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Margaret and me at St Andrews
"Today I'm happy as can be,
You being you,
Me being me!
11th November 2016 (Armistice Day) ....          

On this day at 11.00, as on every Armistice Day, I think of all the brave men who lost their lives in the Great War, and in all subsequent wars;  I shall especially ?remember? 291830 Pte Frederick Bruce, 7th Bn Gordon Highlanders, my Grand Uncle, who was KIA on 14(?) April 1918.
09.30 .... We have a quiet and peaceful Armistice Morning here;   full of ?Hope? and 'Quietness',....  as it would soon be been in the trenches of the Western Front, on this morning 98 years ago.     
10th November 2016 (Thursday) ....10.00     and we have beautiful morning at the ?Centre of the Universe? .... ?bright sunny and cold?;   a perfect morning for getting things done.   I scampered along to Leven to do some shopping at Sainsbury?s:  Iain Lone jogger this morning
is coming down from Auchnagatt, at the weekend, so I thought I?d better top up with ?food and goodies?.     The roads were busier than I thought they?d be then I realised that the car clock was at ?Ivy? time.     I?d been down on the beach earlier and lost track of time:  I?m made for ?tidying up and organising?.   Orf to put the kettle ?on? .... Jimmy will be 'moored up' on ?Alice?s Seat?  by now. 

21.30    This has been a fruitful day for me;   I did buy a lot of fruit in Sainsbury?s but it?s not that kind of ?fruitful? I am referring to.   No ...  I have been a busy boy, and managed to get some things done, one of which was washing the ?bloo? bucket with disinfectant.   It had been smelling ?foostie? (fusty) for some strange reason.    Anyway getting that done gave me much satisfaction;  I?m easily pleased.     I also did some ironing, and managed to entertain Jimmy a couple of times.   Of course we had the ?Drop in Cafe? in the afternoon, it always guarantees to be a nice ?break? for tea and chat.    As is our usual habit after the ?cafe?, Jimmy and I went down to the harbour.    It was late afternoon by this time and the ?light? was gorgeous.    The ?light? may have been ?gorgeous? but the temperature was not.... however, it was well worth getting cold hands, to get the photos I saw all around
Elie bathed in late afternoon sunlight
me.    Wherever I go now I look at  everything, and everybody, through an imaginary camera view finder;   I see ?my? world as a series of rectangles!    How boring is that!    Having said that, it keeps me ?happy? and I enjoy myself with the camera:   the ?Centre of The Universe? consists of a multitude of bonnie ?rectangles? I can tell you.

Jimmy and I have to go to Leven tomorrow morning;   his car got covered in bird droppings where he was ?moored up? when visiting the ?Drop in Cafe? this afternoon.     A visit to the Car Wash is required.    He also wants to get some shopping when in Leven.
Iain is coming down tomorrow evening, he?s working in the Edinburgh Office over the weekend, and will get my laptop updated.
Black Butterfly
   It was frustrating at first, doing everything on it in slow motion.   The ?mouse? freezes until the laptop has finished doing whatever has been ?requested?, and then freezes again after the next ?click?.    Now that I?m used to it I find it almost ?relaxing?.    I work on the main computer and ?do? the laptop ?clicking? in between times.   I need the laptop for e-mails ... that can take a l-o-n-g time, ... it goes to ?sleep? now and again.

Photographs : Top ? this is what our beach is about .... doing your ?own thing?..  Middle ? Elie looking lovely in late afternoon sunshine, and Bottom ?  Jim photographed this butterfly  when he, and Myra, visited a ?butterfly house? in Spain.    It is a Southern Hemisphere butterfly ... I know this because Jim told me that  all the butterflies in the ?House? came from the Southern Hemisphere.

 9th November 2016 (Wednesday) .... 09.30   This is the morning that Hillary Clinton found out that she won?t go into the History books by becoming the first Female President of the UnitedThis morning at Elie
States:  instead she will go into the history books as the candidate who lost to Donald Trump, ... Donald Trump who is now the ?President Elect? of the United States of America.    We have the makings of a surprising few years ahead in Western politics, with the UK exiting the EU... and a new shift to the right in the USA.    So who will become the first Female President of the USA?     Melania, the First Lady Elect, perhaps!   
There is no denying it:   the politics around world is in flux.... mostly because, from our own local point of view, even when politicians in the UK  told us ?voters? that they were listening to us, and came up with more ?empty promises?:  they continued doing things ?their way?:  so ...we ended up with ?Brexit?!   The 'school bullies' are in charge of the playground now!    That?s politics sorted.

