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Here are some of my favourite links -

      Enster Weather Our local BBC weather forecast'll find it an interesting browse!
          Historic Scotland  If you love 'old Scotland' then this site brings it back to life will browse for hours!
      National trust(Scotland)  Saving Scotland for future generations is very important and the NT does that really well .....and they are 'friendly' too!
       Scottish Wildlife Trust  Love wildlife - love Scotland - you will love the Scottish Wildlife Trust ... their sites are in all parts of Scotland.
      Fife Tourist Information    OK I am biased and I love Fife ... but so will you and this site will tell you all you need to know.
           Fife Coastal path  Wandering around Fife's 'fringe of gold', and the other coastal bits as well,  is easily planned using this website
           Fife Bird Club  If you like birds then this site lets you know what 'birdie things' are  going on  in Fife... and they do it really first class!
        Fife Cycle Routes  If you need up to date info about Fife cycle routes  this is where you get it.
   Sydney's Site   The life story of a 'Ferry man' living in Oregon'll  love it.
           New Zealand  A friend of mine lives in NZ, and this is my way of getting to know about her part of the world
     New Zealand weather  Pretty much the same as ours but the cold weather comes with the south winds
   Weaverham History Society  An interesting 'local history' site  Local Fife papers by Fife Free Press
         St Monans      Really interesting site about St Monans and the "Miller's of St Monans" boatyard family. 
         East Neuk Of Fife  Fife's 'fringe of gold' site giving all the information you need for your visit whether for a day, a week or longer.


Brilliant for browsing Scotland ...historical and modern

           Elie Sailing Club  You have to visit Elie Harbour where you will get a friendly welcome ...... and refreshments/food at the Sailing Club! 
      Counting the Calories  Tells you what you probably don't want to know after you have scoffed a biscuit with your coffee/tea!

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