siesta.
In the Philippines they have lovely screens to protect you from the glare.
In the Malay States, there are hats like plates which the Britishers won't wear.
At twelve noon the natives swoon and no further work is done,
But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

22.00    Apart from a couple of fairly heavy, but very short showers, we have had a braw summer’s day.... and a drying one. Tomorrow is forecast to be much the same.

I've had a ‘ousework day , doing the kitchen and bathroom, then
South Street Elie houses
washing the lobby floors ... oh, .... and I pulled a few weeds. It was too hot to do a lot of weeding, so I retired to the Hutte and did a Soduko.

Jim, Jimmy and I (Last of the Summer Wine) had our weekly evening sorting out ‘things local’; not there’s ever anything ‘sorted’ but we do cover a lot of ‘local history’.

Photographs : Top – “Shearwater II” at the creels, Middle – Elie church tower from Chapel Ness, and Bottom – South Street Elie houses that overlook the bay.

14th August 2017 (Monday) .... Jings, the buddleia bush is looking wet and miserable this dreich morning: we have steady rain, and only a breath of wind (from the south east), so the flower-heads are heavy, with water dripping orf the ends .... not a 

Interesting sky over Edinburgh
pretty sight. The rain is forecast to become more ‘intermittent’ by the afternoon, with a small chance of some sightings of the sun: this is definitely a good “coffee in Sainsbury’s Cafe, followed by a shopping session” morning. Must go, slight flap on... not good when I’m going to have my BP checked.

21.00    The shopping trip to Leven was a good move ... it wasn’t raining in Leven, and the sun broke through the clouds. That weather eventually moved along to Elie and Earlsferry, but not until after midday.... but it has been a funny kind of day with the weather... very unsettled. I had an enjoyable ‘retail therapy’ session in Sainsbury’s, managing to remember everything that was on the list; the list was at home,.... on the kitchen worktop! It was raining when I got back to Ivy, but not to heavily: which was handy because I had to ‘moor’ the car, a long way up the High Street .... near Castwell Wynd.

Elie Harbour
My BP was fine this morning , but it has been erratic so I’ve to keep an ‘eye on it’.... and make an appointment if it doesn’t settle down. I’m just a ‘bag o’ nerves’. In point of fact, The first thing the Nurse said was.... “you have a UTI”, so I am on a course of antibiotics to clear that up. No wonder I’ve been feeling ‘under the weather’ for the past few days.

In the afternoon Jimmy and I were having a cuppa, in Ivy, when Jimmy had a brainwave; “let’s go down to see Lorraine on this miserable looking afternoon .... she is bound to be missing us!”. Into the car we leapt ... er crept ...and were down at the harbour in ‘nae time’ where Lorraine, who had been ‘ooverin’ and dustin’
This evening
with a view to scampering orf home; was ever so glad to see us. We lingered at Lorraine’s for a few minutes (45 or so) then we scampered out to the car so that Lorraine could get finished for the day. The sacrifices we ‘boy’s’ have to make to keep the girls happy. On the way back to Ivy, I called in at the Chemist to pick up the aforementioned antibiotics.

The weather is forecast to be brighter tomorrow... but we might have a random shower later in the day.

'Nae plan’ for tomorrow, but I want to get out on the bike... which I haven’t been able to do today. I    did have a walk down to the beach in the evening.

Photographs :  Top – Edinburgh from Elie harbour... I must visit Edinburgh Castle and take a photo of Elie harbour from there! .... Middle – Elie harbour, and Bottom, – this evening from Nana’s seat. I’ve always wanted a model in the foreground .... I didn’t expect a mutt!

13th August 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.30 Jings the village was quiet this morning .... with only John, a singleton jogger,

0630 this morning
myself, and the ‘Paper Shop’ staff visible first thing; however the ‘active’ population had increased by the time I was on my way home. It is a lovely morning by the way; there’s a touch of autumn in the air... perfect for being ‘up and out’ early. It’s strange how fireworks are only set orf late at night .... one of those ‘banger’ things at 06.00 would have had everyone ‘up’, and out, enjoying the Elie and Earlsferry early morning vibes.