Elie Harbour
We have a miserable, dreich morning here;   that said there are a few paler grey patches appearing in the general greyness above:  perhaps out of the gloom will appear sunshine.    I need a cuppa after such a miserable start to the day.

21.30     The world may have been in a state of ?disbelief? at the result of the Presidential Election in the USA, but things were nice, peaceful, and normal on the ?Ferry Beach? this morning.... as ever.   We?ve even had a couple of  ?bright spells? in an otherwise dreary day,.... one of them was Sue out walking her dogs.... the other being the Friendship Lunch?.    The Friendship Lunch was ?choc a bloc? today... there didn?t seem to be an empty chair in the Hall.... and there
Sue and dogs
were some ?new? faces,....  always good to see!   

I don?t have a ?plan? for tomorrow, but I might go shopping early:  early, so that I?m back in time to have the kettle on for Jimmy after he does his ?Alice?s Seat? walk.   The Weather is forecast to be ?bright, sunny and cold? tomorrow, with the best of the sunny spells across Fife... and .. especially The Royal Burgh.    The forecaster didn?t mention the ?Royal Burgh? but she was looking at the correct place on the weather map!

Photographs : Top and Middle ?Elie this morning, and Bottom ? Sue and her dogs on the Ferry beach this afternoon.

8th November 2016 (Tuesday) .... 09.00     The villages are bathed in ?peaceful-ness? this morning:   down on the beach, which I had to myself, it was absolutely divine.    With thereElie Bay this morning
being only a light breeze it isn?t as cold as it has been;   there?s an 50/50 mix of clouds and blue bits in the sky, the sea is peaceful .... I?m loving it!    I?m even loving it more now;   I?ve just had a phone call from Jenny, and she had to scrape the car windscreen first thing this morning ....  Jenny was phoning from Pevensey on the south coast of Sussex!    The temperature down there now is 2.5c.    The temperature in Ivy garden is only 2c at the moment.... but we didn?t have frost earlier!    Yes .... The,?Centre of the Universe? is the place to be!
22.30     Jimmy and I went to Leven this morning:   Jimmy wanted to buy a new chip fryer thing, and I bought a beard trimmer.    We got both fryer and trimmer in Argos, but neither of us has actually used the aforementioned items.    The trimmer had to be ?charged? before
The Firth of Forth
using.... so I will have a ?play? with the new toy tomorrow;   I may  not have much of a beard by the time I?m finished.    The ?rools? appear simple enough .... !

I began the afternoon watching the bowls on BBC2, but fell asleep.    Not because the bowls were boring... far from it:    I was just plain tired.   When I woke up I decided that I needed to ?do something? so I grabbed the camera and went up to Kinneuchar kirk, in Sooper Buggy, where ?The Way Ahead? exhibition is on display.    I had a cuppa With the ?troops? that were ?on duty?, Nancy, Olive Ken and Bob, then went and had a ?practice? at photographing the ?Acts of  Charity? stained glass window, in ?poor? light.    I was pleasantly surprised with the results.    However I need to buy myself a decent
Friendly thirsty dog

tripod:  I?ll go online after this Hutte update and see what I can find.

Jim and Jimmy were down for our weekly evening of talking ?local things?..... an interesting way to spend an evening.   When you trigger something in the ?other? brains it?s amazing how the conversation rattles along.    I fair enjoy myself.... but I must remember to buy Earl Grey tea .... Jim likes Earl Grey!    So do I .... when I have it;   in fact that?s why I don?t have it!

The weather is forecast to be ?cold, wet and generally miserable? tomorrow morning:   I may decide to go into a short state of hibernation .... until Friendship Lunch time!
Photographs : Top ?Elie Bay this morning, Middle ? bonnie sky over the Firth of Forth, and Bottom ? ?how about a drink for me??

7th November 2016 (Monday) ....   Although cold, the wind has moderated, so it doesn?t feel as cold this morning:  it is a lovely ?get out and about? kind of morning.    As is usual, I stared myBalcarres Den
day with a short walk along the beach, which was awfie quiet;   most of the ?holiday? folks must be away.   The sun was late in rising above the clouds, but it has done so now, and it looks like being a bonnie day.   The clouds I refer too are well away to the east, beyond Crail, but they do have a wintry ?look? to them.    Snow has been mentioned in the weather forecast, and some folk, both north and south of us, have had snow..... any showers coming our way today could fall as snow, on higher ground.

