Welcome to Albert’s Hutte.    
    What is Alberto’s Hutte and why ‘Hutte’ you wonder?

    When I retired, in 2003, Maggie thought it would be a good idea to get ourselves a place to sit and relax, think about stuff, and generally ‘fall apart’.     So we bought our ‘hutte’ …a summerhouse for the garden.      Why ‘hutte’?    In 1997 we went to Austria for a walking holiday and one of our walks took us up to the Bosruck Hutte on the border between Italy and Austria.    We liked the place so much we named our getaway place after it.    

     Our ‘Hutte’ is a  peaceful place, just like Bosruck was, and we spent many a quiet hour just talking, having a cup o’ tea, or coffee, till one of us, Maggie usually, fell fast asleep.     Then, if I didnae fall asleep just after her, I would get the sketch pad out to draw.....then fall asleep!    



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