20.30   Today I managed to get out on the bike three times .... first time was early morning.. the second when I had a mid-morning
Elie this morning
flask of coffee up at the Boss’s Seat ... and the third time was late in the afternoon, after I’d repaired a puncture . I’d noticed that the rear tyre was losing pressure, but today it was absolutely flat. There was a thorn in the tyre,.... that’s the usual cause of punctures around this neck of the woods .... it had punctured the tube in two places about half an inch apart. I found, and removed, the thorn so everything is back to normal again. Biking is my way of keeping fit.

We have had a lovely day... sunny and warm. Jimmy and I went along to Sainsbury’s for a cuppa before lunch; I did a wee shopping when we were there. I’ve been fancying a Fish Pie so I bought two different ‘pies’ by the same producer .... "Young". One is ‘The Admiral’s Fish Pie’ ... and the other ‘The Fisherman’s Pie’. The Admiral’s Pie I had for dinner; it was tasty; but not as tasty as the salmon and prawn Pie that Tesco’s stock; they are
Nice afternoon
​​​​​​​scrumptious.... and well worth a trip up to Cupar soon.

All the folk I passed the time of afternoon with, when I was up at Chapel Green, told me that rain is forecast for tomorrow .... as in a lot of rain; so there won’t be any biking done. I have my annual ‘hypertension’ appointment tomorrow morning; I’m trying to be relaxed about it, but ‘white coat’ syndrome is sure to cut in... even with Laurie. When I think of it I may as well go shopping after my appointment .... if it’s going to be wet anyway.

Photographs : Top and Middle – “this morning” .... at both ends of the Bay, and Bottom – lovely, late afternoon.... with boats scampering about all over the place.

12th August 2017 (Saturday) .... 06.30 Mmmmm ... not only is it bleak looking... it is bleak; in fact very bleak ... and the 

Admiring the view
wind is from the North because the rain, aye it’s raining, is hitting the kitchen window: not a morning for getting ‘up and out’ early. This rain is due to clear away by 08.03 .... somewhere;  until then I will eat stuff, think, and have a few cuppas.

Today is the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ ....a day when grouse would be best advised to keep their ‘landing gear’ firmly attached to Mother Earth .... which is why the shooters employ beaters.    Gamekeeper's apart ....there's not much skill required to be a 'hunter gatherer' nowadays.​​​​

22.30 It has been a strange old day; warm and sunny after the rain cleared away, but it clouded over again by evening time, with some bonnie clouds I might add; some of which gave us spits and spots of The beach
rain. I was intending to try and get a photo of the Perseids meteor shower tonight, but .... unless the clouds make a rapid ‘exit stage left’ there’s unlikely to be any meteors seen tonight.
I went out on the bike after lunch time; just up to Chapel Green to potter around on the rocks. The villages looked braw today .... and it was warm, and summer-ish, out of the annoying wind; the beach was busy, and .... so are the villages; I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘the Ferry’ High Street so crammed full of cars.

Autumn?.... in Bonnie Scotland the word ‘autumn’, this year, signals the end of an “occasional summer spells” summer, that will soon be forgotten about, with the arrival of, joy of joy; Merganser on the bay, Curlew feeding along the tides edge, swallows and house martins gathering for their journey to warmer places..... and harvest time. Harvest time and the Creamola ‘harvest moons’.... yes, let’s look forward to Autumn ..... the “Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (John Keats): but, wait we’re in Bonnie Scotland , and do more of your ‘there’s a nip in the air... it could be frost tonight’.... than theBonnie clouds
​​​​​​​ mellow stuff. Imagine .... we might even have an ‘Indian summer’. Bring on Autumn, .... the official first day of Autumn is the 22nd September .... .... however Mother Nature has already turned ‘on’ her autumn programme ... ‘she’ has nae time for our human calendar stuff.

Tomorrow is forecast to have more sunny spells than today, .... or less cloud.... depends on how you look at it. The odd shower might drift over later.

Photographs : Top – Visitors admiring our villages, Middle – the beach the visitors were admiring, and Bottom – beautiful clouds over Earlsferry.