21.00    I thought I?d have a ?quiet? day today ... as in not do very much,... but I will going to bed one tired ?boy? tonight;   not that I?ve done any ?work? things, but I have been out in the fresh are a few times.

Largo Law from Ruddons Point
After breakfast Jim and I took ?SD? out to Ruddon?s Point for a morning walk... this was followed by a coffee in  ?Harbour House?, where Jim produce a photo display unit on which he ?showed? the photos of butterflies that he?d taken on his recent holiday in Spain.   The butterflies, all Southern Hemisphere, were in a ?breeding? Butterfly House:   of course being Southern Hemisphere, I only recognised one ... which was the Monarch.      I arrived back at Ivy to find ?Blob? looking very satisfied;   Jimmy had been in and fed him, ?Blob? ... again!    ?Blob? is going to end up with a puku!

As it was such a bonnie day I went up to Robin Gray?s in the car and went for a short walk up the den during the early part of the afternoon.    I had to abort the walk after the card in the camera came up as being ?Full?.  A spare ?empty? card was in the camera bag .... it, the camera bag, was in the car!    I only got as far as the ?broken bridge? when I turned back;   up as far as the bridge the ground underfoot
Late afternoon sunlit Elie Kirk
had been quite dry;   about 200 metres beyond the ?bridge? the ground becomes wet and muddy.... wellies, or walking boots, would be the best footwear for the den at this time of year.

I had to go up to Elie in the later afternoon so I dropped into Jimmy?s for a cuppa, .... then went down to the Harbour on the way home at sunset time.    All this being out in the fresh air has made me tired.    It will be an early night in bed with my book ... ?PSmith in The City? by P. G. Wodehouse, a good ?old fashioned? read!     Being ?me? isn?t easy!

Photographs : Top ? The ?Den Burn? Balcarres, Middle ? Largo Law from Ruddon?s Point, and Bottom ? late afternoon sunlit Elie Kirk.

6th November 2016 (Sunday) .... 09.00    After a wet night the clouds are moving away southward, leaving us a with aElie this morning
bright, but cold and windy morning.... in fact it feels very cold!      Having said that, I haven?t been further than the back door... where I gave ?Blob? his breakfast .... but that was far enough for even me to surmise that it was cold;    I was only wearing PJ?s at the time.    Since then I have managed to shower, cover myself in some warm clothes, and have breakfast:  now I?m ready to tackle anything.    I might even venture out!

21.30     When I did eventually venture go ?out? it was in the car to go up for a paper.    By the time I left the ?Paper Shop? I was feeling quite ?brave? so went down to the harbour and had a walk out on the pier.    From this vantage point I spotted a man out walking his dog ... wearing shorts!     No ... that doesn?t look right:  The dog wasn?t wearing the shorts ... the man was!   That?s better!    Now where was I? .... oh yes ... there?s a man walking about on the beach wearing shorts, and me, ?stood staunin? on the pier, looking like a grizzly bear about to go into hibernation;    I now felt slightly overdressed.   
Jim researching kirk stuff
Trying to look inconspicuous I sloped back to Sooper Buggy and went up to the Kirk Hall to join Myra and Jim who were in charge of the exhibition today.  

 This is the last day of said ?exhibition? in Elie... it now moves to Kinneuchar Kirk where it can be visited on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November between 10.00 and 16.00.... the finally onto Colinsburgh Town Hall on Saturday 12th, from 10.00 ? 16.00, and Sunday 13th November from 12.30 ? 15.30.    Attendance has been ?disappointing when you consider that this is a chance to drag the kirk ?screamin? and kickin? into this century:   from where?.... from where it has  been ?wedged? for the last 200 years. 

I read that Frank Field, a Labour Politician reckons the pensioners
Earlsferry sunset
have been benefitting too much from the Governmental purse... alias 'The Tax payers purse.   Well I have news for a person whose pension is firewalled and paid for by us mugs:   it is hard making ends meet on the State pension;  which, I?d better remind ?FF?, is not a benefit;  we worked, and paid for it, in my, and most cases over a period of at least 50 years!   I enjoyed writing that... and I?ll sleep well tonight!

Photographs : Top ? this morning... you can see just the guy wearing the shorts, Middle ? Jim researching ?kirk stuff?, and Bottom ? sunset at Earlsferry.

5th November 2016 (Saturday) ..... 08.30    Mmmmmm.... it?s ?bright and sunny?, with a cold northerly wind, unfortunately, .... a day for being out, well wrapped up.     I haven?t Pittenweem
been further than the pavement so far,....  that?s where I went face to face with the cold northerly .... and it won!     I?ll wait until the sun is higher before going out for a walk..... though it?s the wind that is the problem this morning.    I?ve got the urge to ?run away?..... trust me to pick a cauld mornin? to want to do that!

20.30    This morning, instead of going down to ?my? beach.... I jumped in the car and went along to Pittenweem West Braes for a change of scenery:   by this time the sun was well ?up?, and, out of the wind, it was nice reasonably warm.    I walked down the ?braes? towards West Shore Pittenweem.    I got some photographs but by now I was facing the wind so about turned and went up to the shelter at the top.    Fife Council have been doing a lot of work at ?the braes?, there?s a new ?skate board? area, and a crazy putting green;  the whole area looks good.  

By the time I got back to Ivy it was time to go up to Kinneuchar kirk for the ?Colinsburgh Coffee Morning?;   this is held in Kinneuchar because Colinsburgh kirk does not comply with modern Health and Safety standards.    Although there were one or two empty seats, there was a happy buzz about the hall;   I love the sound of happy people chatting.

Looking West from  Pittenweem
Jimmy arrived late for his morning cuppa at Ivy:   I?d just got in from Kinneuchar when he arrived.    We had a quick cuppa and then went along to the Exhibition in the Elie Hall... to clarify a few points:   Jimmy and I have much knowledge about the exhibition.    We had a soup and sandwiches lunch... again.    I wonder? .... should we go along for a cuppa tomorrow afternoon?    Jim is ?on duty? at some point tomorrow;  we may have to go along to give him some support.The Ferry beach at sunset

The England v Scotland, ?Four Nations? rugby game has just finished;   the final score was ... 38 ? 12 in England?s favour .... the better team won... and won well in the end.    Next tonight we have Australia v New Zealand.... that should be a thriller.

Photographs : Top ? West Shore Pittenweem, from the West Braes, Middle ? looking West from the west braes;  there?s a lot of ?auld stuff? in this photo:  you can see the windmill that pumped the water used in the salt pans at the East end of St Monans, the spire of the ?Auld Kirk? of St Monans, with the Newark Castle dovecot, and castle ruin beyond... and, Bottom ? The Ferry beach at sunset.  

4th November 2016 (Friday) ....  we have the coldest morning so far this autumn ... 3c in Ivy garden, and it feels much Sunrise over Elie Bay

colder down on the beach!    That said we have a lovely morning for, wrapping up, and going for a walk.... it is bright and sunny,....  cool, in the brisk North westerly breeze, admittedly, but worth it being out in the fresh, Elie and Earlsferry, air.    On the other hand .... I am beginning to think all the ?wrong? thoughts;   I have a washing in the machine because it?s the perfect drying day!    I?m even thinking of washing the floors, once the sun gets higher, and round to the back of Ivy.
21.00    It has been the ?perfect? day for getting all the jobs done that I mentioned above .... even the floors were washed, and they were dry within half an hour:  which was very handy as Jimmy arrived about two minutes later!    I am a happy ?boy?.   

 After our morning Cuppa we went along to the ?Way Forward Exhibition?... which is actually very interesting, showing all that goes
Eher beach at midday
on under the umbrella of the EKC church;  and there?s a  lot going on within the various Christian Groups within the church..   There?s a questionnaire to be filled in... that?s done by ticking boxes so doesn?t take long.  There is tea/coffee and biscuits .... soup also, if you are there at lunch time.... for which you can leave a donation.   It?s well worth a visit to see how the Church is planning to ?modernise?:   and, when the questionnaires are collated at the end of the Exhibition, the Church of Scotland will have an idea as to what we want ?our?  ?Church? to be.     This is an interesting, and definitely much needed exercise.... but it needs input from loads of people, ?non church goers? as well as ?church goers?, to be really useful.    I had a pleasant daunder home via my ... er ?our? beach.
Realising that the wind had died down to less than a smirr, I went
Sunset time at Elie
down to the beach at sunset time;   it was like stepping into a dream;  a dream that I was sharing with a good number of other ?dreamers?.    It wasn?t one of those stunning sunset times .... it was,... wellll ... just absolutely beautiful in a quiet and subtle way!    Loved it.     An hour and a quarter later it was raining! 
The rain I mentioned has drifted off to annoy someone else, and tomorrow is forecast to much the same as today, only windier .... and therefore it will feel colder.    I might have a ?lie in? tomorrow morning;   haven?t had one for a while.
Photographs : Top ? Sunrise time over Elie Bay, Middle ? the beach at midday, and Bottom ? Elie Bay at sunset time.    The lassie at the edge of the water had her 'cosy' coffee mug with her;  clever lady!