11th August 2017 (Friday) .... 08.30 Mmmmm .... we have rain, accompanied by a brisk wind, so not a very nice morning. There were

Overcast morning
spits and spots of rain when I went up to the ‘Paper Shop’, but it was ‘proper’ rain by the time I got back to Ivy. The bike is back in the shed... and I have the kettle ‘on’; it looks like we’re in for a wet morning at least.

21.30   We did end up with some sunny spells after lunch; however a few showers crept in during the evening to spoil it. I set out to go up to the Pony Field/Quarry but saw a heavy shower coming my way, and remembered getting caught out up there not long ago; so .... I went back to Ivy and had a cuppa! The shower didn’t touch the ‘Royal Burgh’.... ‘sod’s law’ I suppose .... I could have had my walk. I’m ‘in residence’ now, and that’s where I’m going to stay ... there’s another dark cloud towards the
Photogenic beach hut
West. I’ll get ‘up’ early in the morning and go out on the bike.

I've had a quiet day by my standards; though I did a spot of gardening after the ‘broon bucket’ was emptied. I did get the bike out in the afternoon, with the intention of going out, but the roads were busy, and it was fairly breezy; that’s when I decided to do some gardening. Not too much gardening .... I didn’t want to risk a muscle injury.... so I, unconsciously, ended up in the Hutte, where I did a Soduko; and drank the cup of tea that I’d ‘unconsciously’ made, before I ‘unconsciously’ entered the Hutte. Yep .... I can spell “unconsciously” after all! Nae red line! Jimmy arrived later in
Peaceful Elie Bay
​​​​​​​ the afternoon so I had to have another cup o’ tea ....I’ll need to get a kettle in the Hutte.

Apart from getting ‘up’ and ‘out’ in the morning, I have ‘nae plan’ .... the weather forecast is good for tomorrow; “bright spells with the chance of a shower or two”: I’m thinking positive .... any showers that are around, will miss us. If it is showery in the morning Sainsbury’s could be an attractive mission.

Photographs : Top – a grey sort of morning, Middle – the ‘end of the summer season’ look, and Bottom – peaceful Elie Bay ... this one was taken a few days ago.

10th August 2017 (Thursday)   08.30 .... It’s ‘bright and sunny’ with a brisk Northwest breeze and quite chilly .... its nearing the 

Harvest time
temperature when I’ll need gloves when out on the bike early.... but a nice morning for doing things. ‘Doing things’ reminds me; I was sitting on The Bosses seat dreaming, when I noticed a lady doing some exercises; she must be the most supple person I have ever seen; some of the exercises were incredible. I came to the conclusion she had to be either a gymnast or a dancer. Beginning to feel old I abandoned the Boss’s Seat, (and the lady) to have a look at what was happening on the Firth ... and saw, what I assume was an immature dolphin jumping...., but there was only one, and dolphins don’t travel alone. It was jumping vertically with very little forward movement, and disappeared after a minute of this ‘jumping’, .... Near Kinneuchar
now I wonder if it could have been a big salmon.

20.00    ‘The Boy’ is going to sleep well tonight .... I’m tired now, having done a bit of biking, wandered round a stubble field... and the broon bucket is full tae the eyeballs. It has been a good day for ‘doing things. ‘Dod’ and Jimmy arrived in the middle of the afternoon and we had a cuppa and sorted out ‘things local’. ‘Dod’ went orf home with Marilyn’s scone recipe; this has given me the urge to make some ‘Marilyn Scones’; “Puku” likes fresh baked scones! Baking may be one of my missions tomorrow, because .... we may get a touch of ‘dampness’ .

Harvest time is one of my favourite times of the year, with much change happening on the farmland.... and loads of stubble fields to potter through. Donald (our local farmer) was warming up the combine harvester when I passed St Ford Farm this morning, so I should get some action shots...
​​​​​​​hopefully tomorrow; if Donald is combining. The weather forecast isn’t as good as we’ve had for the past three days... we could catch a shower.... which would bring harvesting to a halt.

I see on the News that two ‘bullies’ are threatening each other (and us) with their nuclear toys. Why can’t they grow up, and look around at he beautiful Planet we all live on .... there is no Planet ‘B’!

Photographs : Top – the bike ‘moored up’ to a bale, Middle – bales in a field near Kilconquhar Church, and Bottom – stubble.

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