3rd November 2016 (Thursday) ..... 10.00    Hmmmm .... it?s wet, and cold, this morning... a typical ?dreich? November morning:   it may clear away, but it disnae look promising at Elie from inside the car
present.    I?ve been along for the ?paper?, and down to the harbour, and, having ?sampled? the weather;    I?d say it?s a grand morning for baking scones.   I?ll start by having a much needed cuppa.

21.30    With the weather continuing to be miserable for most of the day (we did have one ?bright spell that lasted nearly an hour around midday)  I enjoyed the scone baking session, which went perfectly....  though I had to go up to Elie Deli to get some Caster Sugar before I got going.   Most of the scones are in the freezer.... away from temptation.     ?Puku? is very good at ?yielding to temptation? ... especially if the ?temptation? is Victoria Scones.

The weather ?bright spell?, that I mentioned above, had passed long before ?brighter spell? cast by the ?Drop in Cafe? team in the afternoon.... it was really enjoyable sitting chatting to folk, on what was by now a miserable, wet, afternoon ... outside!     Normally after the ?Drop in Cafe? I would go down to the harbour, but decided against doing that today;  as an alternative, I went home and fired up the big computer to ?play? with some photographs from ?yesteryear?.   Jimmy went down to the harbour, but didn?t stay long; 
Sheffield Park in Sussex
unsurprisingly, there was nothing happening.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is ?good to excellent?... then morphing into ?cloudy with showers? later in the afternoon.     Exercise time will be in the morning!     A ?cold snap? is forecast for the weekend, continuing into next week, with ?snow? being mentioned, .... and not just for the high tops of our mountains. 

Our local church has ?The Way Ahead? exhibition on in the Elie
Sheffield Park in Sussex
Church Hall tomorrow 4th Nov, Saturday 5th, and Sunday 6th.     Friday ?opening times? are ..... 10.00 ? 16.00 and 18.00 ? 20.00.    On Saturday the Hall will be ?open? 10.00 ? 16.00, and on Sunday from 11.00 ? 13.00.    The exhibition then moves to Kilconquhar on Tuesday (8th)and Wednesday (9th) ... 10.00 ? 16.00 both days;  then on to Colinsburgh Hall on Saturday (12th) and Sunday (13th).    Everyone in the community is invited.... with the chance to put your views as to how the ?Church? can become more ?present day?;   and turned into a more significant component.... for the whole community.

Photographs : Top ? Elie Harbour from inside Sooper Buggy, Middle  and Bottom ? both  taken in Sheffield Park Sussex in 2012 .... it?s the National Trust place to visit for autumn photographs.

2nd November 2016 (Wednesday) ...... 12.00    I?ve been a busy ?boy? so far today;   not doing much ?work?, though I didA quiet corner of Balcarres
wash three jerseys, (and they are now out on the washing line)..... with it being a lovely, brisk kind of morning, Jim and I took ?SD? up to North Lodge and had a daunder down to the ?pond? to get some autumn photographs.    The Estate trees are looking bonnie, a last ?show off? before the winter ?hibernation?.    Our trees are not the really bonnie autumn colours that you get in some of the States in the USA (it must be marvellous to see that as it happens).... but in their own quiet way our local trees put on a bonnie, albeit quieter, show.
21.00    Once again I?ve had a busy day, and will be glad to get into my bed, with my book.     The jerseys I hung out were nearly dry when I brought them in;  a quick run over with the iron is all that?s required now.     At times during the afternoon I had wondered about the
The sawmill pond bridge

weather, but it stayed dry with a light breeze;  a ?light drying breeze in fact!
Jimmy arrived earlier for his morning cuppa.... in fact he arrived about five minutes after Jim and I got back from Balcarres.    Jimmy set off home to continue clearing out;  it must be the season.    ?Lunch? must have been an exciting event for me today;   I?ve forgotten completely what I had.    I know I had ?mince and tauties? for dinner, which I would be looking forward to, and therefore wouldn?t have had much for ?lunch? ... I do remember having an apple for ?sweet?.   
I got a pleasant surprise in the afternoon .... Sandy (Reid) dropped in
Balcarres pond
for a chat; and a cup of the ?Hutte Finest?.    Sandy had intended going for a daunder round the East Links but they were overrun with people;  obviously  ?up to something?.... but nobody knows ?what?.   Anyway we spent a pleasant hour chatting about Elie and Earlsferry, and ?life? in general.    Even the coffee tasted good.    Jimmy arrived about ten minutes after Sandy left.... we had a cuppa, and another blether,    Jimmy was unable to clarify what was going on at the East Links..... but he was impressed with a huge, black ?camper van? thing!
The weather forecast is of the ?damp? variety for tomorrow;   ?cloudy with a good chance of light rain? in the morning.   It will be brighter in the afternoon .....    we have the Drop in Cafe!   
Photographs : Top ? a quiet corner of Balcarres Estate, Middle ? the Den Burn where it enters ?the pond?, and Bottom ? the Balcarres sawmill pond.

1st November 2016 (Tuesday) ..... 08.30     It?s a gorgeous, ?nearly crisp?, morning .... a great morning for walking;  so .... I?m going for a haircut.... and ?it?s goin? tae be cauld on the lugs? when I come out of the Hairdresser?s.     However It looks being Balcarres Crag from Kilconquhar
?bright and sunny? for most of today so I?ll go walking in the afternoon:   right now I?m in ?flap on? mode ....  ?Blob? is looking for food! 
22.30    My word I really needed that haircut ....   my lugs feel so much more comfortable;  and I suspect that my hearing has improved!    To celebrate I went to Stuart?s for a coffee, where I discovered that I could even see better;  I know this because I saw an Apple Turnover and had that with my coffee.    From Stuart?s I went round to Sainsbury?s to do some retail therapy .... and ?fell in love? with the lassie at the checkout;   she had beautiful black, shiny hair.   Falling ?in love? didn?t lessen the till bill, but I got extra Nectar points!    I left Sainsbury?s feeling ?young? again:   the joys of ?love?.     A couple of ladies were selling ?Poppy Scotland? pin badges, at a table set up in the shop, so I bought myself an ?Army? one.... and I fell ?in love? with both the ladies.    Do you know! ... I think I?ll have my haircut oftener!    It has been a bonnie day right
Kinneuchar Station
Back at Ivy the messages had just been ?put away? and the kettle ?on? ;  yep you?ve got it .... Jimmy arrived right on cue just as the kettle began to boil.    We had our morning cuppa out in The Hutte,.... it was 70f in there.   
Lunch was the remainder of Audrey?s sausage rolls:   Audrey is Jimmy?s daughter and she makes the best sausage roll this side o? Kathmandu ... and the ither side as well.   After lunch, I went back up to The Hutte, did a wee bit of a Soduko and fell asleep for twenty minutes or so.    I awoke with the urge to do something;   I jumped into ?Sooper Buggy? and went up to Kinneuchar Station and had a walk round a couple of stubble fields.    My shoes were manky ... and I?d cleaned them especially to go to the Surgery yesterday.   That reminds me ... I got the results of my blood test.     The kidney function is perfect, and my PSA reading at 10.   It is recommended that you don?t cycle anywhere for 24 hours before having a PSA test;   guess
Part of Colinsburgh
who biked up to the Surgery to have his blood sample taken?    Biking can lead to spurious readings.     However I will go to St Andrews to have another reading taken;  until then I will not be biking ... anywhere!     
Tomorrow is forecast to be a ?good drying day?;  the weather forecasters didn?t actually say that, but the weather they are forecasting is of the ?top quality? type... ?chilly at first, but ?bright and sunny for nigh on the whole day!    Yep a washing it is... I have two woollen jerseys that I?ll do.
Photographs : Top ? Balcarres Crag from Kilconquhar, Middle ? The road in the former Kilconquhar Railway Stations sidings, and Bottom ? part of Colinsburgh village (Colinsburgh is a skinny kind of village).   The olive green line of trees to the right of centre of the photo, are on both sides of a road/lane, variously named ; ?Old kirk road?, the ?back road? or the Linden Walk, on Balcarres Estate.    They are lime trees.

31st October 2016 (Monday) .... 09.00  This clock change is a nuisance .... I was creepin? aboot at quarter to six, thinking it was quarter to seven;   I suppose it means I?ll have a Bonnie pre sunrise sky
longer day to do things... and have plenty time to go down to the beach for sunrise .... at 07.18!  
There?s a noticeably cool breeze  down on the beach this morning;   however, when I left Ivy I thought the air was warm.... I didn?t even think there was a breeze at all!   There was a bonnie, pre ? sunrise, ?light? about;  the sunrise event itself was obscured by a cloudbank, with the sun not making an appearance until ten minutes after sunrise time.     It looks like being a bonnie ?day? though rain is supposed to move in by evening time. 
21.00    It did!      The rain arrived at 18.00;    it will clear away overnight and we will awaken to a lovely, cool autumn morning.     It
Elie after sunrise
had best not be too cold .... I?m going for a haircut.
With the weather forecast showing rain later in the afternoon, I went out for another walk in the morning:   only up, and around the Chapel Green area, where there is a wide variety of local views to be had....  Kincraig Cliffs, the main beach and harbour, and out to the Elie Lighthouse. .... and, there?s an abundance of seats,  from which you can enjoy the various views.   Jimmy turned up when I was pottering around the Chapel itself, on his way round to ?Alice?s Seat?... so I joined him.    We watched a teenager making heavy work of going round the Chapel Green on a bike;  it was stuck in the highest gear.    The effort would strengthen his legs!      When he, the teenager, had gone off on his merry way, our immediate vicinity became ?boringly
Golfers on the sixth
normal?;    so .... we went down to Ivy for a cuppa!
Feeling ?housewifely? this afternoon I looked at a wee pile of ironing that  needed doing;   just at that Jimmy arrived.       I?ll do the ironing tomorrow... after I?ve had a haircut.    That said the weather forecast is ?good? for tomorrow;   ?bright and sunny? but colder.... so the ironing might not get done.
Photographs : Top ? Elie Bay before sunrise,  Middle ? Elie after the sun got above the clouds, and Bottom ? golfers on the sixth fairway.

30th October 2016 (Sunday) .... 09.30    Wellll .... I took advantage of the ?extra hour? in bed, hoping that I?d waken up to a bright and sunny day.... but nope:  we have a drab looking, ?grey Kinneuchar Kirk
and damp? start to the day, however it does looks like it could brighten up by midday.    Right now we have light rain.... but it is warm .... for the time of year.     The amazing thing is that I remembered to change the clocks last night;  usually I, inadvertently, work on ?Ivy Cottage? time for a couple of days.    In ?Ivy Cottage? time days don?t have names... they are just, daylight... and not daylight! 
21.00     It has been a ?nae bad? day as far as the weather went;  the early light rain meandered orf to annoy someone else, and we ended up with ?sunny spells?.   Jimmy and I went along to Leven in the morning for a cuppa in Sainsbury?s but it was ?mobbed?;   I?ve never seen Sainsbury?s cafe as busy as it was today.   We decided to skip the cuppa, and  have one back at Ivy;  we?d bought ?goodies? in Lidl?s in the event of Sainsbury?s being busy.   That could also be said of the traffic, we met heading West when we were travelling back to ?The
Balcarres Estate

Royal Burgh?..... it was mostly ?nose to tail? all the way.    I guess they were holiday makers on their way home after a couple of weeks...   either in, or in close proximity to ... ?The Centre of the Universe?.   
In the late afternoon I set off, in the car, to go up to Balcarres to have a look at the trees in their autumn colours.     On the way I stopped at Kinneuchar Kirk to see if Skipper?s stone is in place, and have a daunder out to the Quiet Garden to have a look at the loch;   Bob arrived so we chatted, and enjoyed the peaceful setting.    I?d forgotten that we?d changed the clocks last night so it was in fact later than I thought by the time I got up to Balcarres, and the sun was
Balcarres Estate
setting fast.    Nevertheless I enjoyed a walk around the ?Chapel? before the light faded too much.    There was a bonnie sunset on the way home, but I didn?t have the Canon (camera) with me;  I can operate it in difficult light conditions.
It looks like we?re going to have bonnier weather tomorrow, for most of the daylight hours anyway.    Rain is forecast for late afternoon and the evening.... so ?out and about? early for this boy I?m thinkin?.  
Photographs : Top ? setting sun light on the Kirk at Kinneuchar, Middle and Bottom ? Balcarres Estate.

29th October 2016 (Saturday) ....    10.00   The sun is occasionally managing to burn holes in a generally overcast sky, soThe Open St Andrews 2000
we might have some ?sunny spells? later;   but it looks like being a mostly grey day.
I went out to the end of the sewage pipe (which it isn?t) at low tide, but with the weather being on the ?dour side of drab?, it wasn?t inspiring out there.     Having said that I like looking at the villages from a different angle, though they look better from a boat at high tide.... then you have reflections.
22.30    It did turn out to be ?mostly a grey day?... but not a cold one.   I spent most of the day going through the stuff in Maggie?s filing c
St Monans
abinet;  the waste paper bucket (the ?grey? bucket) is nearly full so I had to stop.    It....the paper waste does not go out until the 11th November.     The filing cabinet was one of those long slow jobs, because I stopped to look at and read stuff:   Maggie threw nothing of importance out!    In fact she kept stuff that she knew that  we would like to look at in our ?old age?:  unfortunately I have to enjoy all of it on my own.... and that can be hard at times.    You will understand that this ?job? took me a long time.... on what was a drab afternoon:  but, hey, it was only the weather that was drab.
I did take ?time out? when Jimmy came along for a mid afternoon cuppa;  after which we went along to St Monans Harbour for a change of scenery..... but St Monans was quieter that Elie and The Royal Burgh.    In fact our wee villages have been really busy today, which is kind of ?odd?:   normally we would be quiet at this time of year.    The ?holiday season? is stretching out to take in more of the
St Monans
year;  this is good because it means that The Royal Burgh will be  alive for most of the year.
My laptop seems to be suffering from the ?Windows 10 Flu? ....  ?a thread stuck in device driver? notice came up and the laptop has to restart.    Hopefully that will repair/sort it out.
Jimmy and I are going to Sainsbury?s for our morning cuppa tomorrow;  and we?ll get any shopping that we need at the same time.    The weather forecast is not ?bonnie? .... much the same as today with a better chance of some rain in the morning.
Photographs : Top ? Maggie with Gordon Brown and Henry McLeish, at the Open Championship of 2000, Middle and Bottom ? St Monans Harbour this afternoon.

28th October 2016 (Friday) .... 09.00     ?The Boy? has a washing going through the machine;   because we have a ?dryingSunrise time this morning
day ahead?.    There?s a nice South Westerly breeze, (it?s slightly cooler than yesterday), and we are going have ?bright and sunny? by midday:  and, I?m feeling ?perky? this morning.
I?ve had my early morning walk, now I suppose I should do some ?work?.   The garden looks dry;  if it is dry, I?m going to potter about out there;  there?s always ?stuff? needing pruned etc.    The roses are still flowering ..... which is braw, but I think I should really prune them back for the ?winter?.
21.30    The gardening I set out to do, ended up with me picking the apples and making an Eve?s Pudding with them.    This is the first time the tree has produced enough fruit to do anything with;   the fact
Eighteenth  at sunrise time
that it produced 24 apples this year has saved it from an early demise,....  and being ?turned? into walking sticks.   There are three ?branches?,  and they would make bonnie walking sticks.    The apples look really nice and edible, but they are not sweet apples.... hence the Eve?s Pudding.     That reminds me, I must remember to freeze what?s left of the Eve?s pudding.
I?ve had a ?drab? sort of day, .... I was feeling like the weather looked.    It has been mostly grey .... and cold today, so, instead of being out in the cold,  I did a lot of inside stuff;   Eve?s Pudding being one of the ?warm? inside jobs, and an ironing, that?s been needing done for a couple of days, was the other.    At sunset time I went for a walk up to the Pony Field, and over the golf course.    Wrapped up, as I was, I still felt cold;  however I enjoyed being out in the ?very fresh?
Earlsferry after sunset
We can look forward to a slightly warmer, grey day tomorrow .... well, mostly grey, we may get a few bright spells in the East of Fife.    I don?t have any plans ... tomorrow is ?Day 5? (of 7) and the pills dictate how I feel ... but I?m going out for a walk at some point in the day.   
I need to find a book to read in bed .... I finished a ?Wilbur Smith? one the other night.   I fancy reading ?Treasure Island? for some reason, but I can?t find it, though I know it?s somewhere.
Photographs : Sunrise this morning ... (what a difference a day makes),  Middle ?  the eighteenth fairway at sunrise time, and Bottom ??The Royal Burgh? from the third tee ten minutes after sunset:  it was cold.. 

27th October 2016 (Thursday) ....     09.30     After a brilliant red sunrise I suppose we should look forward to some rough
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